Make Add Include use a specific token or include by filename

When using the Add Include feature, Visual Assist automatically determines an appropriate path to a header file and the tokens that surround it in an #include directive. You can tell Visual Assist to use only a specific token, i.e., double quote or angle bracket, and to include by filename only. (Including by filename omits paths from directives.)

See documentation for Add Include to specify an include style in the options dialog for Visual Assist.

Visual Assist builds 1826 through 2036

Specify a token and inclusion by filename with the following DWORD in the registry:

HKCU \ Software \ Whole Tomato \ Visual Assist X \ <IDE spec> \ AddIncludeTokenStyle = 0

Supported values:

0 = default behavior, i.e., automatically determine token and appropriate path
1 = use only "" with appropriate path
2 = use only<> with appropriate path

Visual Assist build 1925 through 2036

3 = automatically determine token and include by filename only
4 = use only "" and include by filename only
5 = use only <> and include by filename only

See also the Knowledge Base entries for Make Add Include refrain from giving precedence to shortest path and Set fallback path delimiter for Add Include.