Archive and release notes for builds released in 2011

Visual Assist Build 1862

requires software maintenance through 2011.12.13 (General release.)

  • New Support for C++11 keywords auto and nullptr. (case=13607, case=61593) 103741033610190,72837190
  • Improved performance of Open Files in Solution when "Show only files in the current solution" is unchecked. (case=19139) 103909418822780317317664149184539
  • Fixed issue in which VA was not active immediately after solution load if the initial active document was .xaml/.html/.asp. (case=39879, case=47217) 9618
  • Fixed memory leak. (case=60806)
  • Improved Smart Suggestions for .NET system calls returning enumerated types in VB. (case=63006)
  • Improved methods in file results for JavaScript. (case=25370) 96888626
  • Fix for incorrect insertion of asp completion items. (case=62750) 10426
  • Invoking Open File in Solution on a web site project lists the site's relative root folder name as the project name. (case=63095)
  • Removed obtrusive suggestion from surrounding code that appeared after accepting a XAML attribute completion. (case=41251)
  • XAML element command attributes are displayed in List Methods in File and VA Outline. (case=61814)
  • Restored missing XAML namespace value suggestion list (regression in 1859). (case=63267)
  • Corrected problem in which VB listbox retains focus and accepts suggestion unexpectedly when declaring a variable. (case=62322) 10417
  • #include completion lists accept current selection on press of > or ". (case=61997) 10392
  • Fix for problem accepting listbox item with "Any character not valid in a symbol" option enabled when default item was whole-word match and user selected a different item. (case=61951)
  • Fix for problem accepting VA Snippet from suggestion list when the snippet shortcut contains # and "Any character not valid in a symbol" is enabled . (case=62003) 10392
  • Improved editor responsiveness for projects containing many C++ "using namespace" statements. (case=63251)
  • Parser fix for new objects not assigned to a reference [ e.g. Foo(new Bar()); ]. (case=62065)
  • Comments from declaration of inline functions appear correctly in Quick Info tooltips. (case=61994) 10389
  • Highlighted references are properly updated after press of Ctrl+Delete (Edit.WordDeleteToEnd). (case=62093)
  • Auto-extend comments feature is available in JavaScript. (case=62538)
  • Added registry option to specify non-relative #include paths when the file can be reached through other project include dirs. (case=62702) 10436
  • Directory-based file load is suppressed for files in the temp directory. (case=62854)
  • Fixed enhanced syntax coloring on systems with top-down allocation enabled. (case=60852) 10310
  • Extract to source option is no longer offered during Extract Method when invoked from .c files. (case=63161)
  • Fixed refactoring icon appearing over incorrect symbols and comments with Chinese characters. (case=63167) 10298
  • Fixed underline exceeding the text extents of Chinese characters in comments. (case=63166) 10298
  • VS2010+: VA receives and processes project unload events correctly. (case=63121)
  • VS2010+: Repair Case no longer incorrectly changes case of symbols when both upper and lower case versions of the symbol exist. (case=62362)
  • VS2010+: Pressing F8 (Edit.GoToNextLocation) closes any listbox that may be open at the current text caret location. (case=62225)
  • VS2010+: Prevent enter of new line when accepting a listbox item with enter if it has already been fully typed. (case=60744)
  • VS2010+: Fixed issue in which Quick Info Tooltip showed the wrong symbol when the OS is configured to use Chinese PRC 2312 for non-Unicode programs. (case=61871) 10377
  • VS2010+: Fixed hang when pressing space after new following assignment when lvalue contained unknown class member (regression in 1827). (case=62143)
  • VS2010+: Fixed issue with "Double effective rate of key repeat" option doubling characters on single keystroke (regression in 1859). (case=62588) 10431
  • VS2010+: Fixed highlight references and VA Nav Bar updates in .js files (regression in 1859). (case=62508)
  • VS2010+: Hovering refactoring icon appears correctly following collapsed code (fixes regression in 1854). (case=62685)
  • VS11: Smart Suggestions offers ref new for WinRT object instantiation. (case=61592)
  • VS11: Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) toggles between related .cpp and .xaml files. (case=61837)

Visual Assist Build 1859

requires software maintenance through 2011.10.02 (General release.)

