Archive and release notes for builds released in 2005

Visual Assist Build 1438

requires software maintenance through 2005.12.16. (General release.)

  • Typing no longer blocked after creating a horizontal tab group. VS2005. (case=899) 42324166
  • Fixed Shift+Ctrl+V in Autotext prompt dialog so typing of v is consistent. (case=920) 4198
  • Wizard bar no longer hidden in HTML design view. (case=828) 4058
  • Eliminated crash when parsing Boost headers. (case=787) 4222
  • Eliminated crash at exit when Xbox xdk is installed. (case=926) 4220
  • First typedef in source is parsed. (case=916)

Visual Assist Build 1437

requires software maintenance through 2005.12.10. (General release.)

  • Autotext clears when typing a character not in the shortcut. (case=918) 4205
  • Toggle between find and replace in Find and Replace dialog works. VS2005. (case=891) 41724209
  • CPU no longer spins when parsing certain constructs. (case=915) 42084210
  • Autotext with shortcut of #w suggests as expected. (case=900) 4176
  • Suggested autotext clears when typing beyond shortcut. (case=858) 4057
  • Tooltips and Definition field display the correct value of the last enum. (case=872) 4176
  • Enums after an enum with a value are recognized as expected. (case=868) 4129
  • VS.NET no longer crashes when opening Fortran. (case=684) 3764
  • Surround with comment respects existing // in column one. (case=917) 4207

Visual Assist Build 1434

requires software maintenance through 2005.11.25. (General release.)

  • Correct item inserted from listbox following a private delegate. (case=892) 4170
  • Eliminated crash on Alt+M. (case=887) 4156

Visual Assist Build 1432

requires software maintenance through 2005.11.14. (Beta release.)

  • New Open File in Workspace remembers filter. (case=549) 3556
  • Enums with values are parsed correctly. (case=868) 4129
  • typedef structs with two types is parsed correctly. (case=871) 4130

Visual Assist Build 1430

requires software maintenance through 2005.11.04. (Beta release.)

  • New OFIW and FSIW dialogs support multiple strings for advanced filtering. (case=80) 407639393232,2354
  • New Underlining of mistyped symbols is available in C#. (case=509) 3458
  • Comments from previous lines in source no longer appear in hovering tooltips. (case=833) 4065
  • Surround with comment no longer removes a space in lines with leading spaces. (case=859) 4109
  • Autotext disappears when typing past a shortcut. (case=858) 4057
  • Parameters are suggested more often when typing constructors. (case=854) 4084
  • std::string no longer appears as std.string in the Definition field and hovering tooltip. (Dots remain in Context field by design.) (case=844) 4065
  • Keywords colored properly in Definition field. (case=830) 398340654083
  • System.Collections.Generic namespace colored correctly in C#. (case=825) 4050
  • List of methods (Alt+M) correct when using multiple inheritance. (case=797) 4000
  • Symbols with Chinese characters appear correctly in suggestions. (case=739) 3918
  • Suggestions offered when using typedefs to shorten namespace class names. (case=710) 3829
  • msdev.exe exits cleanly if you quit while parsing. (case=679) 3763
  • Completion listboxes available for arrays of structures. (case=548) 3550
  • Values or string resources appear in hovering tooltips. (case=528) 35183685
  • Ability to delete files from setup project is restored. (case=523) 3485
  • width:auto no longer inserted automatically while editing css. (case=314) 294634604117
  • Proper tooltips appear in listboxes for C#. (case=262) 2811
  • Preprocessor macros in definitions are resolved as expected. (case=247) 2810
  • HCB displays proper information for class constructors. (case=198)

Visual Assist Build 1428

requires software maintenance through 2005.10.19. (Beta release.)

  • New $YEAR_02$ available in Autotext. 4035
  • Fixed numerous bugs with coloring, spins and hangs related to hyperthreading and multiple CPUs.
  • Fixed several hangs at startup of IDE.
  • ESC to close a suggestion list no longer closes output window. (VC++ 6.0)
  • Option in MRU to include modified methods is working again.
  • Alt+G on symbol implemented in current file shows correct line number after lines are added to or removed from file. (Requires save and pause before new location is recognized.) 2329
  • Autotext to surround with #region, and surround selection using #, respect indentation. 24763650
  • const no longer converted to CONST. 3995
  • VS2005 no longer crashes when using SmartTags. 3846
  • Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDown switch tabs when focus is in workspace window. (VC++ 6.0)

Visual Assist Build 1426

requires software maintenance through 2005.10.05. (Beta release.)

