Archive and release notes for builds released in 2017

Visual Assist Build 2248

requires software maintenance through 2017.12.16 (General release.)

  • New Added Convert Instance to Pointer and Convert Pointer to Instance refactorings, available on local variables (beta). (case=7003)
  • New Added setting to optionally automatically disable Code Inspection while debugger is running. (case=111339)
  • New Smart Suggestions now offered for specifiers in Unreal Engine 4 U* macros. (case=109116, case=111795)
  • New Smart Suggestions now offered for meta specifiers in Unreal Engine 4. (case=111545)
  • New Find References now flags return values of calls to CreateInstance and CoCreateInstance as creation hits. (case=105558)
  • New Added new Code Inspection: Range-based loop variable can be a const reference. (case=110997)
  • New Added new Code Inspection: Local variable can be a const reference. (case=110996)
  • New Added new Code Inspection: Prefer transparent functor. (case=110993)
  • New Add Include adds generated directive before *.generated.h if present. (case=111334) 14015
  • New Added Simplify Instance Declaration refactoring, available on local variables (beta). (case=112303)
  • New VA will now load va_stdafx.h for all solutions if found in the user's AppData\Roaming\VisualAssist\misc directory. (case=111779)
  • [VS2017 15.5+] Fix for crash that occurred after edit when Code Inspection was enabled. (case=112698) 14079, 14080, 14086, 14091, 14034, 14039
  • Fix for crash when pasting lambda into source when Code Inspection enabled. (case=112413) 14065
  • [VS2017] Improved support for cmake solutions. (case=102486)
  • [V2017 15.6] Fix for failure to properly parse std::shared_ptr. (case=112697)
  • [Win10 Fall Creators Update] Addressed stall that occurred upon open of first editor instance. (case=112147)
  • Fix for failure of Add Missing Case Statements to work on reference to enum type. (case=109635) 13966
  • Fix for overload resolution during Alt+g failing due to const variable declaration. (case=109837)
  • Open/closed state of nodes in VA Hashtags toolwindow now properly restored when hashtag instances are deleted (fixing hashtag navigation). (case=112118) 14052
  • Use of [[deprecated]] no longer breaks dot to arrow correction. (case=112232) 14044
  • Changed behavior of Auto-Extend Multi-Line Comments to better accommodate javadoc comment style. (case=111445)
  • Fix for Add Include using incorrect path when solution contains a project that is located in the Windows Program Files directory. (case=111530)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for failure of snippet editor to restore to correct size and position in high DPI environments. (case=110809)
  • Fix for Code Inspection reporting an issue that was not supported by VA. (case=111869) 14037
  • VA no longer colors parameters in Unreal Engine 4 U* macro invocations. (case=109053)
  • Fix for Add Include using incorrect directive token in some cases. (case=111997)
  • Fix for failure of all snippets with identical shortcuts to be suggested in some cases. (case=111945)
  • Improved performance of load of Open File in Solution dialog when show all files in solution directories is enabled. (case=111851) 14063
  • Fix some cases in which the default selection was not visible in completion listboxes. (case=111562, case 111563)
  • Fix for VA Memory View not copying all selected rows. (case=111909)
  • Fix for scaling of icons in certain message boxes in high DPI environments. (case=110376)
  • Fix for errant set of VCINSTALLDIR environment variable (regression in 2231). (case=112001) 14045
  • Fixes for crashes and hangs identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=111709, case=112180, case=112131)

Visual Assist Build 2238

requires software maintenance through 2017.11.10 (General release.)

  • Mitigation of some CreateWindow* failures in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (workaround that helps some, but definitely not all, users). See also this blog post, as well as this one. (case=111864) 14022, 14034, 14039
  • Fix for Code Inspection failure to properly read include path from project settings (regression in 2231). (case=111596) 14028

Visual Assist Build 2237

requires software maintenance through 2017.10.03 (General release.)

  • Fix for hang that can occur when Smart Suggestion is displayed for UPARAM invocation in Unreal Engine source. (case=111404)

Visual Assist Build 2235

requires software maintenance through 2017.09.25 (General release.)

