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Minimum order is $500.

Shipping fees, sales tax, and VAT are not collected.

Required Email Addresses

  1. Primary technical contact for delivery of an activation key.
  2. Buyer for Cc of the activation key.
  3. Entity responsible for payment of invoices.


Terms on domestic (U.S.) purchase orders are NET 30. You may pay by check, credit card, bank transfer, or ACH/EFT.

International purchase orders typically require advance payment. International customers in good standing may qualify for NET 30 at discretion of Whole Tomato Software.

Product and Pricing

If you contacted sales for a quote, submit a PO using the product description(s) and pricing in your quote. Part numbers and unit prices are optional.

Refer to the following table if you require part numbers or wish to compute a total price based on unit prices.

Part Number Description Unit Price
vax Visual Assist - Standard License $279.00
vaxrenew Visual Assist - Maintenance Renewal $79.00

ECCN is EAR99. (Encryption is limited to authentication and execution of copy-protected software.)

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