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General Release Build 2022.2 (2451) Download release

Requires maintenance through 2022.04.30

NEW Unreal Engine 5 now officially supported
NEW Unreal Engine Core Redirect -aware renaming of classes, structs and more
NEW Sort Selected Lines, Spell Check and Insert Path now function in more file types by default
NEW Added Code Inspection for performance-noexcept-move-constructor clang checker
NEW Added Code Inspection for performance-move-const-arg clang checker
NEW High DPI icons matching the new VS 2022 style

VA 2022.2 is here with new features and updates!

Firstly, our game developer users will be glad to hear that Visual Assist now officially supports Unreal Engine 5. We’ve also added a really useful productivity feature: renaming assets now supports Core Redirect. This is an Unreal feature that tracks old and new names to keep code and Blueprints that refer to the old name functioning, and now Visual Assist will add this data when renaming. This will allow you to rename more freely (an important part of code maintenance or code changes) without worrying about your game malfunctioning due to a missing redirect or needing to manually add the redirects.

Visual Assist

And for those working in Visual Studio 2022, we’ve also spruced up VA’s icons with higher DPI to scale better and fit the IDE’s style changes.

Next up, a number of VA’s coding assistance features will now be turned on by default for more file types. This makes it easier to recognize places where the feature can be used. For example, sort selected lines and spell check now automatically work for plain text files.

Lastly, some code inspection improvements. The first checks for an easy-to-make mistake where std::move does nothing, where it should speed up copying of a type. The second check validates user defined move constructors to ensure they are properly marked noexcept, which would prevent them from being used.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Ctrl + Backspace entering a character into VA View search boxes
  • Fix for Inline Snippets to prevent surrounding the input placeholder when typing characters such as "("
  • Fix for our exe installer to prevent a possible failed install loop
  • Fix for Introduce Variable being offered in whitespace of comment blocks
  • Fix for incorrect scope deduction with "using x" and inline namespaces

Plenty of thanks to everyone who submitted bug reports. It helps us keep track of fixes to include in each update. Reminder: if you have any comments, suggestions, or encounter any errors, please send us a message or start a thread on our user forums.

General Release Build 2022.1 (2443) Download release

Requires maintenance through 2022.01.21

NEW Support for C++20 style nested inline namespace definitions
NEW Code inspection support for ReSharper clang-tidy skip directives

We’ve just released the first update for VAX for 2022! Download the latest version now to get access to new features and fixes.

This release was earlier than expected, but getting updates and fixes to our users as fast as possible is something we prioritize.

There are two new features in this update. The first one is syntax support for C++20’s nested inline namespace definitions. Secondly, our code inspection now fully recognizes the clang-tidy skip directives from ReSharper. This will be beneficial if you’ve added a lot of code check directives in your projects and are transitioning to VAX.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs based on reports and requests. For more information about the changes, head to the Whole Tomato blog.

And as always, if you have any comments, suggestions, or encounter any errors, please send us a message at

Visual Assist

General Release Build 2021.5 (2440) Download release

Requires maintenance through 2021.11.17

NEW Official support for Visual Studio 2022
UPDATE Code Inspection engine updated to LLVM/Clang version 13
NEW Added a new "Create Implementation" snippet for the _Validate version of Unreal Engine UNFUNCTIONs

As of November 22, Visual Assist has full support for Visual Studio 2022. To enjoy the benefits of the latest release, you can download the update here.

The VAX team has always been focused on trying to give you the best possible version of Visual Assist as fast as possible. The last few months are our testament to that commitment, and we are happy to share the progress of our work on VS 2022, starting with Preview 3, and 5, 6, and 7/RC, and now with support for the official VS2022 release. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we consider this release a delightful milestone for Visual Assist. But more importantly, we hope you find it useful as well.

However, there are also useful updates and fixes that are beneficial for users who decide not to migrate to VS 2022 yet. For instance, all users can now enjoy the benefits of the LLVM/Clang version 13, plus other useful changes and fixes. A full list can be found in the official documentation.

For further reading or news regarding future releases, you can always check the team blog for any updates. The team is always looking for ways to improve the software, so any feedback would be more than welcome.

Visual Studio 2022

Visual Studio 2022

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