Archive and release notes for builds released in 2009

Visual Assist Build 1738

requires software maintenance through 2009.10.01 (General release.)

  • If no item in suggestion list is selected by default, ensure the first item is visible. (case=31848) 9040
  • Snippets that have shortcuts are suggested even if scoped suggestions are present. (case=32585) 9036
  • Fixed case in which keyword readonly was suggested after keyword new. (case=32586) 9036

Visual Assist Build 1736

requires software maintenance through 2009.09.18 (Release candidate.)

  • Scoped Suggestions are not inadvertently inserted when typing a C# string literal. (case=32256) 8986
  • Fixed IDE sluggishness caused by Scoped Suggestions in large C++ files employing a namespace when that namespace is also used by many other files. (case=32395) 9000
  • Create from Usage is available for symbols with a leading underscore (fixes regression in 1733). (case=32289) 9013
  • Fixed issue in which some project and system symbols were not suggested unless they had already been typed (regression in 1727). (case=32336)

Visual Assist Build 1735

requires software maintenance through 2009.09.10 (Release candidate.)

  • Corrected listbox width problem. (case=31884)
  • Scoped Suggestions are offered only when VA Options | Advanced | Suggestions | Include suggestions in listboxes is enabled. (case=32087) 8986
  • Fixed issue in which incorrect suggestions were offered when typing method declarations. (case=31567)
  • Refined completion behavior for Scoped Suggestions to reduce inadvertent text insertion.

Visual Assist Build 1734

requires software maintenance through 2009.09.02 (Beta release.)

  • New Suggestion list behavior can be tweaked. (case=31573)
  • New Create Implementation is enabled for C++ static class variables. (case=4058) 89665734
  • Fixed several issues with Create from Usage and Scoped Suggestions with regard to enums and templates. (case=31175, case=31236, case=31240, case=31330, case=31348, case=31470, case=31477, case=31709) 894289568962
  • Create from Usage is offered following an overloaded -> operator. (case=31318) 8942
  • Create from Usage is offered for pointer and reference types returned from functions ( e.g., GetFoo()->SomeNewMemberHere ). (case=31319)
  • Create from Usage correctly infers the type of a dereferenced pointer. (case=31471) 8959
  • Create from Usage context menu text has been reworded to avoid confusion. (case=31467) 8960
  • Create from Usage is not offered for non-symbols and selected text. (case=31604)
  • Create Declaration works properly for C++ constructors having initialization lists. (case=1738) 67404995
  • Methods extracted from const methods are also declared const. (case=3430) 87305573
  • Methods extracted from static methods are also declared static. (case=5647) 8731708961466046
  • Fixed issue in which deleting a block of text selected using column mode gobbled an adjacent brace when brace highlighting was active. (case=31530) 8968
  • .NET assemblies referenced in a project are reflected over correctly when parsing such that protected and protected internal accessibility specifiers are recognized. (case=31768)
  • Fixed problem in which Find References failed when issued via a right-click in Find Symbol in Solution (FSIS) when no code files were open for text editing. (case=31322) 8940
  • Find References is available for more symbols in FSIS. (case=31333)
  • Goto (Alt+G) on a symbol of unknown scope is treated like Goto in a comment (you are presented with a list of best guesses). (case=31460)
  • Fixed issue in which the VAssistX.RefactorContextMenu command bound to a shortcut key in VC6 failed to open the context menu when the text caret was positioned near the end of a symbol. (case=31320) 8943
  • Format after Paste is suppressed when pasting block comments. (case=31092)
  • The Esc key clears auto highlight references in VC6. (case=31228)
  • Restored VA toolbar and VAssistX menu in Visual Studio.NET (fixes regression in 1731). (case=31422)897889638951

Visual Assist Build 1731

requires software maintenance through 2009.08.19 (Beta release.)

