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Visual Assist 2022.1 has arrived

It’s a new year for Visual Assist!

This was slightly earlier than expected, but in the interest of making sure that updates and fixes get to you as quickly as possible, we’ve decided on an early release! You can download the latest version of VAX here.

New features

We’ve added a few notable changes in this release. The first one is adding syntax support for  C++20’s feature, nested inline namespace definitions. For those who regularly use this feature, you can be assured that VAX will function accordingly.

The next change is for those transitioning to VAX from ReSharper. Our code inspection will fully recognize the clang-tidy skip directives annotated by ReSharper. This means that your code check directives, which you might have spent a lot of time adding, will be retained and understood when you move.

Quality Fixes

We’ve also identified and fixed an instance where the Visual Assist plugin installer might crash when Visual Studio 17.1 Preview 2.0 or later has been installed.

Lastly, the issue with CMake Build menu items showing incorrectly (or not showing at all) while trying to build, rebuild, or install projects has also been resolved.

All in all, this was a slim release but we released early in order to get the benefit of these changes to you sooner. For more information about the changes in this release, please head on over to the documentation.

Happy coding!

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