Enable Visual Assist for additional programming languages

Visual Studio 2003 and newer

By default, Visual Assist build 2001 and newer is active only in C/C++ and C# files, and related files such as .rc and .xaml. You can enable a limited, unsupported set of features from Visual Assist in additional programming languages, including Visual Basic (VB.NET), Javascript, and HTML.

Enable Visual Assist in additional programming languages by setting the following registry BINARY value:

HKCU\Software\Whole Tomato\Visual Assist X\<IDE spec>\RestrictVaToPrimaryFileTypes = 00

Default value is 01.

Close all instances of the IDE before editing the registry to ensure your changes are not overwritten at IDE exit.

Disclaimer: C/C++ and C# are the only programming languages officially supported by Visual Assist. Whole Tomato Software provides technical support for additional programming languages at its own discretion.