Archive and release notes for builds released in 2008

Visual Assist Build 1711

requires software maintenance through 2008.12.11. (General release.)

  • New By default, the VA toolbar is displayed at all times, regardless of the file type loaded in the text editor (if any). (case=20915)
  • New A documentation link is available in the VA Snippet Editor. (case=21247) 8367
  • Single and double quote characters are auto-matched properly inside parentheses; e.g., typing (" results in (""), with the text caret positioned between the quotes. (case=21467) 8380
  • Fixed an issue accepting listbox suggestions with any character not valid in a symbol in VB2008. (case=21379)
  • Fixed a problem in which extra tabs were required to expand some Visual Studio snippets in VB (case=21347) 8257
  • Extract method passes parameters decorated with struct or class keywords correctly. (case=21012)
  • Fixed unexpected dismissal of #include suggestion list when typing - to filter for filenames containing a hyphen. (case=19564) 83228173
  • Member lists appear correctly for smart pointers that wrap a template class typedef declared within a function. (case=21320) 8358
  • Spell check handles words with diacritical characters such as à and é. (case=1226) 4650
  • Addressed compatibility issue with AQtime 6. (case=21327)
  • Fixed a problem inserting results from the IDE's Pick URL function from HTML anchor suggestions (regression in build 1709). (case=21541)
  • Fixed dot to -> correction for keyword this (regression in build 1707). (case=21161) 8358

Visual Assist Build 1709

requires software maintenance through 2008.11.26. (Beta release.)

  • New Comment/uncomment VB code using the ' character is supported. (case=589) 3623
  • Functions specified in C++ using declarations (e.g., using namespace::function) are colored correctly. (case=19427)
  • Fixed parsing of boost::shared_ptr version 1.37. (case=14457) 7136
  • Fixed issue in which incorrect suggestions were offered under certain circumstances for smart pointers and other types that overload the -> operator. (case=12798) 7249
  • Typing a path in front of a filename in an existing #include directive no longer results in spurious text selection. (case=18363)
  • Fixed a problem in which some VA Snippets were not inserted in IDL files correctly. (case=21067) 8354
  • XML text in VC6 is rendered properly. (case=18252) 7967
  • Fixed problem opening files with UNC paths where the path or filename contains spaces. (case=21097)8329
  • Navigation to and from references results list in the Rename dialog is now possible via keyboard tabbing. (case=21033) 8346
  • Fixed case where invalid HTML suggestions were offered after certain tag attributes. (case=20911)
  • Auto insert of closing quotation marks is supported in VBScript files. (case=20648)

The following changes were made to address problems introduced in build 1707:

  • Completion lists are sorted correctly. (case=21041)
  • Fixed issue in which a suggestion list failed to appear after typing the new keyword in C# when Options | Text Editor | C# | IntelliSense | Committed by pressing the space bar was enabled. (case=310)
  • Fixed suggestion list dismissing unexpectedly when selecting an item after typing the global scope resolution operator (::). (case=21039)
  • Find References | Find in Results works as expected. (case=21029)
  • After deleting a node in VA Outline, the node below is now selected consistently. (case=20678)
  • Enhanced Syntax Coloring and bold matching brace in VC6 are displayed properly when the IDE's View Whitespace option is enabled. (case=661, case=6466) 3709

Visual Assist Build 1707

requires software maintenance through 2008.11.19. (Beta release.)