  • New Create from Usage: refactorings for top-down programming. Includes ability to create stub functions/methods, enums, parameters and local variables at the call site. Hover over an unknown symbol and invoke from the Refactoring icon.
  • New Scoped Suggestions: highly context-aware suggestions. Includes suggesting the correct type following the new operator and assignment & switch/case values for enums, both for C++. Improvements for C# include suggesting the correct type after the as keyword.
  • New Hovering over a function pointer shows its typedef. (case=28378)
  • Eliminated IDE crash on exit with Platform Builder installed. (case=28668)
  • Eliminated IDE crash that occurred when the machine's Automation BSTR cache was disabled by setting the OANOCACHE environment variable. (case=30940)
  • Enhanced listboxes work correctly in Visual C++ 6.0 on Windows 7. (case=26657) 8708
  • Fixed caret jumping to end of line unexpectedly when using proportional font with word wrap enabled. (case=25123) 8589
  • Performing Find References on single-character symbols no longer generates extraneous results . (case=27839)
  • Add include preserves letter case when inserting an #include directive. (case=24588) 89238009
  • Screen position is maintained when invoking Add Include. (case=30577)
  • Fixed issue in which the horizontal scrollbar in the text editor was not restored after debugging. (case=26834) 8721
  • Ellipses denoting variable argument lists in C/C++ are displayed properly in the Methods in File (Alt+M) list. (case=28211) 8804
  • Parentheses are not added when taking the address of a C/C++ function. (case=7802) 874386456809,65966465
  • Symbols from a .NET assembly added as a reference to a C++ CLR project are available immediately (no need to reload the project). (case=28209) 88258815
  • C++/CLI get_ and set_ methods used internally by the .NET Framework for property accessors and mutators do not appear in suggestion lists. (case=29929) 8894
  • Suggestion list for enum parameter displays properly after selecting a method from a suggestion list in C#. (case=21588)
  • Fixed problem where VA calculated an incorrect display value for an enum member when a comment containing an equals sign preceded the member declaration. (case=28797)
  • Fixed problem in which Rename References was not offered when changing the name of the first member in an enum. (case=29938) 8890
  • Fixed issue in which Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) was confused by newly added, identically named files in different directories. (case=29745) 8863
  • Fixed issue in which Goto (Alt+G) did not work properly when VA Options | Advanced | Performance | Parse all files when opening a project was disabled, even if the files had already been opened in the text editor during that session. (case=30226) 8901
  • Suggestions in _asm blocks are presented but not selected in order to prevent accepting a suggestion inadvertently. (case=28803)
  • Suggestion listbox no longer drifts to the left while typing under certain circumstances. (case=31119)
  • VA Snippets reserved string $NamespaceName$ returns the fully qualified namespace. (case=30005)
  • The VAssistX.ToggleUnderlining command works properly when bound to a keyboard shortcut. (case=30569)
  • Goto on Ctrl+Left Click executes on mouse up event instead of mouse down. (case=30191) 8635
  • The default color for variables on light backgrounds is now navy (was gray). (case=31075)
  • Fixed display corruption issue when using fonts that support ligatures (fi, fl, æ, etc.) (case=25254) 8615
  • Parentheses are not automatically inserted after accepting a class name from a suggestion list (fixes regression in 1715). (case=29030) 8835
  • Fixed formatting issue that occurred when deleting a blank line following automatic insertion of a closing brace (fixes regression in 1724). (case=29183) 8840
  • C# verbatim string literals ending in a backslash (@"using\unescaped\backslashes\") are parsed correctly (fixes regression in 1727). (case=28539) 88554242
  • Corrected unexpected text caret placement following repair case in VC6 (fixes regression in 1727). (case=29869)

Visual Assist Build 1727

requires software maintenance through 2009.06.12 (General release.)

