Archive and release notes for most recent builds of Visual Assist

Release notes apply to all IDEs unless indicated. Case numbers are for internal tracking only. Numbered links refer to related posts in our support forums.

 Visual Assist Build 2024.5

requires software maintenance through 2024.06.24 (General release.)
SHA256: E6A583204BC7547CE9B80E0790A7E25AEED749C5760FFC26F31D2A9E5D62DC34

  • New Greatly improve Find References performance (yes, again!). As before, this also affects several refactorings which also locate symbols, such as Rename.  (case=164540)
  • New Flexible enterprise licensing support.  (case=164540)
  • Fixed Find References crash that could happen in some cases (notably, in Unreal Engine 4.2x).  (case=164595)

 Visual Assist Build 2024.4

requires software maintenance through 2024.06.09 (General release.)
SHA256: 8C4D0A74487644A82C55F4B6873A7559ED67CDBAA1DB09A41D9AC155486710CA

  • New Native ARM CPU support!  (case=148242)
  • New Support for using '/' as a path delimiter.  (case=164446)
  • Fixed issue where std::tuple would not be recognized in some cases.  (case=164452)
  • Move Class to New File will no longer jump to a new file before showing the dialog.  (case=164402)
  • Fixed broken Discord invite link.  (case=164564)

 Visual Assist Build 2024.3

requires software maintenance through 2024.05.02 (General release.)
SHA256: D10B82E00939F538046D3A1CB7D576A10B583A9099E65235BAD7B66D0CE7CE08

  • New Greatly improved Find References performance. This also affects several refactorings which also locate symbols, such as Rename.  (case=164001)
  • New Create File now allows you to specify a directory for the new file.  (case=164403)
  • New Move Implementation will now run Create File immediately if no suitable target is found.  (case=164427)
  • New Move Class to New File has exited the beta phase.  (case=164404)
  • New CUDA support has exited the beta phase.  (case=164419)
  • New Discord link and feedback options in the Help menu. Join us!  (case=164392)
  • Improved editor performance when editing C#.  (case=164409)
  • Fixed issue where Move Implementation would not move the implementation if a new file needed to be created.  (case=164428)
  • Fixed Add Include issue where C headers would sometimes be added instead of their C++ counterparts.  (case=164393)
  • Fixed issue where Move Class to New File would sometimes not be offered near macros.  (case=164401)
  • Fixed issue where Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog would sometimes not correctly notify you that you applied all recommended shortcuts.  (case=142120)

 Visual Assist Build 2024.2

requires software maintenance through 2024.03.14 (General release.)
SHA256: 34AB09F84B6BD8F19FAFB5C34C8930888160ED0DC18C857AD1DBB7E678D5C71F

  • New Further optimized parser performance and reduced initial parse time.  (case=164079)
  • New Greatly reduced startup time when opening a solution.  (case=164163)
  • Fixed UI conflict with GitHub Copilot.   (case=164056)
  • Fixed issue where Add Include would sometimes not add the new include.   (case=164134)
  • Fixed long Add Include paths for some symbols in Unreal Engine 5.3.x.   (case=150119)
  • Fixed issue where Open File in Solution would sometimes not display results when the filter starts with a dot.   (case=164122)
  • Fixed issue where C# syntax coloring would not be applied in Visual Studio 2022 17.9.0.   (case=164280)
  • Fixed issue where readability-magic-numbers Code Inspection would not properly underline hex numbers.   (case=164246)
  • Fixed issue where GoTo would not navigate to classes without a constructor.   (case=164205)
  • Fixed issue where suggestions could show suggestions for non-existent types.   (case=163960)
  • Updated Create Account link to point to the correct page.   (case=164313)
  • Added Alt+O to Recommended Keyboard Shortcuts as Visual Studio 2022 now uses that binding.   (case=164232)

 Visual Assist Build 2024.1

requires software maintenance through 2024.01.23 (General release.)
SHA256: A75B229972CA2525D2DADD60C7D16BECC283A432DBB4B83D3143ADDCCBAD2BF7

  • New Greatly improved parser performance and reduced initial parse time.  (case=163890)
  • New Find References will now supports finding constructor references.  (case=1262)
  • New GoTo will now navigate to the constructor declaration when used from a constructor call.  (case=149212)
  • Improved Add Include header selection for several STL types and more, such as std::stringstream and calloc.  (case=117655)
  • Fixed several cosmetic issues with the suggestions dropdown toolbar. The toolbar will now appear more frequently when you are typing as well.  (case=164000)
  • Fixed issue where trial activation dialog could fail to load the page, preventing activation.  (case=164017)
  • Fixed issue where Magic Numbers Code Inspection would sometimes only underline part of the number.  (case=163932)
  • Fixed crash which could occur when logging is enabled for very large solutions.  (case=164060)
  • Fixed issue where preprocessor directives in shader files were incorrectly colored as methods.  (case=149939)
  • Fixed detection of template class functions when they are called inside other class functions. (UE5 Create*Subobject and much more are now understood.)  (case=119789)
  • Fixed Unreal Engine issue where Change Signature would change *_Validate method return value from bool to void.   (case=163908)
  • Fixed issue where typing a dot at the start of a word in our filtered dialogs would return no results.   (case=163291)

 Visual Assist Build 2023.6

requires software maintenance through 2023.11.24 (General release.)
SHA256: D9402D7CF354F7792042E528DFEC62504C4DE03E65376E952842D40ECC0CD3F9

