Build Announcements

Visual Assist 2023.6 release post

Visual Assist 2023.6 is here and is available to download! This release is filled to the brim with new functionality that improves upon your staple VA features and a new, convenient way to share source code with colleagues. We also have a new code checker, support for two new C++ language features, and small but useful improvements to VA’s behavior. Read on further to get the complete…
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Tips and Tricks

How to Modernize C++ Code with Visual Assist in Five Easy Steps

You probably know that over time our projects seem to get old and legacy. Code written now might look suspicious five years later. With the standardization of C++11 in 2011, developers coined the term Modern C++. In this article (and the next one) we’ll take a look at some techniques you might apply to get nicer code and be closer to the best feature that recent versions of C++…
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