Visual Assist for Unreal Engine

Develop games faster & easier in Visual Studio C++

Go beyond the limitations of Visual Studio with Visual Assist’s tailored features and support for Unreal Engine 4 & 5.

Experience context-aware suggestions, snappy performance, and minimal loading time even in large game projects.

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Turn your vision into reality with
tailored support for Unreal Engine

Read Code

VA’s parser fully understands the context of Unreal extended code language and adjusts syntax highlighting and indentation accordingly. Annoying tabs, false errors, and unlabeled symbols when declaring UFUNCTIONS and UCLASS are now history.


Get Relevant Hints

Type specifiers rapidly and with less switching to documentation for most U*Macros. If you modify the engine or add new specifiers, Visual Assist will detect and add suggestions for those as well.


Works With Everything Else

Visual Assist reads U*Macro specifiers & we’ve used that to make our features smarter. Goto, Goto Related, Find References, Rename & Change Signature have all been extended to support implicit methods.


Go Beyond Limits

One of the limitations of Visual Studio’s default parser is it struggles in large solutions commonly associated with game development. With Visual Assist, you can code without all the incorrect red squiggles & save memory for other tasks.


Context-Aware Dialogs and Documentation

The documentation for Unreal Engine C++ is often in the code itself. Visual Assist understands Unreal’s extended code language so it will show comments and dialogs from base classes and U*Macro specifiers.

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Visual Assist features

Visual Assist has a number of general C++ features
that are also useful for game development.

Open and search files (Shift + Alt + O)

Instead of opening the file explorer, VA lists all the projects in the solution in a single dialog menu. It is powered by a powerful context-aware search function so you can even find associated files by merely typing in a related file or string— an extremely useful feature for game projects.

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Find Symbols (Shift + Alt + S)

Easily sort through thousands of symbols with advanced filtering and sorting: variables, class, structs or in a solution. From this dialog, you can copy the symbol, jump to it, or even find all references to it.

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Find definitions and declarations (Alt + G)

While similar to Visual Studio’s F12 and Ctrl + F12, Visual Assist’s Go to implementation provides better accuracy and more functions. For example, VA works on files outside a project, works on symbols within comments, and lists all declarations so you can pick where you want to go.

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List methods in file (Alt+M)

Navigate the current file from a simple drop-down of classes and methods in it. Filter the list using substrings.

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Implement Virtual methods (Shift + Alt + Q)

This opens the Quick actions and refactoring menu which provides many context-aware options depending on where the caret is or what is highlighted.

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Open corresponding file (Alt + O)

This is usually used to quickly switch between header and implementation files. VA’s version gives you a menu when more than one destination is possible.

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Installing Visual Assist

Getting Started with
Unreal Engine 4/5

Setting Up VS
for Unreal Engine

Webinar: Intro to Visual Assist for Game Development


“Visual Assist is absolutely needed for professional programming in Visual Studio. The things it does seem so obvious and trivial - things like quickly finding any file in the solution, quickly finding any symbol, intelligently renaming symbols, etc. And yet, somehow, these seemingly very basic things just aren't supported in Visual Studio. The time saved through the use of these very basic things is quite incalculable to the point where there's just no reason for anyone to ever use Visual Studio without Visual Assist.”

Ryan V. Game Director