Adjust prefix of member name for Create from Usage (class)

Visual Assist build 2001 and newer

You can change how Visual Assist names members created by Create from Usage (class).

The VA Snippet for Create from Usage (class) determines the format of the class created. The location of the new member is specified by $MemberName$. Adjust the registry to specify the case of the first letter when $MemberName$ is expanded.

Note: prefix m is specified in plain text in the VA Snippet, and is not part of the $MemberName$ expansion. Edit the respective VA Snippet to omit or change the m prefix.

Create or edit the following DWORD value in your registry:

HKCU\Software\Whole Tomato\Visual Assist X\<IDE spec>\ClassMemberNamingBehavior = <Data>

<Data> Behavior
0 no change to member name
1 make first letter uppercase if prefix is empty or prefix ends in alpha
2 make first letter uppercase only if prefix ends in alpha
3 always make first letter upper
4 always make first letter lower

Default value is 1