  • New Preliminary support for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview. more information
  • New Hovering Class Browser context menu option to update immediately on position change. (case=39883) 9373
  • New Methods in File context menu options to control display of properties, events, and macro definitions. (case=61339, case=61348)
  • New Doxygen comment tags are pretty-formatted in Quick Info tooltips (VS2010+ only). (case=60915)
  • Fixed hang on load of very large solution. (case=60959)
  • Fixed crashes identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=61372, case=61373)
  • Fixed refactorings for function signatures longer than 1024 characters. (case=60987)
  • Fixed slow typing response when entering parameters to functions with many overloads. (case=61442)10331
  • Fixed parsing of symbols preceded by the bitwise ~ operator. (case=4312) 5804811282058301
  • Wired up Goto (Alt+G) between C# abstract methods and their child implementation(s). (case=60773)10299
  • Fixed parsing problem for block comments containing a line continuation backslash. (case=60826) 10304
  • Fix for missing function comments in Quick Info tooltips when function definition has comments both before and after. (case=60776) 10298
  • Fewer keystrokes are required to display language keyword suggestions. (case=60913)
  • VA Outline groups using statements in C++. (case=61349)
  • Refactor context menu shows keyboard shortcuts. (case=60908) 10297
  • Fixed use of the Windows 7 on-screen keyboard. (case=61445) 10356
  • Fixed Goto for C++ pure virtual functions in source file defined classes (regression in 1845). (case=60775)
  • Fix for HCB remaining empty when hovering over macros or global functions (regression in 1854). (case=61110)
  • Fixed CPU spin on load of certain file types when no solution is open (regression in 1856). (case=61291)10355
  • VS2010+: Fixed unexpected dismissal of suggestion list in VB when typing a type name after the As keyword. (case=20261)
  • VS2010+: Corrected compatibility issue with Productivity Power Tools Quick Find feature. (case=55943)
  • VS2010+: Multibyte/Unicode characters display correctly in Quick Info tooltips. (case=60870) 10298
  • VS2010+: VA Highlight References defers to the IDE implementation if enabled. (case=61409, case=61563)

Visual Assist Build 1856

requires software maintenance through 2011.08.24 (General release.)

  • Fixed rare crash at shutdown. (case=59385)
  • Fixed possible hang at shutdown when using non-default ListBoxFlags registry value. (case=59344) 10287
  • Highlight matching brace works when brace is last character of file (e.g., no newline at EOF). (case=58813) 10246
  • Eliminated redundant uninstall survey. (case=48744) 9793
  • Fix for directory-based parsing not working until an arbitrary solution has been opened and closed. (case=58850)
  • Improved directory-based parse load performance. (case=59409)
  • Fixed directory-based parse memory usage (regression in 1854). (case=60764)
  • Fixed boolean function-style initializer (e.g. bool b(false); ) being treated as a local function (regression in 1854). (case=59478) 10294
  • VS2010: Fixed detection of changes to C++ property sheets when using the Custom VA platform. (case=58810)
  • VS2010: Fixed keystrokes being sent to text editor unexpectedly when certain modal dialogs are present. (case=41611, case=55278)
  • VS2010: IDE environment font is used in VA dialogs for consistency. (case=58932)
  • VS2010: Fixed Find References coloring when Enhanced Syntax Coloring is disabled (regression in 1834). (case=59056) 10270

Visual Assist Build 1854

requires software maintenance through 2011.07.18 (General release.)