  • New Added Source Links plugin for opening URLs in external browser. (case=109157)
  • New Unreal Engine attributes of symbol declarations appended to appropriate symbol Quick Info. (case=109255)
  • New Smart Suggestions offered for UPARAM invocations in Unreal Engine source. (case=109571)
  • New Added new Code Inspection to replace appropriate integer literals with bool literals. (case=110265)
  • New Added new Code Inspection to replace appropriate uses of `copy and swap` with shrink_to_fit. (case=110481)
  • New Added Source Links plugin for opening web addresses that are specified without protocol (, (case=109157)
  • New Added setting to control handling of * by `variable can be declared auto` Code Inspection. (case=108642) 13926
  • New Added settings to control `virtual` keyword handling and destructor handling by `overriding function without override specifier` Code Inspection. (case=111123, case=103139) 13904, 13938
  • New Items on Code Inspection page of VA Options dialog support multiple selection and improved keyboard navigation. (case=110289)
  • New Added page to VA Options dialog for VA Hashtag settings. (case=109557)
  • New Added page to VA Options dialog for Goto and Goto Related settings. (case=100406)
  • Code Inspection no longer inappropriately offers to replace constructor with = default. (case=109725) 13949
  • Fix for Code Inspection failure when a file #includes a UTF16/UCS2 encoded file that is not open in VS. (case=110708)
  • Improvements to support of Lightweight Solution Load. (case=110374)
  • Spellcheck no longer flags VA Hashtags. (case=91351) 13992
  • Source Links now supported in the VS peek windows. (case=110534)
  • Fix for touch-hold gesture invoking context menu on touchscreens. (case=111020)
  • Improved Goto behavior on symbols #included into namespace scope. (case=111049) 7582
  • Fix for VA interference with Edit.CycleClipboardRing in text files in which VA is not active. (case=110652)
  • Fix for VA comment commands being invoked during XAML source find of / or * in selection. (case=110643)
  • Fix for C# var keyword colored incorrectly in VA windows. (case=110517)
  • VA no longer inappropriately offers parameter list suggestions to macro invocations. (case=109347)
  • Fixed cases in which use of some macros before class definitions caused VA to not underline invalid symbols within the class definition. (case=109637)
  • Fix for Code Inspection failing to parse listed include directories when specified with quotes. (case=110439) 13957
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=110696, case=110697, case=110698, case=110699, case=111288)

Visual Assist Build 2231

requires software maintenance through 2017.08.15 (General release.)

  • New Added UI to Source Links page of VA Options dialog to set search directories for Source Links plugins. (case=105585)
  • New Improvements to Smart Select behavior on numeric literals. (case=109428) 13956
  • New Added support for system-wide NuGet.Config. (case=105959)
  • New Use of environment variables in NuGet repositoryPath now supported. (case=105958)
  • Decreased initial parse time of very large solutions.
  • Fix for UI scaling problems in mixed DPI multi-monitor environments. (case=93048, case=108541) 12461
  • [VS2017 15.3] Enabled solution event change notifications (which had been disabled in build 2223). (case=104119)
  • Improved detection of 'Check emptiness with empty()...' Code Inspection. (case=109931)
  • Code Inspection no longer offers nullptr quick fix in .c files. (case=109043) 13941
  • Fix for missing Code Inspections due to include path problem. (case=109844) 13957
  • Fix for bad code resulting from running the 'convert typedef to using' Code Inspection on a function typedef. (case=109745)
  • Fixed Smart Select behavior on lines where multiple variables are declared and initialized. (case=98589)
  • Fixed Smart Select behavior in C# interpolated strings. (case=106091)
  • Fix for missing dot to arrow conversion on an instance of a raw pointer whose type was defined with 'using' keyword. (case=109767)
  • Fix for symbol resolution failure of struct in an enclosing class in nested namespaces. (case=109768)
  • \# no longer causes text to be identified as a VA Hashtag. (case=108807)
  • Goto and Goto Related now work on VA Hashtags that have hyphens (when the behavior is enabled). (case=109520) 12317, 13958
  • Fixed case in which nested class and struct definitions were listed twice in the Goto Member dialog. (case=109339)
  • [VS2017] Vcpkg directories now identified as system include directories. (case=109042)
  • Improved Google Test support. (case=109691)
  • Fix for parsing of C# lock statement. (case=104206)
  • Fix for parsing of C# null-conditional operator. (case=104904)
  • Fix for Source Links GitHub plugin not using specified port number. (case=109746) 13965
  • [VS2010+] Message windows from .exe installer now appear on Windows Taskbar. (case=109372) 13950
  • Fix for incorrect line number displayed in tooltips of the Goto Member dialog. (case=109202)
  • Fixes for various Code Inspection crashes. (case=105275, case=109004, case=109145, case=109556. case=109696, case=109808, case=109811, case=109954)
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=108622, case=109146, case=109147, case=109810, case=110325, case=110347)

Visual Assist Build 2223

requires software maintenance through 2017.06.22 (General release.)

