Add white space to Surround Selection of line fragments

The Surround Selection feature of Visual Assist wraps full lines and lines fragments with parentheses and braces. When wrapping full-line selections, parentheses or braces are placed on separate lines—before and after the selection.

Line fragments can also be wrapped by selecting a portion of a line before surrounding.

After surrounding a line fragment, parentheses or braces are embedded in the line with the selection. Additional white space adjacent to the parentheses or braces is omitted.

You can change the behavior by creating VA Snippets with very specific titles. (Visual Assist does not include default VA Snippets for default behavior.) The code for the VA Snippets should include $selected$ and $end$. The titles must include the parenthesis or braces, ellipsis, and "(line fragment)":

(...) (line fragment)
{...} (line fragment)

The most common application of a VA Snippet for surrounding a line fragment is to include white space.

With the custom VA Snippet, a surrounded line fragment will include the white space.