Purchase FAQ for Visual Assist

Frequently asked questions

If you purchased before February 20, 2019, and have a legacy activation key, see also the additional legacy FAQs specific to your purchase.


Yes, but only if you are the only user of Visual Assist in the environments.

Yes, you need one license per developer, not per IDE or instance.

No, you need one license for every developer who will use Visual Assist no matter the frequency of that use.

Check the line that begins "License" in the About dialog of Visual Assist (Alt+X, H, A). The line identifies Standard, Personal, or Academic. Contact us if you aren't sure.

The entity that purchases a Standard License can authorize any employee or independent contractor to use a Standard License, whereas a Personal License may be used only by the individual who purchases it. Additionally, software maintenance can be renewed for a Standard License, whereas it cannot for a Personal License. Learn more.

Yes, but you must buy the license with personal funds, you cannot be reimbursed for it, and you must be the only user of your software. When you finish using Visual Assist at work, uninstall the software and "take" the license with you.

Yes, if your company permits the practice, and you are the only user of your license at work and home.

Yes, but you will need licenses for all potential users in your group. Begin the process by requesting a quote online.

Serial Numbers

A set of alphanumeric characters in the format XXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXX. You receive one serial number per license of Visual Assist, and each serial number can be used to register Visual Assist to three development environments: PCs or VMs. Contact us after your purchase if you have more.

You will receive your serial number(s) or license file via email after review of your purchase by our licensing team. Serial numbers and license files are sent Mon-Fri, CT (UTC-5), during normal business hours.

If you purchase 1-10 licenses, one serial number per licensee. If you purchase 11 or more, one shared serial number.

Follow the steps in the documentation for license registration.

Yes, as explained in the documentation for automated installation.

Check the email that contains your serial number, or visit the license portal to display the serial numbers registered to your EDN account.


Yes, but all licenses must be under maintenance. Consolidation will result in the use of serial numbers. You will be able to discard all of your legacy activation keys after consolidation. Contact us to start the process.

Software Maintenance

A steady stream of new features, bug fixes, and technical support, offered in lieu of major upgrades. Learn more.

Yes, for one year.


Yes, your license allows perpetual use of the build that is most recent as of the expiration of your maintenance.

Yes, assuming you have a Standard License and your maintenance expired less than one year ago, in which case the new term will begin the date of expiration. If your maintenance expired more than one year ago, contact us for your options. (Learn more in the September 17, 2018 notice of the change in policy.)

Yes, specify your serial number, or first line of your legacy activation key, in Additional Information when you request a quote online.


Yes, specify your intent in Additional Information when you request a quote online.

Yes, specify your desire in Additional Information when you request a quote online.

Yes, specify your desired maintenance term in Additional Information when you request a quote online.

A serial number.

Unfortunately, no.


Yes, contact us with your order number or serial number.

Yes, contact us if you need the name of a reseller in your country, or ask your regular reseller to contact us.

Yes. begin the process by entering payment method "Other" on our purchase page.

Contact us for an alternate form of payment. (We will not know the reason your card was declined.)

We provide a discount in some circumstances, e.g. when expanding use of Visual Assist or when procuring a large quantity. If you think you might qualify, describe your circumstances in Additional Information when you request a quote online.

VAT is not collected. U.S. sales tax is collected only when ship-to address is in CA, IN, TX, or WA.

Yes, contact us with your request.

Yes, in all likelihood. Contact us with your request.

No returns or refunds will be accepted except where required by law. Customers are expected to review their eligibility before purchasing.
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