  • [VS2017] Disabled solution event change notifications that had been re-enabled in build 2219 due to a recurrence of compilation failures caused by a problem in Visual Studio; undo this by setting registry value ForceVs2017ProjectSync to 01 (restore to 00 if you get 'Specified cast is not valid' errors during compilation). (reopened case=104119 to address again once VS2017 15.3 is out of preview)
  • Fix for very slow load of Open File in Solution dialog in Unreal Engine solutions when 'show only...' is unchecked (regression in 2219). (case=109019)
  • Fix for load of Open File in Solution dialog when no solution is loaded and disk-based search is enabled. (case=106017)

Visual Assist Build 2219

requires software maintenance through 2017.06.15 (General release.)

  • New [VS2010+] [Beta] Source Links is now an integrated feature with enhancements (it used to be a separate extension) (see new Source Links page in VA Options dialog). (case=100512)
  • New [VS2010+] Added Code Inspection to convert use of size() to empty(). (case=108201)
  • New [VS2010+] Added Code Inspection for redundant control flow statements. (case=108203)
  • New [VS2010+] Added Code Inspection for redundant smartptr::get() calls. (case=108204)
  • New [VS2010+] Added Code Inspection for delete of uniqueptr::release(). (case=108207)
  • New Object construction/creation is uniquely marked in the Find References results window. (case=1262)
  • New Added Open File in Solution setting (via context menu) to display all files in solution directories (rather than only files explicitly listed in the solution projects). (case=106017) 13909
  • Added registry setting to reduce thread priority of concurrent parse threads. (case=105948)
  • [VS2012+] Changing the Platform Toolset of a project no longer requires solution reload for VA to see changes of the include paths. (case=61645)
  • [VS2017 15.3] Enabled solution event change notifications that were disabled in VS2017 15.0-15.2 for case=103990; OFIS now reflects changes to solution without needing solution reload. (case=104119, case=108535)
  • The Use Using and make_unique Code Inspections are now disabled by default in VS2010-VS2012. (case=108382, case=108490) 13922
  • Fix for failure of Code Inspection to use appropriate settings in some cases. (case=108533, case=108493)
  • Fixed case in which Code Inspections were not flagged in some files opened during solution load. (case=103667)
  • Fixed case in which Introduce Variable improperly attempted to replace inappropriate source. (case=102782)
  • Fix for highlighting of VA Hashtags being inadvertently dependent upon Highlight References. (case=108516)
  • Fixes for various Code Inspection crashes. (case=106018, case=108197, case=108267, case=108466, case=108599, case=108804, case=108812) 13908
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=108196, case=108623, case=108626, case=108627)

Visual Assist Build 2217

requires software maintenance through 2017.04.26 (General release.)

  • New Added "Convert to raw string literal" Code Inspection (available on unadorned ascii strings that contain escaped characters). (case=105518)
  • Code Inspection now supported in Shared Items Projects. (case=104861) 12884
  • Code Inspection honors forced include compilation flag. (case=105288)
  • Code Inspection now available in the Visual Studio Preview Tab. (case=104056)
  • Load of Open File in Solution dialog can now be interrupted (without causing the dialog to exit). (case=104968) 12890
  • Fix for Encapsulate Field incorrectly handling some binary operators. (case=103821)
  • Fix for "Replace with emplace_back" Code Inspection improperly handling some arguments. (case=104506)
  • Code Inspection no longer flags "Destructor body can be replaced with '= default'" in VC++ toolsets earlier than VS2013. (case=105286) 12897
  • Fix for bad formatting after convert to range-based-for. (case=103137) 12877
  • Convert to range-based-for now preserves iterator type. (case=104834)
  • Fix for incorrect comment displayed in VA Hashtags window for some hashtag instances after execution of Goto Related on an instance of the hashtag. (case=105593)
  • Fix for inconsistent trigger range on make_unique and make_shared code inspections. (case=105492)
  • Variables created by conversion to range-based-for whose names are based on symbols with the prefix m_ have the prefix stripped from the new name. (case=104910) 12887
  • Fix for incorrect type deduction by Introduce Variable on some template functions. (case=102781)
  • Fix for pause caused by Code Inspection when opening files in some projects. (case=105153)
  • Improved response of group selection in Code Inspection Results window. (case=105594)
  • VA Step Filter now stores file paths relative to solution so that filter configuration can branch with source code. (case=97565)
  • Symbols located via Vcpkg are rendered in italic (if the italic option is set) and files are listed as [Vcpkg] in OFIS (when 'Show only files...' is unchecked). (case=100271)
  • Adding registry setting to disable #include completion (binary value named IncludeDirectiveCompletionLists). (case=105000)
  • Fix for poor response while typing #include directives in project with large number of include directories. (case=105151)
  • Fix for failure of double-click on file in VA Step Filter to go to expected line. (case=105155)
  • Fix for editor extension exception reported by Visual Studio after install when SourceLinks was also installed. (case=104914)
  • Fixes for various Code Inspection crashes. (case=104863, case=105091, case=105137, case=105246, case=105300) 12886, 12886
  • Fixes for crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=105277, case=105488, case=105489, case=105620)

