Specify a location for per-user roaming data

By default, Visual Assist stores per-user data, i.e., roaming data, in AppData\Roaming. If you specify a location for the Visual Assist database by setting UserDataDir in the registry, per-user data is written to the same location.

Per-user data include:

Per-user data do not include:

  • values Visual Assist writes to the registry, including most settings in its options dialog (see Transfer Settings to move these to a different IDE.)
  • VA Hashtags local to a solution, which are written to .vaHashtags in your solution directory 

You can instruct Visual Assist to use an alternate location, <new_path>, for per-user data (aside from the Visual Assist database) by creating an expandable string value (REG_EXPAND_SZ) in the registry:

HKCU\Software\Whole Tomato\UserRoamingDataDir = C:\<new_path>\

You may use environment variables in <new_path> as long as you use a REG_EXPAND_SZ. For example:


Environment variables are not supported if you use a string value (REG_SZ).


You must have write permission to the alternate location.

You may copy existing settings from UserDataDir or AppData\Roaming to your alternate location. The former settings will not be updated after you specify UserRoamingDataDir. (Visual Assist does not automatically copy per-user data from an old to new location.)

Do not share an alternate directory with multiple users. Each user of a machine must have his own settings.

Delete the UserRoamingDataDir key from the registry to revert to the default location. If desired, you may copy settings from the alternate location to UserDataDir or AppData\Roaming.