  • New Use inexact searches with new Fuzzy Search logic in Find Symbol and Open File dialogs.  (case=113205)
  • New Move an entire class to a new (pair) of files with "Move Class".  (case=31484)
  • New Instantly share code snippets with your team with "Share with Team Member".  (case=149844)
  • New Improved parser support for constexpr, consteval and constinit (C++20).  (case=141293)
  • New Improved parser support for braced initialization (C++11).  (case=141519)
  • New A new Code Inspection can call out  "Magic Numbers". (case=150079)
  • New Use Ctrl+A to select all items in Find Symbol and Open File dialogs.  (case=149831)
  • New File exclusions in your ".vscode\settings.json" config are now respected when opening a solution.  (case=149171)
  • New We now use quotation marks by default when using Add Include in an Unreal Engine project.  (case=149198)
  • Fixed multiple issues with file exclusion logic when reading from ".vscode\settings.json" configs.  (case=149167)
  • Our parser now better understands Unreal Engine 5.0 (specifically that build) types, such as FVector.  (case=149728)
  • Fixed Create from Usage behavior when used inside const inline methods.  (case=163856)
  • Fixed coloring of [[fallthrough]] marked enum items.  (case=146077)
  • Attempted to fix rare temporary hang when debugging C# Unity projects.  (case=149402)
  • Code Inspections options dialog now displays much more quickly.  (case=152808)
  • Improved Unity engine auto detect logic to reduce false positives.  (case=149993)

 Visual Assist Build 2023.5

requires software maintenance through 2023.09.07 (General release.)
SHA256: EEAB95DC05062F21F44F80A0A17736344E5577F2E054F8215387BB4BCF317EC7

  • New Added support for custom precompiled header files to new intelligent Add Include logic.  (case=49940)
  • Fixed crash on solution load in Visual Studio 2008 and 2005.  (case=149968)
  • Fixed issue where Code Inspections would not function correctly in Visual Studio 2022 17.7+.  (case=149962)

 Visual Assist Build 2023.4

requires software maintenance through 2023.08.24 (General release.)
SHA256: 9B350988EB9B90D7A0A16C67F276B5FD99CFE3BC5E3CEF70F6E4115F449C171B

  • New Added support for Unity Engine shader files.  (case=149693)
  • New Added support for CUDA source files.  (case=58450)
  • New Added parser support for template functions with trailing / auto return type.  (case=87230)
  • New Shader support has exited beta, and is now enabled by default.  (case=149901)
  • New Added intelligent selection of Add Include placement.  (case=149209)
  • New Streamline Game Development tab of our options dialog, making room for upcoming additions.  (case=149861)
  • New Added notice of combined Visual Studio 2022-2010 marketplace listing.  (case=149843)
  • New Removed phone number requirement for trial start.  (case=149559)
  • New Added vector tomato art to FSIS and OFIS.  (case=149836)
  • New Added icons to check/uncheck all in implment methods context menu.  (case=149540)
  • Fixed "VaMenuPackage" error on start of Visual Studio 2022 17.7+.  (case=149749)
  • Fixed Code Inspections error that could happen in some cases in Visual Studio 2022 17.6+.  (case=149646)
  • Fixed issue where some types with leading macros before template definitions were not parsed correctly.  (case=149519)
  • Fixed issue where autocomplete of some types, such as std::tuple, would produce partial results.  (case=147703)
  • Fixed rendering of suggestion list tomato icons in Visual Studio 2022.  (case=148111)
  • Fixed issue where the VA Navigation Bar could become smaller than intended.  (case=149526)

 Visual Assist Build 2023.3

requires software maintenance through 2023.05.24 (General release.)
SHA256: 28FDA2774BBEF7A1AC5CFBE41C4CCF1305A8A264DB52259BE25AF1621A58E94A

  • New Added parser support for C#'s 'is' operator.  (case=141137)
  • New Code Inspections Clang engine updated to version 16.0.  (case=141137)

 Visual Assist Build 2023.2

requires software maintenance through 2023.04.25 (General release.)
SHA256: 65BEEF41AC121A3332DA4A6B2D0C7C5A137C205224E1C9EE92C6294C6F6AD673

  • New Code Inspections support for enabling unevaluated Clang Tidy checkers as Code Inspections.  (case=149210)
  • New Option to remove Extensions menu in VS 2019+ for a legacy style menu.  (case=148784)
  • New Greater customization for shader file extensions with no hardcoded extensions.  (case=148466)
  • New Implement Virtual Methods context menu option to check / uncheck all.  (case=147751)
  • New Beta label removed from Code Inspection. Try it out!  (case=109013)
  • New Added Code Inspection for bugprone-swapped-arguments clang checker.  (case=149261)
  • New Added Code Inspection for bugprone-argument-comment clang checker.  (case=149262)
  • New Code Inspections Clang engine updated to version 15.0.  (case=149080)
  • Fixed issue where installer exe could report errors after a successful install.  (case=148918)
  • Improved auto type deduction for const, pointers and chained function calls.  (case=149290)
  • Fixed issue where Code Inspections could fail with the latest MSVC includes.  (case=149080)
  • Fixed issue where shader coloring may not be applied to the correct file extensions.  (case=149391)
  • Fixed issue where shader coloring sometimes not applied to files opened automatically on solution load.  (case=148477)
  • Fixed issues which could lead to the VA Navigation Bar being drawn incorrectly.  (case=149335)
  • Fixed issues which could lead to missing icons.  (case=149189)
  • Improved tab completion in C# to interact better with build in tooling.  (case=148906)
  • Fixed minor visual theming issues in various VA dialogs.  (case=146303)

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