Adjust suggestions for new shared_ptr and unique_ptr variables

Visual Assist build 2086 and newer

You can set the suggestions offered when creating a new std::shared_ptr or std::unique_ptr by editing the following DWORD registry value:

HKCU \ Software \ Whole Tomato \ Visual Assist X \ <IDE spec> \ SmartPointerSuggestionStyles = 3


std::shared_ptr<CFoo>() pw =

There are three possible forms of make_shared/make_unique that Visual Assist will suggest. The value is a bit field and can be any combination of:

1 --> offers std::make_shared<CFoo>()
2 --> offers std::make_shared<CFoo>(
4 --> offers std::make_shared<CFoo>($end$)

The default value is 3, i.e. 1 | 2 -- two suggestions by default.

Each bit value adds a different suggestion to the suggestion lists.

Values 1 and 4 differ only by caret position after insert. Value 4 leaves caret between the parens, whereas 1 leaves caret at end of inserted text.