Apply color for an unknown theme

Visual Studio 2012 and newer; Visual Assist build 2023 and newer

Visual Assist applies Enhanced Syntax Coloring to its many windows, dialogs, and tooltips according to the current color theme. But, the decision to color a component or not requires knowledge of the current theme. If Visual Assist does not recognize your color theme, it decides whether or not to color several of its components, e.g. tooltips in the VA Outline, assuming your theme is similar to the Light theme.

Note that this setting does not effect Visual Assists default colours.

You can coax Visual Assist into making its decisions differently, e.g. into assuming your theme is similar to the Dark theme, by setting the following registry DWORD value:

HKCU \ Software \ Whole Tomato \ Visual Assist X \ <IDE spec> \ VsThemeColorBehavior

Available values and their meanings are:

Value Meaning
0 Default
1 Assume unknown themes are Light
2 Assume unknown themes are Dark
3 Assume all themes are Light
4 Assume all themes are Dark