  • New Added option to OFIW dialog to show only files in the current workspace.
  • New Tooltips in #include listboxes identify full paths of entries.
  • New Listboxes after #include refresh automatically when selecting a folder. 3674
  • Entries for new Autotext (Read more) are stored in \Autotext to accommodate roll back to build 1418 that requires old entries in \Templates.
  • Corrected hovering tooltip for option to "Parse all headers..."
  • VA View works as expected when unpinned. 26343584
  • "for each" in Managed C++ is parsed.
  • __interface is colored as a class. 3676
  • Caret left between auto-inserted parenthesis after completed an overloaded method. 3971
  • Arrays of enums are parsed and colored correctly. 3983
  • Filter box of OFIW dialog no longer colored. 3861
  • Files in MRU no longer colored. 3981

Visual Assist Build 1424

requires software maintenance through 2005.09.26. (Beta release.)

  • New Export settings is available from options dialog. 3578
  • Long preprocessor macros no longer crash IDE.
  • Template structure no longer shown as enum. 3143
  • Imagelist no longer throws exceptions / devenv.exe.manifest no longer installed. (Support for themes in VS.NET to return later.) 37413792
  • Blank lines no longer deleted when uncommenting with surround selection. 3407
  • __FILE__ and __LINE__ are recognized as keywords.
  • Icon in HCB changes to yellow arrow when showing scope. 3981
  • Mistyped symbols in column one are underlined as expected.
  • Declarations appear in Alt+M list only when inside headers. 3980
  • Checkboxes in options dialog are evenly spaced. 3051
  • New files added to projects appear in proper case in OFIW dialog. (VC++ 6.0)
  • Color of operators respected in Definition field.

Visual Assist Build 1423

requires software maintenance through 2005.09.20. (Beta release.)

  • New Values of enums now appear in hovering tooltips and HCB. 31343390
  • Numerous fixes related to parsing of C/C++ due to recent rewrite of parser.
  • Autotext that both expands special words and prompts for input expands properly.
  • Command renamed to "Insert Autotext" reflecting consolidation of code templates into Autotext.
  • List of symbols in SIW dropdown is more accurate.
  • Method created with wizard not recognized until manual reparse of header. 3769
  • Hovering tooltips use color of keywords. 2332
  • no longer changed to this.main(). (VS2005) 3846
  • Alt+M shows parameters even if listed on separate lines. 3955
  • Alt+M shows parameters to distinguish overloaded methods. 27352742
  • Autoinsert of } placed on separate line as done prior to build 1421. 3917
  • Member list is correct for nested structs with common names. 2318
  • Typedef's enums are colored correctly. 3789

Visual Assist Build 1422

requires software maintenance through 2005.09.09. (Beta release.)

  • New FIW and SIW lists and dropdowns are updated as files are added and removed from projects. 946,10901095211021842317241224613129
  • New OFIW and Find Symbol dialogs remember size, column widths and location. 243326823775
  • New Multiple clipboards are available in prompt dialog opened via Autotext. Right+Click or Ctrl+Shift+V.31023422
  • New $clipboard$ available for use in Autotext.
  • Eliminated crash when pressing Enter after {. 393039233930
  • Added support for ^ and % extensions in Managed C++. 37623859
  • Added support for more keywords in Managed C++. 3859
  • Eliminated case when a constructor would appear multiple times in the Context field.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in prompt dialog opened via Autotext.
  • Namespaces colored more reliably. 3756
  • Copy Info button on About node works again.
  • Undo in Code field of Autotext editor no longer deletes code.
  • Ctrl+S in Autotext editor works as expected.
  • $end$ no longer appears in suggested Autotext.
  • Eliminated case in which a paste caused a crash. 3925
  • Support for multiple platforms restored. 3749
  • Eliminated case in which caret was left in wrong position after Ctrl+Shift+V. 2601

Visual Assist Build 1421

requires software maintenance through 2005.08.30. (Beta release.)