  • New Added full support for Web and WPF applications, including ASP/ASP.NET, HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, and XAML. Most VA features like Goto, Find References, Suggestions, and VA Outline work with these projects and file types where applicable.
  • New Highlight find results (case=5141) 83126665639762546028
  • New Optional tomato icons in listboxes and tooltips denote content provided by Visual Assist X. (case=20290)
  • New Added support for makefile projects (e.g. solutions without files) by parsing the physical directory tree of files as they are opened. (case=18918)
  • New Find References results are grouped by project. (case=19512, case=4087) 8174816874635742
  • New VA Outline optionally auto-expands nodes as the user navigates in the code editor. (case=19617)
  • New VA Outline remembers the expanded state of each node when refreshing its contents (not applicable when auto-expand is active). (case=8858) 7989790377146664
  • New Redundant namespace and class names are omitted from VA Outline nodes to save space. (case=13240) 808373877271
  • New Enhanced Syntax Coloring uses better default colors when a dark background is in use. (case=17562, case=9431) 807680296607
  • New Single lines of code containing multiple statements are shown as separate nodes in VA Outline. (case=18580)
  • New Goto (Alt+G) ignores duplicate filenames opened from other locations, so Alt+G on a method in Main\foo.h goes directly to the implementation in Main\foo.cpp even if Branch\foo.cpp was opened for editing at some point. (case=19423)
  • New Open File in Solution (OFIS) and Find Symbol in Solution (FSIS) dialogs scroll the highlighted entry to the center vertically to aid in viewing surrounding entries. (case=20182, case=19262)
  • New OFIS shows the project to which a file belongs. (case=764) 818078993966
  • New FSIS persists its "Show only symbols defined in the current solution" state between invocations for the current session. (case=20549)
  • Extracted methods with long parameters lists are generated correctly. (case=5802) 83106078
  • Fixed global scope resolution operator (::) being changed to a single colon in Extract Method. (case=18573) 8021
  • Extract Method no longer offers to extract to source file when no source file is present. (case=20181)
  • The context menu is available for symbols even if they are unknown or mistyped. (case=19552) 8170
  • Suggestion lists utilize the Options | Text Editor | C# | IntelliSense | Committed by pressing the space bar setting correctly. (case=10695) 821372737055
  • Cloned Find References windows are restored after debugging. (case=9511) 6847
  • VA Options dialog grays out options that depend on Enhanced Syntax Coloring when that option is disabled. (case=3079) 8184
  • Shorthand and Acronyms work properly in VB 2008. (case=15202) 8257
  • Fixed unexpected dismissal of suggestion list in VB when typing a type name after the As keyword (case=20261) 8257
  • The text caret is placed in the correct location after accepting a .NET Generic from a suggestion list in VB 2008. (case=20259) 8257
  • When typing a parameter in a C# LINQ predicate function, focus is no longer given to the suggestion list, matching the default VS2008 behavior. (case=16277)
  • C++ keyword __restrict is recognized. (case=20732) 8307
  • wmemset and wmemcpy are recognized as valid system functions. (case=18414) 7990
  • Fixed a case where a managed assembly failed to be properly parsed. (case=20071)
  • VA Outline correctly displays C++ #pragma region/endregion nodes. (case=20612) 8274
  • Multiline XML comments no longer contain extraneous '/' characters in VA Outline. (case=18539) 8005
  • Document Method correctly handles array parameters when using the $MethodArgName$ VA Snippet variable. (case=20543) 8285
  • Fixed problem in which enhanced coloring was not applied to Visual Studio text editor (due to certain color settings). (case=18813) 7993
  • Fixed GDI resource leak that was exacerbated by the presence of an external clipboard manager utility. (case=20137)
  • Parameter Info tooltips for constructors of child classes render each parameter in bold correctly (fixes issue introduced in 1649). (case=20664)
  • VA Options | Performance | Rebuild Symbol databases causes the db files to be purged at IDE shutdown instead of the next startup (performance enhancement). (case=20799) 8319

Visual Assist Build 1649

requires software maintenance through 2008.09.09. (General release.)