  • New Improved speed of solution load and Find References on multicore systems. (case=18233)
  • New Dialog positioning is smarter on multi-monitor systems. (case=57285)
  • New Member list is shown rather than a suggestion list when typing over existing text following . or ->(case=57852) 10140
  • New Display XAML data-bound x:Name and x:Key values in VA Outline. (case=57813) 10176
  • New Added uppercase variants of GUID tokens to VA Snippets Editor. (case=57016)
  • Prevent hang/timeouts during project load when project uses environment variables that Visual Studio is not able to resolve. (case=57973)
  • Fixed parsing and refactoring problems for code declared with the STDMETHOD family of macros. (case=12800, case=12803, case=12386, case=45936, case=58329) 100759614897377877252,72517233
  • Local function declarations are parsed correctly. (case=25957) 93418675
  • Suggestion listboxes don't steal focus when the user is typing LINQ predicates. (case=16277) 10189
  • More improvements to Create from Usage when invoked from C++ constructor initialization list. (case=31277, case=58369) 10218
  • Create from Usage infers the correct type for method parameters that are members of classes or structs. (case=33485)
  • Create from Usage infers type bool for methods used in the test condition of the ternary (conditional) operator. (case=57444) 10139
  • Create from Usage items inferred from reference parameters default to non-reference types. (case=58376)
  • Implement Interface supports overloaded methods. (case=54587) 101559973
  • Implement Interface handles relational operators <><=, and >=. (case=57625) 10164
  • Implement Interface respects order of declarations in interface. (case=58301) 10099
  • Fixed VA Snippet incorrectly inserted at beginning of file. (case=55563) 1018510026
  • Fixed detection of changes to C++ property sheets. (case=56185)
  • Added enums missing from Find Symbol in Solution (FSIS) when declared in a .cpp file. (case=57545)
  • Improved handling of "using namespace" statements. (case=56363, case=58175)
  • Find References Results count updates dynamically as results are removed from the list. (case=58040)10193
  • Double-clicking or pressing Enter on a file node in Find References Results opens the file in the text editor. (case=58321)
  • Find References Results displays the correct icon and color for variables used as array indices. (case=38628)
  • VA Auto Recovery handles Unicode text (applicable to Visual Studio only). (case=58071) 10196
  • Fixed Add Include when root directory is specified as an additional include directory. (case=58426) 10224
  • Single-character entries appear properly in the Multiple Clipboard list. (case=58497) 10228
  • Spell Check underlines errors in Doxygen-style comments. (case=57415) 10133
  • Fix for VA colors not being saved when Visual Studio options dialog was opened via Tools.CustomizeKeyboard. (case=58598)
  • Corrected method coloring in C# foreach statements without curly braces. (case=14446) 7314
  • Correct visibility icons are displayed for C# private members. (case=57884)
  • Correct icons are displayed for events and delegates. (case=58290)
  • Fixed the VA Navigation Bar definition of certain macros. (case=30829)
  • Fixed painting problem with VA View dropdown lists opened via Alt+Down keyboard shortcut. (case=58357)
  • Fixed problem parsing Qt headers (regression in 1848). (case=58701)
  • Eliminated another crash resolving some namespace aliases (regression in 1848). (case=58509)
  • VS2010: Improved performance in files with lots of collapsed code. (case=57743) 10001
  • VS2010: Fix for temporary reset of VA default colors when fonts and colors options are viewed before an editor has been opened. (case=57614)
  • VS2010: Corrected position of column indicator. (case=57518) 10142
  • VS2010: The vassistx.SpellCheckWord command functions correctly. (case=57926)
  • VS2010: Provided registry option to improve compatibility with ViEmu. (case=58034) 10215
  • VS2010: Improved compatibility with the Debugger Canvas extension. (case=58124) 10201

Visual Assist Build 1850

requires software maintenance through 2011.06.07 (General release.)

  • Fixed crash resolving some namespace aliases (regression in 1848). (case=57880)

Visual Assist Build 1849

requires software maintenance through 2011.05.23 (General release.)

  • Fixed use of backspace during incremental search (regression in 1848). (case=57414)
  • Fixed slowdown of find references in some scenarios (regression in 1848). (case=57571) 10132

Visual Assist Build 1848

requires software maintenance through 2011.05.04 (Release candidate.)

  • New The Build.Cancel keybinding (usually Ctrl+Break) can be used to cancel a long Find References operation. (case=56416)
  • New Added token $GUID_SYMBOL$ to VA Snippets Editor similar to $GUID_STRING$ but with underscores instead of hyphens. (case=57016)
  • New Added VA Snippet token $DATE_LOCALE$ and updated $MONTHNAME$, $MONTHLONGNAME$, $DAYNAME$, and $DAYLONGNAME$ tokens to provide date formatting using user's locale settings. (case=57121) 10111
  • The Visual Assist X user interface is disabled during macro recording and playback. (case=724) 9637,890485278163779263985776518650083882
  • Fixed issue in which unsaved files without focus caused incomplete Find References results. (case=57243)
  • Improved tracking Find References results after file is edited. (case=54535)
  • Fixed bolding of parameters when Tools | Options | Text Editor | C/C++ | Parameter information is disabled. (case=4399) 582410063
  • Improved handling of C++ "using" statements. (case=8809, case=56362) 1006590358801
  • Fix for complete with any character not valid in a symbol (C/C++ Members) treating ~ as invalid. (case=56962) 10105
  • Hovering Class Browser shows correct visibility icon (public) for functions declared in extern "C" blocks. (case=2876)
  • Corrected another instance in which the Find References results icon for assignment to function return value was wrong. (case=39943)
  • Fixed Parameter info tooltip / Suggestion list collision. (case=49022)
  • Fixed several Implement Interface issues for overridden methods. (case=54585) 1011799739865
  • Implement Interface handles the STDMETHOD family of macros correctly. (case=56145) 10062
  • Fixed parsing of namespace aliases. (case=1364) 4714
  • Fixed problem parsing std::vector::operator[] (case=24631, case=35153) 91328571
  • Fixed problems parsing std::shared_ptr. (case=55626, case=56278) 101151006510027
  • Fixed navigation to constructors in Find Symbol in Solution. (case=56065)
  • Corrected issue in which an invalid parameter info tooltip was shown for a constructor on an instance named "va". (case=56566)
  • Parameter info tooltip is dismissed on press of home/end/pgup/pgdn/F3. (case=56607)
  • Non-prototyped functions appear in the VA View Most Recently Used list. (case=56072)
  • Fixed issue in which VA View MRU list was right-scrolled after inserting a long item. (case=56634)
  • Create from Usage handles _T() string parameters correctly. (case=56734) 10100
  • The copyright symbol © is recognized by the VA Snippets editor. (case=56983) 8512
  • VS2010: Fixed problem navigating back to a closed, unedited file via Alt+Left arrow. (case=56576)
  • VS2010: Fix for insertion of text at wrong position when caret is in virtual space. (case=56773) 10097
  • VS2010: Prevent duplicate XML-style comments in tooltips. (case=52266)
  • VS2010: Corrected double insertion of parentheses that occurred when typing a method invocation under some circumstances. (case=56276) 8714
  • VS2010: Corrected compatibility issue with Productivity Power Tools Quick Find feature. (case=55943)10050
  • VS2010: Improved compatibility with VsVim. (case=56633) 100559896

