Eliminate the frustration in C, C#, and C++ development in Visual Studio.

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Better Intellisense
Visual Assist's Find References is 8x faster than native Visual Studio, and provides greater accuracy and organized results.
Quality of Support
Static Code Analysis
Ease of Use
Static Code Analysis

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All-in-one productivity toolkit

All-in-one productivity toolkit

Code and Project Navigations

Code and Project Navigations

Move and find where you need to be with ease—to any file, method, symbol, or reference in your projects and solutions. Get anywhere from anywhere, instantaneously.



Improve the readability or extend your code base in a few steps. Make many small changes methodically without altering the code's external behavior.

Code Generation

Code Generation

Use templates to quickly build up projects and context-aware suggestions to generate code in a breeze.

Coding Assistance

Coding Assistance

Feel free to keep typing. Visual Assist suggests completions only if they save you loads of typing time, and it quietly fixes small mistakes you leave behind.

Code Understanding

Code Understanding

Make sense of complex code. Whether it’s someone else’s source code or a project you have not opened in a long time.

Special Development

Special Development

Never go without your trusted features. Visual Assist adds support for those special languages and development environments such as bespoke Unreal code or shader file syntax.

Develop games faster & easier in Visual Studio C++

Go beyond the limitations of Visual Studio with Visual Assist’s tailored features and support for Unreal Engine 4 & 5. Experience context-aware suggestions, snappy performance, and minimal loading time even in large game projects.

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Latest Visual Assist Update:
VA 2024.5

Visual Assist 2024.5 improves upon the previous releases' gains by bringing Find References' performance even faster.
Latest release

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"If I lose my hands I could type with my mouth. Take my VA and I'm done."

It doesn't write the code for me, but it provides the tools for me to write it faster and better. I'm getting to really like the VA Code Inspection and the Extract Method really helps.

"Great software to code fast!"

I think VA does its core job best! Refactoring of code and which helps me tremendously with my projects. I can code faster and deliver faster. I think I am so addicted to the software that I cannot do without it even one day! And thats true!

"Good performance on large projects, handy for everyday workflow."

The most performant solution among several alternatives I've tried on a large project.

"Visual Assist is absolutely essential."

Visual Assist is absolutely needed for professional programming in Visual Studio… The time saved through the use of these very basic things is quite incalculable to the point where there's just no reason for anyone to ever use Visual Studio without Visual Assist.

"Visual Assist is an absolute essential when it comes to working with large code bases."

Visual Assist drastically improves upon the built-in Intellisense system provided in Visual Studio. When using Visual Assist, I find that I spend much less time combing through Unreal Engine code as well as my own. The 'Search for Symbol' feature also allows filtering out engine code in order to quickly find symbols within my own code.

"A real assistant."

Fewer errors, less googling, and less confusion. It provides what I expect from a modern IntelliSense.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visual Assist and the built in Intellisense tooling share a few common features. Where we share features, VA frequently operate much faster and do a better job of giving you the correct results (e.g. finding more references that Visual Studio would miss).

Also, the Visual Studio UI can arguably complicate some dialog boxes for simple tasks.

An example is the Visual Studio unified search, which operates like the search bar in the operating system wherein everything is shown. In contrast, VA uses different search dialogs for each type of search, each with features specific to that kind of search and without displaying results you aren’t interested in.

Visual Assist (VA) is a coding productivity plugin for C++ and C# developers who work in Visual Studio. Visual Assist has its own code parser, separate from the built in Intellisense parser. This provides all of the features one would expect from a modern IDE and many more.

These features include tools for Navigation, Refactoring, Debugging Assistance and Automatic Code Modernization with Code Inspections. VA also offer special support and tooling for Unreal Engine, Unity, Graphics Card “Shaders” and CUDA.

Yes! We have special licenses for students and teachers. Visit this page to learn more.

As with any tool, how useful it is depends on how much you intend to use it. VA enhances productivity by improving Visual Studio’s default features or by adding new ones absent from the IDE.

Some users focus on a few features, while some take the time to try out all the features. There are many options available to you with all of them aimed at making you code faster, easier, and making the experience less frustrating.

Read this blog to learn more about the value VA provides

Developers using Microsoft’s Visual Studio to develop and code using C, C# and C++ will benefit from using VA.

There has been a focus on C++ game development (Unreal Engine) wherein the added support and tooling is most needed. Recent updates have also added support and tooling for Unity Engine, Graphics Card “Shaders” and CUDA development.

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