  • New Open File in Solution supports filtering full path (use \ in filter string to activate) (case=2377) 5577
  • New Find Symbol in Solution exposes a context menu with Find References and other options. (case=14514) 80127328
  • New Find Symbol in Solution allows copying symbols to the clipboard. (case=12853) 74397243
  • New C++ custom directory list supports appending list of directories from the clipboard. (case=3768)80785653
  • Eliminated crash renaming C# generic class in Visual Studio 2008. (case=18695) 8144
  • Fixed IDE hang that could occur when clicking "Show non-inherited first" in Enhanced Listboxes. (case=19079)
  • Fixed DDE file open (e.g., double-clicking a source file from Windows Explorer). (case=19253)
  • Corrected excessive memory usage that occurred in certain situations. (case=19123)
  • Uncommenting all lines by typing Ctrl+A, / no longer duplicates portions of code (VC6). (case=15125) 7319
  • Corrected unresponsive listbox behavior when "Parse extensionless files as header" is enabled (case=18867)
  • Fixed refactoring operations that changed std::list<std::string> to std::list<std.string>. (case=18540) 8013
  • Definition window displays friendly name of Win32 API Ansi/Unicode variants (xxxA/xxxW). (case=1184)51784101
  • Identically named typedef templates in different namespaces are recognized as unique. (case=16702, case=9859) 77226840
  • Files opened from the Code Definition window are parsed correctly. (case=18481)
  • Bold current parameter in quick info tooltip handles return types containing parentheses (such as STDMETHOD). (case=3727) 7886765157065631
  • Project include directories are given priority over project source directories when locating include files. (case=6726) 5987
  • C++ keywords are included in suggestion lists. (case=17920) 7907
  • Managed symbols in C++ CLR projects are parsed correctly for all /clr project settings. (case=18997) 8084
  • C++ managed enums are not underlined as mistyped. (case=935) 4925460544014243
  • Removed C++ CLR using namespace directives from List Methods in File (Alt+M). (case=19151) 8135
  • C++ structures declared with interface are treated the same as those declared with struct. (case=17592)8138
  • C++ classes and enums defined in a source file are properly expanded in the Hovering Class Browser. (case=838) 665163944062
  • C# Auto-import namespace suggestions appear more reliably. (case=18881) 8075
  • Alt+M list allows a dot to substitute for the scope resolution operator when filtering the list, e.g. matches foo::bar. (case=18772) 8040
  • Addressed compatibility issue with AnkhSVN 2.0. (case=18399) 8000
  • Addressed compatibility issue with Resharper V4. (case=17699) 7914
  • Eliminated flicker when resizing MDI windows. (case=10517) 7048
  • Fixed editor lag when typing a series of dots in a comment. (case=19149) 8137
  • Context window icons are repainted correctly after using drop list. (case=18514) 8003

Visual Assist Build 1647

requires software maintenance through 2008.07.30. (General release.)

  • Corrected OS locale / regional setting-dependent issues with Goto (Alt+G) and Open Corresponding File (Alt+O). (case=18767) 80468042
  • Corrected issues opening files whose path names contain Unicode characters. (case=18696)

Visual Assist Build 1646

requires software maintenance through 2008.07.18. (General release.)

  • Fixed issue that resulted in a "VANetObj20.dll has stopped working" error in rare cases. (case=16429)
  • Fixed problem opening large solutions (introduced in 1645). (case=18582) 8026802580178016
  • Fixed incorrect handling of UserDataDir registry entry (introduced in 1645). (case=18574) 80228023
  • Fixed issue where Auto Recovery dialog displayed only the first character of a filename (introduced in 1645). (case=18595) 8030

Visual Assist Build 1645

requires software maintenance through 2008.07.10. (Release candidate.)

  • New Extract Method optionally places C/C++ implementation directly in the source file instead of the header file. (case=11206) 7120
  • New List Methods in File (Alt+M) shows regions. (case=808) 576346973872
  • New Alt+M filter allows substrings in any order and supports exclusion; e.g. foo bar -baz. (case=1002)592546044395
  • New Added option to suppress parameter display in Alt+M list. (case=3487) 5590
  • Fixed sporadic crash closing non-source files. (case=18307) 7966
  • Fixed Visual Studio 2008 crash when accessing a C# property with the same name as a Generic type; e.g. List<int> List { get {...} }. (case=17563)
  • Fixed intermittent blank member listboxes. (case=16348) 7568
  • Unicode user names and paths are supported. (case=6044) 79617948707061265814
  • When running multiple instances of the same IDE, each instance maintains its own symbol database to address several reported concurrency issues. (case=12157) 7160
  • Goto (Alt+G) invoked from a header file opens the corresponding source file even if it does not belong to any project in the solution. (case=2943) 54264568
  • Open Corresponding File (Alt+O) is smarter about identically named files in distinct directories. (case=16697) 7722
  • Fixed incorrect keyword expansion in VB.NET 2008. (case=17657)
  • The correct member list is offered when identical function names containing identical local variable names exist in different files. (case=15921) 7437
  • Correct member lists are shown when identically named nested classes are used; e.g. A::foo and B::foo. (case=1607) 66284903
  • Fixed issue where typing a dot after a function invocation that returns an object reference would show a list that erroneously included members from the function's parameters in addition to the return type's members. (case=16790) 7745
  • Parameter info tooltips from VA and the IDE don't step on each other. (case=16970) 79787807
  • Fixed truncated tooltips. (case=3551, case=10968) 742771035605
  • Alt+M filter recognizes parentheses as valid list filtering characters. (case=13749) 7288
  • Fixed timing issue in which typed characters intended to filter the Alt+M list were instead sent to the text editor. (case=8857) 78826669
  • Improved parsing of Trolltech Qt library. (case=912) 4777
  • Corrected several instances in which a class name was colored as a variable. (case=2352, case=17359)699066905204
  • Cloned Find References results window matches the original window exactly, leaving hidden results hidden. (case=16901) 7780
  • VA's column indicator works properly regardless of the IDE's selection margin, indicator margin, and line number settings. (case=12157, case=16328) 7469
  • Changes to underlining options take place immediately. (case=18250) 7969