Visual Assist Build 1845

requires software maintenance through 2011.03.13 (General release.)

  • New Create Implementation and Create Declaration are now available in VA Outline's Refactor menu. (case=55570)
  • New Added an option to hide region nodes in VA Outline. (case=55322) 10003
  • New Find References optionally locates results in comments and strings. (case=18421) 10049
  • New VA dialog edit controls handle Ctrl+Backspace (delete word to the left of the caret) and Ctrl+Delete (delete to end of line). (case=9194) 6781
  • Fixed rare crash. (case=54998)
  • Fixed parsing issue with anonymous struct/union members. (case=3548) 100169804921492109164,91076095
  • Implement Interface in C++ ensures the virtual keyword is present on each method declaration. (case=54586) 99739865
  • Invoking Implement interface/virtual methods on a template class leaves the implementation in the header file. (case=55139) 9999
  • Disabled items in Implement Virtual Methods dialog are no longer added when running on pre-Vista versions of Windows. (case=55520)
  • Fixed issue in which the Implement Virtual Methods dialog and resulting generated code included unprintable characters for templates where angle brackets were expected. (case=55727) 10039
  • Fixed problems with spell checking a selected text block. (case=48354, case=54121) 98529693
  • Find References results window's "Highlight all" option no longer gets unchecked after going to a reference in an edited file. (case=54604)
  • Fixed case in which tooltip for item in members listbox incorrectly stated "Accept with: ". (case=55163)
  • Fixed collapsing nodes in VA Outline when "Auto Expand Nodes" is enabled. (case=55320) 10005
  • Create from Usage correctly infers type bool for a method created from code within an if or whileexpression. (case=55527) 10024
  • Create from Usage omits const qualifier. (case=54480) 9947
  • A macro that defines an enum (as part of a framework, for instance) is parsed correctly when 10 or more parameters are present. (case=55561) 10025
  • Fixed selection and focus issues in C# completion lists when VA suggestions are disabled. (case=55566)10016
  • Reduced noisy suggestions in asp/html/xml files. (case=24178, case=55708) 8543
  • Spell check correctly flags misspellings adjacent to tags in asp/html/xml files. (case=55409) 9887
  • "Include VA Snippets in Listboxes" and "Include Suggestions in Listboxes" options are honored in asp/html/xml files. (case=55713)
  • Highlight Current Line is disabled for files with extensions in the "Extensions to ignore" list. (case=53812)
  • Fixed display issue with column indicator under Vista when using a large font in the editor. (case=47213)
  • Fixed display corruption that sometimes occurred when scrolling through the "VA Snippets with shortcuts" submenu. (case=53423) 9906
  • Listboxes containing DBCS characters are correctly sized. (case=54239)
  • Corrected help text in VA Snippet editor: environment variables are expanded with %ENV%, not $ENV$. (case=54948) 9990
  • Corrected completion issue caused by auto complete braces. (case=55775) 10028
  • Fixed parsing of templatized smart pointers declared via macro. (case=54439)
  • Fixed C++/CLI smart pointer template parsing. (case=55772)
  • Fixed spurious underlines caused by __MACHINE() intrinsic macros. (case=7146) 6403
  • Restored fix for parsing problem for structs named "S" or "L" (this fix originally appeared in build 1840 but had been rolled back for build 1842). (case=52550) 9873
  • The text caret is placed in the correct position after inserting a closing brace in C# with block indent enabled (regression in 1831). (case=55483) 10011
  • Fixed issue in which Highlight Find Results occurred on IDE restart even with the option disabled (regression in 1840). (case=55216)
  • VS2010: Fixed inconsistent completion in C# XML-style comments. (case=48252) 98839689

Visual Assist Build 1842

requires software maintenance through 2011.02.03 (General release.) 
Note: this is the last version to support Windows 2000.

