Archive and release notes for builds released in 2021

Release notes apply to all IDEs unless indicated. Case numbers are for internal tracking only. Numbered links refer to related posts in our support forums.

 Visual Assist Build 2021.5

requires software maintenance through 2021.11.17 (General release.)
SHA256: 17A4C7F29071E1B354328B4A24C82871FD72F0DB3C863ED729E6809A7674CE7B

  • New Code Inspection engine updated to LLVM/Clang version 13.  (case=146304)
  • New Add separate snippet "Create Implementation" for _Validate version of Unreal UFUNCTIONs.  (case=146109)
  • Fix for VA Suggestion Lists sometimes displaying in an incorrect position in Visual Studio 2022.  (case=146320)
  • Fix for rare crash when double-clicking in VA Memory View to go to location of symbol.  (case=146338)
  • Fix for theming in Visual Studio 2022 to match IDE theme.  (case=146104)
  • Fix for Add Similar Member sometimes giving a bad result when triggered on a class constructor.  (case=142818)
  • Fix for Create Implementation and GoTo not being offered on a method named allocate().  (case=111173)

 Visual Assist Build 2021.4

requires software maintenance through 2021.10.28 (General release.)
SHA256: 45F160854F87AD531F79623D29CDF84EBFBBF47D918D807C89D8EF1D69CA0C90

  • New Support for new External Include Directories property in Visual Studio 2022.   (case=145995)
  • New Code Inspection engine updated to LLVM/Clang version 12.0.1.  (case=146137)
  • Fix for memory leak when changing solutions.  (case=146057)
  • Fix for regression in Unreal Engine solution open time.  (case=146246)
  • Fix for Find References UI responsiveness during finds with many results.  (case=146041)
  • Fix for auto type not deduced when returned from C++ 11's std::move without explicit template param.  (case=141427)
  • Fix for potential crash when using “Open a local folder”.  (case=145977)
  • Fix for Modify Expression sometimes placing code in the wrong location in Unicode files.  (case=146282)
  • Fix for Modify Expression failing to wrap negated partial expressions.  (case=146133)
  • Fix for regression where icon backgrounds do not update on theme change.  (case=146280)
  • Fix for _CONSTEXPR20_CONTAINER macro breaking some refactorings.   (case=146156)
  • Fix for theming issue in Find dialog in Find References Results window.  (case=146103)
  • Fix for Auto-extend Multi-line Comments sometimes interfering with the built in tool in VS 2019+.  (case=146064)
  • Fix for Quick Info not appearing when manually triggered by Edit.QuickInfo in VS 2022.  (case=146063)
  • Fix for poor selection contract in Find Reference Results and Rename lists with the Blue IDE theme.  (case=146057)
  • Fix for Source Links example plugin not loading in VS 2022.  (case=146012)
  • Fix for changing font from Cascadia requiring a restart to update italicized system symbols in VS 2022.  (case=146057)

 Visual Assist Build 2021.3

requires software maintenance through 2021.07.28 (General release.)
SHA256: 12D63BC9281987967FF0C8A0AA9CC870BF7199AAC3ACFF8397C5F1F20D82BB9A

  • New Preliminary support for Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2.
  • New 64-bit architecture exclusive to Visual Studio 2022.
  • New Code Inspection engine updated to LLVM/Clang version 12.  (case=145716)
  • Fix for regression where VA Hashtags from unloaded solutions may appear in the current solution.  (case=144570)
  • Fix for floating tomato button sometimes getting into a state where it does not disappear.  (case=141400)
  • Fix for Source Links sometimes failing to load on startup of Visual Studio.  (case=145899)
  • Fix for a Source Links visual glitch that may happen when adorning text alongside CodeLens.  (case=144170)
  • Fix for Keyboard Shortcuts dialog documentation links not opening in a web browser.  (case=145700)

 Visual Assist Build 2021.2

requires software maintenance through 2021.04.23 (General release.)
SHA256: 19E5FB6FAB6F0E2B8D2316753085A01E7B230E9D8C9C6A60F327CD2B1560EDFD

  • New Modify Expression will now appear in our Alt+Shift+Q context menu, and is no longer in beta.  (case=144412)
  • New Added option to remove redundant parentheses in Modify Expression.  (case=144312)
  • New Unreal Engine plugins that are EnabledByDefault or referenced by your project will now be parsed by default, with new settings to control behavior. (case=144467)
  • New VA will no longer parse Unreal Engine *.generated.h files.  (case=119653, 119599, 119597)
  • New Updated Code Inspections engine to Clang 11.1.0.  (case=144482)
  • New Record the start of namespaces, enums, classes and structs at the name vs open brace for improved navigation.  (case=144376, 144375, 144374)
  • New Added notification message when browsing an Unreal Engine plugin source file that has been excluded from parsing.  (case=144352)
  • New Added smart select support for C++20 co_yield and co_return.  (case=144280)
  • New List Methods in File (Alt+M) will now select symbol name on navigation.  (case=144183)
  • New Added Code Inspection for bugprone-suspicious-string-compare clang checker.  (case=142919)
  • New Added Code Inspection for bugprone-string-constructor clang checker.  (case=142917)
  • Fix for low performance caused by excessive redrawing on 100hz+ refresh rate monitors.  (case=142298)
  • Fix for crash that could happen with many large symbols.  (case=144417)
  • Fix for Modify Expression highlighting reserved strings from VA Snippets.  (case=144385)
  • Fix for Modify Expression "!" removal and factoring sometimes giving incorrect results.  (case=144365)
  • Fix for Modify Expression not always opening first invocation.  (case=144342)
  • Fix for enabling Extend Multiline Comments not disabling new VS C++ feature.  (case=144301)
  • Fix for "in" being considered a keyword. The keyword was used in the old for each, in C++ extension by Microsoft.  (case=144402)

 Visual Assist Build 2021.1

requires software maintenance through 2021.01.26 (General release.)
SHA256: BF0A3BF59721719D01350C312E6A76D9C538D11608F726F86C66E2B41298D72E

  • New Added VA Modify Expression feature with support for logic inversion, De Morgan transforms and more!  (case=27848)
  • New Added option to avoid parsing some Unreal Engine directories for a parsing time-save. Enabled by default.  (case=141741)
  • New Added initial support for parsing C++20 module ixx and cppm files.  (case=144119)
  • New Added initial support for C++20 export, import and module keywords.  (case=144118)
  • New Added support for smart suggestions after C++20 co_return and co_yield keywords.  (case=144228)
  • New Added support for co_return and co_yield to Convert Between Pointer and Instance, Introduce Variable and Extract Method.  (case=144111, 144110, 144109)
  • New Added Code Inspection for performance-inefficient-vector-operation clang checker. (case=143028)
  • New Added Code Inspection for performance-faster-string-find clang checker. (case=143027)
  • New Added support for reading configuration information from a new Visual Assist specific section of Unreal Engine solution files.  (case=143077)
  • New Added simplified build versioning system based on the year and release number.  (case=144275)
  • Fix for Find References listing variables that appear after co_return and co_yield as definitions. (case=144214)
  • Fix for "Show tooltips for braces and structural keywords" not showing tooltips for co_return and co_yield. (case=144203)
  • Updated Source Links invalid credentials error text. (case=143039)
  • Fix for Goto sometimes selecting the wrong symbol when jumping to constructor implementations. (case=142825)
  • Fix for Goto not navigating directly to the method declaration when triggered from its multi-line implementation. (case=54551)
  • Fix for Find Symbol in Solution and VA View not selecting the symbol name when jumping to multi-line implementations. (case=31463)

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