Visual Assist Build 2212

requires software maintenance through 2017.03.23 (General release.)

  • [VS2010+] Code Inspection is now available in makefile projects. (case=104268) 12873
  • [VS2017] Fix for Code Inspection not being available in projects created in previous versions of Visual Studio when the experimental C++ feature Faster Project Load is enabled. (case=104634) 12876
  • Created new, unique setting for Unreal Engine 4 keyword support added in build 2210 (registry value named "EnableUnrealEngineC++"). (case=104685)
  • [VS2017] Fixed failure during load of some folder-based solutions (however, settings in cmake folder-based projects are not currently supported). (case=104738) 12804

Visual Assist Build 2210

requires software maintenance through 2017.03.08 (General release.)

  • New [VS2010+][Beta] Code Inspection is a new feature, based on LLVM clang-tidy, that offers fixes for modernizing C++ code as you edit.  The feature is off by default because it is under active development; enable on the "Code Inspection (beta)" page in VA Options dialog.  The feature is not available in C++/CLI or WinRT source.  This is a beta feature for which we are soliciting feedback.
  • New Support for Visual Studio 2017. (case=103358)
  • New Open File In Solution (OFIS) displays all files found in system include paths when "Show only files in the current solution" is unchecked (see context menu for filtering commands). (case=1029) 4223, 9986
  • New Improved support for Unreal Engine 4 keywords Super, UFUNCTION and Cast. (case=86215) 12572, 12723
  • New [VS2010+] Option to disable or select an alternate action for Ctrl+Mouse-Wheel in the text editor (see Mouse page in VA Options dialog). (case=91013)
  • New Rename File supports changing filename case in a single operation. (case=97060)
  • New [VS2017] Support for CppProperties.json files in C++ folder-based solutions. (case=102080)
  • New Added overload resolution to constructors sub-menu of Goto Related. (case=100529)
  • [VS2017] Fix for cast errors reported during compilation of projects created in previous versions of Visual Studio when the experimental C++ feature Faster Project Load is enabled. (case=103990) 12862
  • Multiple fixes and improvements to overload resolution for Goto and Goto Related. (case=100046, case=100047, case=100048, case=100265, case=100311, case=100312, case=100313, case=100333, case=100402, case=100630, case=100737, case=100751, case=101021, case=101249, case=101287, case=101366, case=101367, case=101515, case=102922)
  • Multiple UI improvements to Address Resolver and PDB Explorer. (case=100122, case=100168, case=100169, case=100170, case=100202, case=100336, case=100350)
  • Fixed parsing of anonymous enums that specify size. (case=62046) 10402, 10907, 11273, 11726
  • Fixed case in which symbols from VS2013 include paths were inappropriately displayed in VS2015. (case=65910) 12765
  • Fix for failure to suggest VA Hashtags when solution has more than 1000 hashtag instances. (case=102926)
  • Fix for Goto Member not displaying any members for class defined in source file that is open, but not included in the current solution. (case=100459)
  • Fixed intermittent empty list in Goto Member dialog. (case=100600)
  • Fixed incorrect use of C++ scope resolution operator in C# suggestion for new. (case=101544)
  • Fixed resolution of C# var literals. (case=101919)
  • Prevent Move Implementation to Header from executing when no target file has been identified. (case=102715)
  • Fix for files missing from OFIS (until solution reload) when new project added to loaded solution (regression in 2114). (case=102228)
  • Fix for some class instances incorrectly marked as class definition in Find References Results window. (case=104019)
  • Fixes for crashes and deadlock identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=102556, case=103360, case=103538, case=103869, case=104121)

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