  • New Convert dot to -> works with C++ smart pointers. (case=999) 86494386
  • New Ctrl+Left click invokes Goto (Alt+G) when this option is set under VA Options | Advanced | General. (case=25632) 8635
  • New Hovering over a symbol defined using a macro or typedef also shows the underlying type definition. (case=8771)
  • New Improved performance of loading extremely large solutions. (case=25260)
  • Eliminated rare crash when exiting the IDE. (case=26987)
  • Fixed VS2008 crash that sometimes occurred when the first file opened or created had zero length. (case=28208)
  • Fixed occasional parser stall and hang at shutdown caused by antivirus software or file system delay preventing VA from writing to a file in a timely fashion. (case=26867)
  • Fixed rare issue in which text could not be selected with the mouse after dismissing a context menu. (case=16204) 8698866984837465
  • Editing a SQL stored procedure no longer results in a spurious "file has been deleted" message. (case=9609) 69846863
  • Region names are treated as comments when finding references to symbols of the same name. (case=21070) 8356
  • "document" is suggested properly in JavaScript blocks in HTML files. (case=24766)
  • VA Snippets used internally by refactoring operations do not appear in suggestion lists. (case=24994)
  • Member listboxes are displayed properly immediately following a dot to -> conversion in VC6. (case=26061)
  • Dismissing a member listbox using the Esc key in VC6 no longer makes the IDE beep. (case=25332)
  • Fixed timing issue that caused incorrect text to be inserted from a suggestion listbox (or the correct text to be inserted twice in a row). (case=26616, case=28032) 879387918787
  • The Esc key clears Highlight References to Symbol Under Cursor. (case=26861)
  • Items in dynamic context menus have unique keyboard shortcuts. (case=26981, case=27038) 87378728
  • Fixed issue in which accepting an HTML VA Snippet suggestion sometimes inserted <<tag> instead of <tag>. (case=27012)
  • VB code is formatted correctly by the IDE after accepting a suggestion from VA X. (case=27337)
  • Corrected problem in which it was sometimes necessary to press Enter twice to accept a suggestion listbox item in VB. (case=27736)
  • Extract Method works properly in the implementation of operator(). (case=27615) 8771
  • Nested namespaces are expanded by default in VA Outline. (case=27730)
  • Surround with #ifdef ... #endif is not invoked when typing # in languages to which preprocessor directives do not apply. (case=27945)
  • Horizontal scroll bar, if needed, is restored properly to the active editor window after debugging. (case=26834) 8721
  • VA Navigation Bar is restored properly if VA X is disabled and then re-enabled. (case=27947)
  • Changing the IDE background color no longer requires a restart for VA X to pick up the new colors. (case=21099)
  • Fixed a VA X element color initialization problem in VS2008. (case=12710) 87698678
  • Find results highlighting is restricted to text editor windows. (case=26740) 8719
  • VA X uses older method of highlight coloring (for references and braces) if VS2005 without SP1 is detected (SP1 is still required for more advanced highlighting features). (case=27972) 8692
  • XML indenting is preserved when inserting VA X suggestions (fixes regression in 1724). (case=27778)8776

Visual Assist Build 1724

requires software maintenance through 2009.05.01 (General release.)

  • Fixed issue in which VA brace, underline and reference highlight colors failed to initialize under certain circumstances. (case=12710)

Visual Assist Build 1723

requires software maintenance through 2009.04.22 (General release.)

  • New VA logging, once enabled, can be disabled by reopening the Visual Assist X Options dialog and unchecking the option (it is no longer necessary to exit the IDE to turn off VA logging). (case=15115)
  • Added a checkbox to the Performance tab of the VA Options dialog to control Remote Desktop display optimization. (case=26045) 8684
  • Fixed intermittent issue in which some VA Snippets were not suggested when the shortcut was typed following whitespace (regression in 1721). (case=25111) 8673

Visual Assist Build 1722

requires software maintenance through 2009.03.31 (Release candidate.)

  • Improved IDE responsiveness when parsing C++ templates. (case=25466)
  • Fixed symbol database corruption problem with very large solutions. (case=25426)
  • VA listbox "selections committed with" behavior is more consistent across suggestion and member listboxes. (case=9369) 813679317273705570237002690068026761
  • VA display items appear properly on the Fonts and Colors page of the IDE Options dialog. (case=12710)863686337244
  • Fixed Add Include for std::vector, std::list and std::map. (case=23430) 8009
  • Highlight References works as expected when collapsing or expanding code in the editor. (case=1729)4972
  • Fix for loss of custom VA color settings after update from build 1715 or earlier. (case=24497)
  • Fixed issue in which HTML/ASP tag suggestions were not offered (regression in 1721). (case=25428)
  • Typing a symbol following the global scope resolution operator (::) in C++ causes the suggestion listbox to update as expected (fixes regression in 1721). (case=25424)

Visual Assist Build 1721

requires software maintenance through 2009.03.25 (Release candidate.)