  • Fixed bad completion when typing Unicode string using L"" (regression in 1840). (case=54790) 9983

Visual Assist Build 1841

requires software maintenance through 2011.02.01 (General release.)

  • Fixed issue in which VA Outline displayed blank nodes for methods with a very long parameter list (regression in 1836). (case=54360)

Visual Assist Build 1840

requires software maintenance through 2011.01.18 (Release candidate.)

  • New Implement interface / Override virtual method refactorings (case=1505, case=52445) 98659789,9429856881427661758865296381660259704860
  • New Methods in File list (Alt+M) has a context menu that can be used to modify display of items in the list. (case=1232)
  • New Refactoring context menu includes Find References in File. (case=52561)
  • New Methods in File list optionally omits symbol namespace scope. (case=1232) 640655264697
  • Fixed rare crash. (case=53345)
  • Fixed issue in which some users were not granted a 3-day trial after installing a new version of VA X that was released outside their maintenance period. (case=51486)
  • Fixed problem in which characters typed to filter the Methods in File list were unexpectedly sent to the text editor. (case=20630) 8293
  • Find Symbol in Solution filter changed from classes/structs/types to classes/structs/namespaces. (case=52463)
  • Corrected unexpected indenting when commenting blocks of code. (case=8091) 3334
  • Fixed problem with syntax coloring following symbols containing Unicode characters. (case=12131) 7215
  • VA Snippet Editor column indicator honors column value when the editor is invoked from the VA Options dialog. (case=41396)
  • Removed extraneous vertical scrollbar from suggestion listboxes that use old-style borders (regression in 1810). (case=52092) 9827
  • Fixed problem in which repeating a search after restarting the IDE failed to highlight the results as expected. (case=52136)
  • VA X displays more accurate type information for C# var types in the Definition field and Quick Info tooltips. (case=52398)
  • Create from Usage correctly infers the type when taking the address of an element. (case=52460)
  • Fixed problem in which Create from Usage placed a new C# enum item in the wrong enum under some circumstances. (case=52617)
  • Fixed inconsistent selection state in member lists. (case=53612)
  • Restored missing suggested corrections to context menu for underlined spelling errors. (case=53080)98879886
  • Fixed issue in which a macro that parameterized the return type of a function confused the Methods in File list. (case=3566) 5569
  • "Display comments from source files when available" no longer causes comments from .rc files to be displayed. (case=53880)
  • Fixed parsing of STDMETHOD macros (corrected mismatched parentheses in Methods in File list). (case=3721) 856367655644
  • Cloned Find References Results windows are docked with primary results window (VS2005 and later only). (case=52594)
  • Fixed parsing problem for structs named "S" or "L". (case=52550) 9873
  • Fixed capitalization of #include suggestion listbox. (case=53275) 9881
  • Corrected unexpected selection change after surround. (case=53313)
  • Fixed duplicate keyboard accelerator in Find References Results - Find dialog. (case=53505) 7610
  • Changing search scope in Find Symbol in Solution no longer selects the symbol text in the edit control. (case=52462)
  • Fixed inability to accept listbox suggestion using Enter key in some cases when the list contained LINQ members (regression in 1812). (case=53861)
  • Fixed display corruption of Methods in File list on multiple monitors (regression in 1836). (case=53916)
  • VS2010: Fixed delay in reparsing files. (case=52593)
  • VS2010: Fixed corruption of entered text when typing some Unicode characters. (case=53114) 9897
  • VS2010: #include path delimiter character is determined by Options | Text Editor | C/C++ | Advanced | Use Forward Slash in #include AutoComplete. (case=41553) 9447
  • VS2010: Caret position is set correctly after changing focus between undocked editor windows. (case=52453) 9863
  • VS2010: Fixed incorrect icons used in listbox following global scope resolution operator (::). (case=52599)
  • VS2010: Fixed issue in which clicking on selected text formatted the selection when "Format after paste" was checked. (case=53026) 9890
  • VS2010: Custom syntax colors are applied correctly when Emacs emulation extension is present. (case=54050) 9932

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