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Why renew your license?

Latest Features

Latest Features

Code faster and easier with up-to-date tech and productivity features.
Uninterrupted productivity

Uninterrupted productivity

Never work without the power and convenience of Visual Assist.


Never worry about feature parity between the latest C/C++ developments.
Tech support

Tech support

Solve issues with specialized assistance from a dedicated support team

With an active plan, you get crucial updates, security patches, and significant performance improvements. Suddenly changing your workflow can negatively impact your productivity. Ensure you're always ready and on the cutting edge by staying on an active license.

See what’s new in Visual Assist!

Active users also have priority access to our expert customer support for a hassle-free experience. Don't miss out on the latest features and stay protected – renew now to stay ahead in the tech world.

For questions regarding your renewal, please contact us here.

Why renew your license

Upgrading your license

You may also consider upgrading your license from one license type to another. (e.g. from a Standard Corporate license to a Concurrent Network license).

For questions regarding upgrades or new licenses, please contact sales to learn more about your options.

Technical and product-related support

If you have any technical or product-related inquiries, please contact Whole Tomato Software, LLC using the following information: