Archive and release notes for builds released in 2016

Visual Assist Build 2118

requires software maintenance through 2016.12.12 (General release.)

  • [VS2017] Fix for erroneous report of failed installation to localized versions of Visual Studio 2017 RC. (case=101392)
  • Fix for Clone command in Find References Results (regression in 2116). (case=101957)
  • Fix for members listbox that temporarily hangs in certain circumstances (regression in 2107). (case=101940)

Visual Assist Build 2116

requires software maintenance through 2016.11.29 (General release.)

  • New Preliminary support for Visual Studio 2017 RC (previous "15" previews are no longer supported).  Visual Assist suggestion and completion listbox features are available in VS2017RC. See this forum announcement for the state of our Visual Studio 2017 support and known problems.  (case=100936)
  • [VS2017] Support for new Visual Studio extension manifest. (case=100594)
  • [VS2017] Exe installer supports side-by-side installations of VS2017. (case=100590)
  • [VS2017] Support for Faster Project Load feature of VS2017 C++. (case=100735)
  • During #include file completion, inserting a directory name before a file name no longer causes the file name to be eaten. (case=100878)
  • Improved caret placement after #include completion. (case=100874)
  • Added checkbox to Suggestions page of Visual Assist Options dialog to turn off all Visual Assist listbox features. (case=100966)
  • Fix for false reporting of error during Rename Files in C# projects. (case=101530)
  • Fix for a caught exception reported when opening the Visual Assist Keybindings dialog in some environments. (case=101436)
  • Fix for crash in Options dialog identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=100989)
  • Fix for crash at exit that sometimes occurred if the Tip of the Day dialog was still running when exiting the IDE. (case=100997)
  • Fix for crash at the end of IDE shutdown identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=101487)
  • [VC6] Fix for crash during startup identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=100996)

Visual Assist Build 2114

requires software maintenance through 2016.10.15 (General release.)

  • New Preliminary support for Visual Studio 15 Preview 5 (previous previews are no longer supported).  Visual Assist suggestion and completion listbox features are not currently available in VS15.  See this forum announcement for the state of our Visual Studio 15 support and known problems.  (case=100520)
  • Fix for crash that occurs when processing certain macros (regression in 2112). (case=100596)
  • Tip of the Day dialog is displayed on a background thread (no longer blocks load of solution, etc). (case=2324) 10008, 3574, 11536, 12371
  • Fix for stall that occurs in certain situations when using Alt+O after running Add Class. (case=100382)
  • Fix for unrecognized symbols after files located in non-project solution folders are opened and then closed. (case=100216)

Visual Assist Build 2112

requires software maintenance through 2016.09.16 (General release.)

  • New Goto and Goto Related differentiate between method overloads in C/C++ based on context of site invocation (inapplicable overloads still appear in menu but after a separator). (case=53078) (case=98804) 9889, 2454, 12230
  • New Visual Studio 15 Preview 4 is targeted by the Visual Assist .exe installer. (case=99628)
  • New [VS2010+] Added Shortcuts dialog to display all assigned Visual Assist command shortcuts (VAssistX | Help | Keyboard Shortcuts). (case=97169)
  • New [VS2010+] Visual Assist offers to create shortcuts for commands that could not be assigned during install (also available via VAssistX | Help | Keyboard Shortcuts | Recommended). (case=97170)
  • New [VS2003+] Page added to Options dialog for control of Smart Select behavior. (case=98287)
  • New [VS2010+] Added Address Resolver toolwindow that uses PDB files to map text callstacks with relative and/or absolute addresses (for example, copied from Process Explorer callstack window) to symbolic callstacks (VAssistX | Debug | Address Resolver). (case=86579)
  • New [VS2010+] Added PDB Explorer toolwindow that supports viewing of symbolic content of PDB files (VAssistX | Debug | PDB Explorer) (beta). (case=86578)
  • New Open File in Solution dialog supports opening file to specific line number when line is specified in the dialog filter (specified using colon as in ':15'). (case=32171) 11367, 11694, 12562
  • New Open File in Solution dialog will open any fully specified path even if the file is not listed in the dialog (to support opening of, for example, file locations logged with line numbers in both foo.cpp:15 and foo.cpp(15) conventions). (case=32171)
  • New [VS2010+] Improved speed of loading solutions that have a large number of native projects. (case=98091)
  • New [VS2015+] ResetEditorZoom now affects the global zoom state rather than just the state of the active editor. (case=98237)
  • [VS2015 Update 3] Fix for hang when loading some solutions that contain Android or Javascript projects. (case=99166) 12731
  • [VS2012+] Fixed performance degradation of file loading that worsened as the number of open editors increased. (case=99323)
  • Fixed case in which alt+o failed to locate file a match in a sub-directory. (case=98947)
  • Fixed cases in which selection of item from VA Members Listbox unexpectedly overwrote text to the right of the insertion point. (case=99511) 12428
  • Prevent Goto from identifying case-insensitive symbol matches in some cases. (case=99358)
  • Fixed various cases in which identifiers generated by macros were not properly parsed. (case=99486, case=99509, case=99795, case=99816, case=99945)
  • Fixed Goto Member of C++/CLI 'interface class' and 'interface struct' object types. (case=99536)
  • Fixed selection of 'find text' match sometimes not being visible due to line scrolling off screen upon creation of VA Nav Bar. (case=99761)

Visual Assist Build 2108

requires software maintenance through 2016.08.01 (General release.)

  • Fix for failure of Visual Assist to properly load in some circumstances (regression in 2107). (case=98983) 12708, 12107

Visual Assist Build 2107

requires software maintenance through 2016.07.15 (General release.)

  • New Added new refactoring Move Implementation to Header File. (case=10239) 6999, 8255, 8286, 9006, 9830, 10741, 10905, 11311, 11976, 12293
  • New Sort Selected Lines now supports ascending and descending options, as well as case-sensitive and case-insensitive options. (case=29858) 8876, 9194, 12143
  • New Smart Select now supports more granular selection when starting to grow a selection (enabled by default; reg value named SmartSelectEnableGranularStart). (case=90797) 12544
  • New Smart Select supports sub-word selection (disabled by default and dependent upon reg value SmartSelectEnableWordStart; reg values named SmartSelectSplitWordByCase and SmartSelectSplitWordByUnderscore). (case=97531)
  • New Support for disabling multithreaded parse during solution load (Performance page of VA Options dialog). (case=97903)
  • New Find Symbol in Solution dialog now optionally supports display of file and directory in dedicated columns (via context menu). (case=35181) 12054, 12566
  • New Added support for filtering hashtag cross-references from VA Hashtags toolwindow (via context menu). (case=96785)
  • New Added button to open File Explorer to VA File History directory (Performance page of VA Options dialog). (case=98234) 12686
  • New Option to disable spontaneous tooltips in Open File in Solution, Find Symbol in Solution and Goto Member dialogs (via context menu). (case=98240)
  • New Enhanced Open Corresponding File (alt+o) to support directory structure of some additional libraries. (case=96426)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for VA Navigate Back (alt+left arrow) failing to return to recorded column position. (case=97613) 12649
  • Fix for Smart Suggestion of vector of shared_ptr. (case=96425) 12604
  • Fixed Smart Suggestion namespace qualification of enum values in user-provided sample. (case=98073) 12661
  • Fix for failure to deduce auto rvalue ref type in range-based for loop. (case=96952) 12617
  • Sort Selected Lines honors system locale. (case=97868)
  • Fix for Create Declaration being confused by a function try block. (case=93234)
  • Fix for failure of Goto to work with variable defined using decltype expression. (case=93387) 12485
  • Various fixes for Smart Select selections. (case=94946, case=95812)
  • Improved auto type deduction in range-based for loops. (case=86248)
  • Improved Smart Suggestions of template variables in certain scenarios. (case=91733)
  • Fixed case in which parentheses were not automatically matched when complete with any character was enabled and '(' was used to commit the listbox selection. (case=97044)
  • Improved results of Goto and Goto Related on namespace usages that reference nested namespaces. (case=68241)
  • Fix for snippets inserted with incorrect line endings in empty files. (case=97752) 12655
  • Fixed case in which VA incorrectly handled static_assert in a class definition. (case=97232)
  • When Goto is invoked on an external type in XAML, VA prompts to open the Object Browser (instead of searching it without prompting). (case=96541)
  • Find Symbol in Solution dialog lists symbols defined in source files imported via nuget packages. (case=97175)
  • Fixed case in which VA Outline reported incorrect range of a #define in certain situations. (case=97224)
  • Add Missing Case Statements now supports switches on properties. (case=96542)
  • Fixed parsing of D2D interfaces and types that implement them. (case=97120)
  • Fixed case in which symbols defined via system include directories might be recognized in one solution but not in another. (case=97154, case=97190)
  • Fix for Move Implementation commands not properly selecting moved code in some cases. (case=96852)
  • Fixed case in which include resolution of files in system include directories might not be properly resolved. (case=97154)
  • Fixed case in which VA Snippet was processed with different end results when executed with in-editor placeholder expansion vs placeholder expansion via dialog. (case=96968)
  • Disabled implementation of case=4568 due to unexplained lag while typing templates in a specific situation (can be re-enabled via edit of reg value ReparseIfNeededMaxFileSize2). (case=98305)
  • [VS2015 Update 3] Enabled in-editor expansion of snippet input placeholders. (case=95894)
  • [VS2015 Update 3] When changing the state of the automatically extend multi-line comments setting, VA prompts to make the opposite action with the IDE provided feature in C#. (case=95605)
  • [VS2012+] Fixed positioning of Goto and Goto Related menus when invoked in XAML files. (case=98462)
  • [VS2010+] Fixed tab order in Snippet Editor. (case=98606)
  • [VC6] Fix for deadlock in some situations after using Add Class. (case=98643) 12701

Visual Assist Build 2102

requires software maintenance through 2016.06.02 (General release.)

  • Fix for some template methods missing from Methods in File list (Alt+M) (regression in 2097). (case=97700) 12644
  • Fix for bad letter spacing when using some fonts in non-editor windows on Windows 10 (regression in 2097). (case=93507) 12654

Visual Assist Build 2098

requires software maintenance through 2016.05.12 (General release.)

  • New Support for Visual Studio "15" Preview 2 (first preview is no longer supported) (VS15 new lightweight installer is not supported by VA installer). (case=97064)
  • [VS15] Fix for failure to fully initialize in some environments (with caught exception reported by Visual Studio when opening an instance of the editor). (case=97065)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for caught exception reported by Visual Studio at startup in some environments (regression in 2097). (case=97066)

Visual Assist Build 2097

requires software maintenance through 2016.05.09 (General release.)

  • New Support for Visual Studio "15" Preview (VS15 new lightweight installer is not supported by VA installer). (case=96496)
  • New [VS2010+] VA Snippet Editor follows IDE theme. (case=87033) 12139
  • New Added support for user-defined roaming data directory (registry value named "UserRoamingDataDir"). (case=96339)
  • [VS2015+] Improved completion listbox contents in C#. (case=95744)
  • Fixed failure in some cases to parse template that had default parameter values. (case=71786)
  • Fix for Create from Usage not offering to create class in 'new' expression when the new class is different than the type of the declared variable (base/derived class hierarchy). (case=86439)
  • Fix for parse of using keyword/type alias of template. (case=88462) 12222
  • Fix for parse of alias when '=' is not separated by spaces. (case=95849) 12587
  • Fixed incorrect parameter bolding in parameter info for function whose return type is decorated with multiple SAL annotations. (case=96707)
  • Fixed case in which Implement Virtual Methods placed generated code into a comment at end of file. (case=96191)
  • Fixed case in which mouse-clicks were improperly processed in xaml source. (case=96808)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for reset of Step Filter data upon install of updated version of VA (which will occur again with build 2097 but will not occur going forward). (case=96405)
  • Fixed incorrect preprocessor directive indentation when invoking a VA Snippet that starts with the $end$ reserved string. (case=96374)
  • Improved letter spacing of colorized text in non-editor windows on Windows 10. (case=93507)
  • Fix for processing of changes to project properties (for example, include directories) not being honored until reload of solution (regression in 2089). (case=96945)
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=96739, case=96741)

Visual Assist Build 2094

requires software maintenance through 2016.03.25 (General release.)

  • [VS2015 Update 2] Disabled in-editor placeholder expansion of VA Snippets due to snippet expansion bug in Update 2. (case=95894)
  • Fix for About dialog crash identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=95893)
  • [VC6] Fix for a message in the Options dialog appearing repeatedly. (case=95603)

Visual Assist Build 2093

requires software maintenance through 2016.03.11 (General release.)

  • New Help in the Options dialog has been moved from tooltips to an always visible help box. (case=92436)
  • New Create From Usage creates declaration with appropriate visibility in C++ classes. (case=29902) 9085, 10108, 11041, 11820
  • New Implement Interface respects visibility of base class method declarations when declarations added to derived classes. (case=55728) 10039, 10734, 11827
  • New Support for C++14 single-quote digit separators. (case=86379) 12552, 12569
  • New Support for C++14 standard user-defined literals. (case=95006)
  • New Support for C++11 new string literals and raw string literals. (case=65734) 11854, 11975, 12216, 12446, 12517, 12528
  • New Support for C++11 constexpr keyword. (case=86383)
  • New Support for C++11 thread_local keyword. (case=86387)
  • New Display of VA refactoring context menus forces a reparse if a parse is pending due to edits. (case=4568) 5847, 6153, 6312
  • [VS2015] Fix for missing tooltip text of some C# listbox items. (case=94723) 12571
  • Fix for broken GUID creation during expansion of inline snippets in C++ (regression in 2073). (case=95237)
  • Open File in Solution no longer opens external editor twice. (case=95062) 12567
  • Template arguments in method return types are now fully qualified by Create Implementation. (case=26956) 8733, 9958, 12519
  • [VS2015 Update 2 RC] Disabled in-editor placeholder expansion of VA Snippets due to snippet expansion bug in the RC build of Update 2. (case=95473)
  • Fix for Encapsulate Field causing bad code due to constructor initialization list using brace initialization. (case=93992) 12511
  • When Move Implementation to Source File is executed on an inline method of a template class, the implementation is moved outside of the class definition but kept in the header file (unless already outside of the class definition, in which case the implementation is moved to the source file). (case=67727) 12498
  • Function try block no longer causes incorrect positioning during Create Declaration. (case=93234) 10850
  • [VS2015] Fixed case in which Parameter Info tooltip failed to appear. (case=94912) 12561
  • Fixed instance where Introduce Variable incorrectly removed grouping parentheses. (case=95033)
  • Fixed case in which dismissing a listbox with a Rename suggestion prevented reparse from occurring until moving off of current line. (case=95272)
  • Fix for truncated tooltip in VA Hashtags toolwindow. (case=93955)
  • Parser no longer confused by GCC __attribute__. (case=95299)
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=94885, case=95009, case=95010)
  • [VS2010] Fix for crash when VSColorOutput extension is enabled. (case=94928)
  • [VS2010] Fix for cropped text in Find References results window when enhanced coloring is disabled. (case=94718)

Visual Assist Build 2089

requires software maintenance through 2016.02.01 (General release.)

  • New Smart Suggestion to variable of type that is typedef to std::shared_ptr/unique_ptr suggests std::make_shared/make_unique initialization. (case=93856)
  • New [C#] Option in Encapsulate Field dialog to change visibility of the field to internal (if it is public). (case=93314).
  • Fix for intermittent hangs in code with unnamed template parameters that have default values. (case=94492) 12540, 12553
  • [VS2015] Fix for lagging response while typing. (case=94682)
  • Improvements to scoping of function return types during Create Implementation. (case=1247) 4780, 5017, 5628, 7879, 8141, 8197, 8332, 8470, 8935, 10002, 10210, 10335, 11340, 11801, 11847
  • Fixed resolution of keyword 'this' in source files with using namespace directives. (case=4135) 5786, 6577, 7157, 8612, 8686, 8922, 9938
  • Fix for Change Signature failing to update parameter references in source file with using namespace directives. (case=7204) 12539
  • Fix for Rename Files failure when run on files just generated by VS Add Class feature. (case=91385)
  • Add/Remove Braces command now available in the case statements of switch blocks. (case=92040)
  • Fix for parse of constructor implementation (of class in multiple nested namespaces) in source file with multiple using namespace directives. (case=94608)
  • Fix for Goto failure to locate implementation in source file with multiple using namespace directives. (case=93987) 12510
  • Fixed instance in which Create Implementation executed from header file failed to identify proper location in source file for generated implementation. (case=92499)
  • Goto command executed in comment now supported at start of word. (case=94296) 12491
  • [VS2012+] Fix for selection being created in editor during mouse click that gives focus to editor that is in preview state. (case=69901) 10966, 12374
  • [VS2015] Fix for C# listbox setting in Options dialog failure to be committed to registry. (case=94282) 12534
  • [VS2013+] Fix for hang during solution load identified via Windows Error Reporting.
  • [VC6] Fixed crash at shutdown identified via Windows Error Reporting.

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