  • New Autotext and Code Templates folded into one, more powerful feature - Autotext. (Read more)
  • Better parsing of templates.
  • Better parsing of Managed C++.
  • Autotext no longer misplaces caret when inserted text begins with whitespace and caret designator.
  • Autotext to insert #include on first line of file leaves caret inside angle brackets. (VS.NET) 2457
  • Tooltip for C/C++ Directories is clear about not needing to list subdirectories. 36313683
  • Listbox appears reliably after accepting suggestion for #include. 3113
  • New methods known after quick Alt+O out of header. 235031953236
  • %% expanded properly when using Autotext. 3426
  • Additional include directories with leading spaces are parsed. 3496
  • Double click on header or cpp in Windows Explorer or open from command line reliably opens the file in the IDE. 374437783806
  • Enter Key dialog is more forgiving of keys mangled by email clients.
  • Rare configuration of dates of networked source files no longer cause parsing loop. 1814

Visual Assist Build 1418

requires software maintenance through 2005.06.24. (General release.)

  • Eliminated occasional pause in IDE after loading of a project.
  • Restored support for $(env) in C/C++ Directories node of options dialog. 3659
  • Fixed rare case in which networked files were parsed continuously. 1814
  • Improved coloring in C#. 3401
  • Class definitions with comments prior to class name are parsed correctly. 3437
  • Status bar updated with Ready message after parsing is finished.
  • Files in workspace and set of known symbols improved in VC++ 6.0 workspaces with more than one project. 37573759
  • Correctly parse #using statements embedded in C# classes. 3677
  • Correctly parse unnamed structures.
  • Improved parsing of #import.
  • Fixed a spin that could occur when pressing Ctrl+Space after an unknown symbol.
  • Made HCB update for more classes and structures.
  • Eliminated corruption of Autotext that occurred after opening options dialog. (Introduced in 1414.) (Restore damaged template files from Templates/Saved within the Visual Assist X installation directory.)
  • Insert underscore after m and Shift no longer closes a listbox. 3245
  • Improved parsing of imports in VB.
  • Eliminated rare exception when members listbox opened in VB.
  • Eliminated corruption of symbol database when working in mixed C#/C++ workspaces.
  • Eliminated a memory leak.
  • Updated icon displayed when suggestion list contains Autotext.
  • Hovering tooltips appear even when highlight mismatching is disabled. 3655
  • Improved compatibility with Resharper 1.5. 337025203644
  • White identifiers no longer break syntax coloring. 331633923565
  • Find Previous by Context works with Chinese comments. 3549
  • Symbols no longer disappear when typed fully then Tab or Return. (Introduced in 1409.) 366836503673
  • Custom keymaps no longer lost on install. (Introduced in 1409.) 3670
  • Suggested Autotext no longer limited to four entries. 3701
  • FIW dropdown has focus when VA View brought to foreground with VAssistX.VAView. 2442
  • VAssistX.VAViewFIW and VAssistX.VAViewSIW work as expected. 245625693060
  • Option to repair case is respected. 3618
  • Options in the IDE for hovering tooltips (QuickInfo) and auto list members are respected. 2368
  • Numerous improvements to the Enter Key dialog. 2803
  • Auto recovery from Visual Assist X disabled in VS2005 since feature is built into the IDE.
  • Braces in definitions no longer break Find Next by Context.2485
  • First build to support Standard Edition of VS2005.
  • Fixed syntax coloring when background is black and identifier is white. 331633923565
  • Eliminated performance problem when parsing headers for Unreal Engine. 3481
  • Fixed parsing of Additional Include Directories after migrating projects from VC++ 6.0. 3408
  • Custom directories in C/C++ Directories node not overwritten when switching platform. 23482815
  • Correct icon for protected methods used in filtering toolbar. 3170
  • Spell check run from toolbar button lists suggested replacements. 328734663531
  • Eliminated duplicates from suggested replacements to a misspelled word. 3196
  • Simplified dialog to accept a key so both lines can be copied at once.
  • Fixed tooltip in C/C++ Directories node of options dialog to reflect fact that listing subdirectories is not required. 3631
  • Enhanced coloring works when opening projects via Windows Explorer. 34953542
  • Spell checking works without enhanced coloring. 3287
  • Support for VS2005 no longer requires installation of VS.NET. 3646
  • Eliminated possible error during install: class not registered.
  • Initial support for VS2005.
  • Eliminated duplicates from suggested replacements to a misspelled word. 3196
  • Simplified dialog to accept a key so both lines can be copied at once.

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