  • New Ability to set background color for brace matching and foreground color for highlight references (Visual Studio only). (case=506) 344543274433
  • New Goto (Alt+G) works in comments. (case=17089)
  • New Comments for variable declarations are shown in tooltips for that variable. (case=465) 3319
  • New Add #include uses same path delimiter (/ or \) as other #include directives in the file. (case=23341)8585854884798009
  • New Tooltip hint "Accept with <TAB> or <ENTER>" reminds you when these keys are the only ones that can accept a suggestion using the keyboard. (case=24501)
  • New Misspellings are underlined in JavaScript comments. (case=24947)
  • Eliminated CPU spin that occurred when invoking Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) or displaying VA refactor menu too soon after opening a solution. (case=25215)
  • Fixed crash caused by dragging and dropping in VA Outline within XML files. (case=24691)
  • Fixed crash caused by improper parsing of .NET 2.0 generics. (case=24739)
  • Fixed recursive spell check algorithm that caused IDE unresponsiveness under certain circumstances. (case=23883)
  • Create Implementation utilizes header file if no C/C++ source file is found. (case=3735)
  • C++ keyword __interface is parsed properly (fixes issue in which derived interfaces were not recognized.) (case=803) 85754013
  • C++/CLI generic types are parsed correctly. (case=1204) 8317661775924610
  • Create Implementation works properly on C++ functions that return a managed reference. (case=22824)8443
  • Fixed issue in which Change Signature could not be invoked on implementations found in C/C++ header files. (case=1540)
  • Implicitly declared cli namespace objects are parsed correctly in managed C++. (case=23811, case=23892)
  • Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) from a system header locates the system source file and vice-versa. (case=23847) 8514
  • VC6 files modified as the result of a refactoring operation are correctly marked by an asterisk after the filename in the title bar. (case=4276)
  • VA X respects the IDE's completion character list for C# 2005/2008. (case=574) 7129
  • Parameter info tooltip is displayed correctly after accepting a method from a C# member list. (case=11767)733971797171
  • Fixed listbox unexpectedly accepting a suggestion when typing For Each in VB. (case=23589)
  • Corrected issue in which [Select] was sometimes inserted when attempting to type Select Case in VB. (case=24874)
  • Pressing Enter at the end of a Dim declaration requiring case correction inserts a new line as expected (previously two Enter keypresses were required). (case=24602)
  • ASP.NET page variables are colored properly. (case=22921)
  • Fixed issue in which some VA Snippets were not invoked when typing their shortcuts. (case=23735, case=23807)
  • Parentheses are no longer erroneously inserted when VA Snippets containing $ClassName$ are invoked. (case=23119)
  • Case correction works with Qt library types. (case=17758)
  • Remote Desktop display optimization may be disabled for users experiencing stability issues. (case=23919) 85168495
  • To prevent a screen update problem, Remote Desktop display optimization is automatically disabled for Vista-to-Vista sessions with Aero enabled. (case=24610) 8565
  • Change Signature is disabled for overloaded functions. (case=11717) 84946364
  • Improved keyboard navigation and text selection in Methods in File (Alt+M) list. (case=470) 84518425
  • Fixed problem listing non-inherited members first when Bold Non-inherited Members setting was disabled. (case=19834)
  • VA X respects VS2008 setting Tools|Options|Text Editor|JScript|Miscellaneous|Only use Tab or Enter to commit. (case=23592)
  • Typing / in an HTML closing tag selects the expected item corresponding to the opening tag. (case=24135) 8542
  • Find References on a newly added symbol no longer underlines the symbol as mistyped in unsaved files. (case=24218)
  • Fixed issue in which template member listbox was empty after IDE restart in rare cases. (case=24420)
  • Fixed column indicator position problem. (case=24506)
  • Local variables used in LINQ expressions are rendered in bold when the Local Symbols in Bold setting is enabled. (case=24523)
  • No listbox is offered after typing #pragma. (case=25126)
  • Fixed issue in which highlight matching brace failed when word wrapped or when identifier font was set to bold. (case=16375) 5726
  • Lengthy suggestions that formerly caused listboxes to fill large portions of the screen are now truncated; the full text of the entry appears in the associated tooltip. (case=23830)
  • Document window layout is no longer changed after a rename in VS2008. (case=17074) 7842
  • Listboxes and tooltips appear in the correct position when the IDE is stretched across multiple monitors. (case=17155) 7796
  • Fixed VA Outline showing incorrect icons in some situations. (case=24510)
  • Fixed problem that caused Highlight References to Symbol Under Cursor to miss some references. (case=24169) 6397
  • Highlight References to Symbol Under Cursor results remain highlighted when the text caret is moved into whitespace. (case=23537) 8312
  • Highlight all Find References results correctly highlights off-screen results when scrolling through results. (case=3672) 5629
  • Highlight find results works correctly for lines not terminated by a carriage return (i.e., the last line of a file). (case=24351) 8562
  • Find results highlighting is not applied after an IDE restart until another find is performed. (case=23926)
  • Fixed painting issue that left some symbols incompletely highlighted. (case=12334)
  • Fix for hang while typing a string literal in rare cases (regression in 1704). (case=25168)
  • C# regions are not duplicated in VA Outline when Display Comments is enabled (fixes regression in 1715). (case=24742)

Visual Assist Build 1715

requires software maintenance through 2009.01.25 (General release.)

