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Install Visual Assist:

  1. Exit all instances of Visual Studio
  2. Run the .exe installer you downloaded from this website
  3. If prompted, select the IDEs you want to install to
  4. Launch your IDE
  5. Reinstall Visual Assist if you install a new IDE

Make quick progress after you install:

Access all support resources during your trial via our website or via the VAssistX entry in the menubar of your IDE.

Whole Tomato Help: Submit a Request

Learn from tips-of-the-day that appear when you launch your IDE, or later via VAssistX | Help.

Visual Assist Tip of the Day

Watch video primers in the YouTube channel for Whole Tomato Software. Each two-minute video explores a single feature of Visual Assist.

YouTube Channel

Populate a help box in the options dialog for Visual Assist by tabbing or hovering in the dialog. Click the external-link icon to jump directly to a relevant page in this documentation.

Visual Assist options dialog