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Move about your code with newfound ease—to any file, method, symbol, or reference in your projects and solutions. Get anywhere from anywhere.

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Code Inspection and Modernization

Inspect your code for specific quality issues and modernize your older code. The Code Inspection feature of Visual Assist, based on LLVM/Clang, diagnoses and fixes typical programming errors, like style violations, interface misuse, and bugs that can be deduced via static analysis.

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Reduce the complexity of your code, improve readability, and make it extensible without changing external behavior. Refactor legacy code, code you inherit, or the first version of your own work.

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Code Correction

Watch Visual Assist correct mistakes as you make them, especially errors in symbol case and pointer notation. Type entirely in lowercase and watch VA correct the case of all your symbols. Save the shift key for your definitions.

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Unreal Engine 4 Support

Forge your vision to reality with tailored support for Unreal Engine. Build out high performance C++ code for your project with VA behavior and unique features. Disable Intellisense and take advantage of all VA has to offer for UE4 dev.

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Code Assistance

Write code faster with assistance that doesn’t get in the way, especially when you’re on a roll. VA suggests completions saving you typing, and quietly fixes mistakes in your wake.

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TOP 10 Visual Assist features
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“Recently, I was developing at home where
I do not have Visual Assist. Progress was
so slow. It was like programming with stone
knives and bearskins.”
Mark Graham
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