  • New Automatic highlighting of references to symbol under cursor. (case=21926) 6397831266656254,6028
  • New New refactoring: Add #include directive (C/C++). (case=226) 278445374974510455865593,5672590763486505654367866892707773317398800983408407
  • New Added new VA Snippet reserved keywords for use in non-refactoring user-defined snippets ($NamespaceName$, $BaseClassName$, $ClassName$, $MethodName$, $MethodArgs$). (case=2050)510052115830623879248059
  • New Code generated by Create Implementation is left selected in case you want to cut it. (case=2093)51236851
  • New Added OFIS dialog context menu option to prevent duplicate listings of files included by multiple projects. (case=21879) 8408
  • New VA Snippets allow more character combinations for shortcuts, such as //g. (case=10446)
  • New Regions may optionally be omitted from the Methods in File (Alt+M) list. (case=21071) 8356
  • Reduced flicker when running through Remote Desktop. (case=281) 2706635371688203
  • Fix for VA Snippets missing from some suggestion lists in ASP files. (case=23009)
  • Fixed display of column indicator on long lines in VS2002+. (case=53) 19505016656279778432
  • VA no longer offers suggestions when typing #region directives. (case=426) 3124540054587920
  • Fixed case in which extract method did not create a prototype for a non-member function. (case=1156)8347
  • Fixed parsing of typedef'd structs derived from base classes. (case=2302) 5227654673018423
  • Fixed Change Signature when source file is named differently than header file (C/C++). (case=3751) 6656
  • Create Implementation will add generated code to header file if source file can not be located (C/C++). (case=3735)
  • Corrected Create Implementation on pure virtual functions. (case=6439) 62296675685375888178
  • Create Implementation is offered on functions with char const* return values. (case=9595) 6871
  • Fixed Move/Create Implementation on function call operator, eg. operator int(). (case=10386) 7020
  • Fix for Move/Create Implementation truncating extremely long parameter lists. (case=22052)
  • C# generics with more than 1 parameter are parsed correctly. (case=11633)
  • Refactoring commands are available on C# generics. (case=22131) 8415
  • Fixed installer hang that could occur if the machine had previously installed Tortoise CVS or other applications that deploy u3dapi10.dll. (case=19329)
  • Fixed issue in which the wrong body of code was commented out when two identical bodies of code were adjacent to each other. (case=20688)
  • The definition field shows all conditional definitions of a symbol in an #ifdef...#else...#endif block. (case=21352) 8375
  • UI fixes for VA View history list: Pressing Enter performs a Goto, right-click or context menu key invokes context menu. (case=21569) 8388
  • Removed duplicate entries from VA View recent item list. (case=21572) 8388
  • Pressing Page Up/Page Down in the Files in Solution or Symbols in Solution lists (VA View) no longer removes the content filter. (case=21570) 8388
  • Filename suggestions for HTML resources href="" and src="" allow subdirectory navigation. (case=21788)
  • Goto works correctly on HTML URIs containing named anchors, eg. href="../GotoThisFile.html#contents". (case=21870)
  • Literal < and > characters in HTML text are not treated as tag delimiters. (case=21919)
  • Hovering Class Browser (HCB) is populated for HTML/asp/aspx/js files. (case=22100)
  • Improved suggestions for object members in JavaScript. (case=21915)
  • Fixed issue in which HTML and JavaScript suggestions would be accepted unexpectedly while typing. (case=22296, case=22775)
  • Suggestions no longer appear in the middle of typing a VBScript string literal. (case=20647)
  • VBScript variable name suggestions are correctly selected in the suggestion list. (case=21966)
  • The question mark-tab combination to invoke VB's snippet search feature works correctly in VS2008 when text precedes the question mark. (case=22138) 8257
  • Improved Shorthand and Acronyms in VB 2008. (case=15202) 8257
  • Fix for VB 2008 accepting an item from a listbox that had no selection. (case=22140) 8257
  • Fixed parsing of VS2008 interface and message map macros. (case=23013, case=8934) 84236683
  • Fixed spurious cascading of document windows after a rename operation in VS2008. (case=17074) 7842
  • Improved suggestion priorities; e.g., typing T suggests TRUE instead of a lesser-used symbol starting with t. (case=15697)
  • Parameters to macros appear in bold in tooltips as the text caret advances to each parameter. (case=22603) 84268299
  • Fixed color printing in VC6. (case=19290)
  • C++ keywords __ptr32, __ptr64, __sptr, __uptr, _w64, and __w64 are recognized. (case=7571)
  • Spell check ignores numeric digits (Regression in 1711). (case=22247)
  • Fix for double-clicking symbol in Find References Results or VA Outline opening the form designer instead of the code editor (Regression in 1709). (case=21473) 8417

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