Add VAssistX to menubar of Visual C++ 6.0

Visual C++ 6.0

To add a VAssistX entry to the menubar of Visual C++ 6.0, select Tools | Customize in the IDE. On the Commands tab, select "New Menu" from the Category pull down list. Carefully drag the menu item into the menubar and select it so it remains open.

Add a menu item by selecting "Add-ins" from the Category pull down list. Available Visual Assist commands appear, which can be dragged and dropped either to a toolbar or into a menu. Drag a command to the newly created menu so it remains. (If you deviate from the process, the menu disappears and you become unable to add commands to it.)

Use "Modify Selection -> Button Appearance..." to change the name of the new menu to VAssistX. Include an ampersand to designate an accelerator.

Important: Visual C++ 6.0 does not let Visual Assist disable menu items that are not valid in a current context, so you may get an error when you run a command out of context.

You may add to the menu the Visual Assist commands most meaningful to you. The following menus are included with Visual Assist in newer IDEs. The entries in these menus, especially the entries without default shortcuts, are reasonable candidates for a menu in Visual C++ 6.0.