Limit the number of CPUs used by Visual Assist

By default, Visual Assist uses all of the CPUs (CPUs, CPU cores, logical processors, virtual processors) in a machine to parse an entire solution. Visual Assist launches as many threads as are necessary to keep all CPUs busy.

If your environment is not responsive during parsing, limit the number of CPUs that Visual Assist can use by either limiting the maximum number of current threads in the Options dialog of Visual Assist or creating a DWORD value in the registry and setting it to the number of CPUs to be used:

HKCU\Software\Whole Tomato\MaxConcurrency = 16

The registry value applies to all IDEs on your machine.

Delete the value to restore default behavior.

Note: The value specified is passed as _MaxConcurrency in a call to SchedulerPolicy::SetConcurrencyLimits.

The setting is accessible directly in the VA Options dialog in build 2353 and higher.

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