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Visual Assist 2024.4 release post - ARM Support

It’s our pleasure to announce a new Visual Assist release, headed by a major addition—supporting ARM! We hope you find this release useful. Visit our website to download the release. ARM support Big news for Visual Assist’s device support! Windows ARM is now supported starting this release, Visual Assist 2024.4. Visual Assist is now available as a fully ARM-native plugin, fully supported in…
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On the recent video game industry layoffs

Like many others, we have been shocked and increasingly concerned to hear of the recent gaming studio closures and layoffs. Cumulatively, this has impacted far more in this industry than any of us would have expected. Many of our most ardent Visual Assist champions are game…
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Visual Assist 2024.3 release post

Another Visual Assist update?! VA 2024.3 is headlined by a dramatic improvement to the performance of Find References. This release also features both a fix and an improvement related to Move Implementation. We also have some key features exiting their beta phase (try them…
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Visual Assist 2024.2 release post

It only has been a minute since the last performance-focused release but Visual Assist 2024.2 is here, squeezing even more performance to set it apart from other coding assistants! Continuing the theme of the last version, this release is focused on getting rid of interruption or downtime, and overall just making the Visual Studio experience as responsive as possible. Download the release now from…
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See you at San Francisco for GDC 2024!

Whole Tomato will be at the Game Developers Conference 2024! The makers and developers of Visual Assist will make their return to Moscone Center in San Francisco from March 18-22 for GDC 2024! Whole Tomato will be at booth number P1769 sharing space with a sister company…
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What's New in Visual Assist 2024—Featuring lightning fast parser performance [Webinar]

Webinar overview: In this webinar, we discuss the latest developments in Visual Assist with a focus on the latest release. Get an inside look at what the developers added for VA 2024.1 and what you can expect to be added to the toolset in the upcoming months. . The Visual Assist team showcases the new features and improvements featuring the newly improved parser time for initial project…
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Visual Assist 2024.1 release post

The first release of the year is here with Visual Assist 2024.1. This update is headlined by the overhaul of our parser, which significantly reduces users’ initial startup times for projects. Also in this release: key behavioral fixes for a few or VA’s navigation…
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Visual Assist 2023.6 release post

Visual Assist 2023.6 is here and is available to download! This release is filled to the brim with new functionality that improves upon your staple VA features and a new, convenient way to share source code with colleagues. We also have a new code checker, support for two new C++ language features, and small but useful improvements to VA’s behavior. Read on further to get the complete…
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