Visual Assist Build 1640

requires software maintenance through 2008.05.22. (General release.)

  • Fixed spurious coloring of string literals in VC6. (case=16454) 7565
  • Fixed Asian character display corruption in VC6. (case=16737) 7782
  • Fixed spurious coloring of Cyrillic fonts in plain text files. (case=16927) 7670

Visual Assist Build 1639

requires software maintenance through 2008.05.15. (Release candidate.)

  • Functions are colored correctly when first loading a solution containing Unicode characters. (case=16660)
  • Fixed stability issue affecting files containing certain Asian multi-byte characters in Visual Studio 2008 (introduced in 1638). (case=16659)

Visual Assist Build 1638

requires software maintenance through 2008.05.08. (Release candidate.)

  • Fixed Visual Studio 2008 crash when typing nonexistent symbol name in VA View | Symbols in Solution window. (case=16534) 7656
  • Visual Studio 2008 uses correct color for Highlight Current Line. (case=16057) 7432
  • Fixed spurious underlining of function calls following the return keyword. (case=16345) 7539
  • Correct characters are displayed when an incomplete font set is encountered (e.g., when Consolas Bold Italic is installed but Consolas Bold is not; fixes issue introduced in 1635.) (case=16412) 7612
  • Fixed VC6 selection margin painting issue (introduced in 1635.) (case=16303) 7560
  • Fixed selected text displaying with operator color in VC6 (introduced in 1635.) (case=16546) 76527623

Visual Assist Build 1635

requires software maintenance through 2008.04.18. (Release candidate.)

  • Goto (Alt+G) menu widens to accommodate more text as needed. (case=5189) 742070016460
  • Pressing / to comment out code no longer replaces code with / when selection includes partial /**/ comment (case=15111) 7319
  • Improved italic font rendering. (case=16066)
  • Find References highlighting in text editor persists when navigating to off-screen locations. (case=3672)5629
  • Prefix increment and decrement operators (++foo, --foo) are colored as modified in Find References. (case=4986)
  • Nested anonymous structs and unions are parsed correctly. (case=4514) 71347131684961256008
  • Parameter info tooltips for overloaded methods are syntax colored when navigating via the keyboard arrows. (case=3089) 5462
  • .xaml files appear in the recent files list in VA View. (case=14701) 7341
  • Vista-style borders may be disabled for VA X listboxes. (case=15898) 7418
  • Fixed incorrect XML comment completion. (case=15789)
  • GUIDs from uuids.h are parsed correctly. (case=2939) 5365
  • Fixed spurious listbox invocation. (case=409, case=16028) 69003132
  • Removed "elseif" keyword from C++ reserved word list. (case=11499) 7081
  • Improved listbox and VA Snippet behavior for .asp/.aspx/.html/.js files.
  • Ansi/Wide macro stubs such as MessageBox and TextOut are colored as methods. (case=15379)
  • Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Template Project (ETP) files are listed in Open File in Solution dialog. (case=564) 3587
  • Fixed Find References coloring & clipping issues (introduced in 1632.) (case=15562, case=15881) 7428,7409

Visual Assist Build 1632

requires software maintenance through 2008.04.03. (Beta release.)

  • New Added context-sensitive help to VA X dialogs. Click ? or press F1 to get help. (case=8980)
  • New Visual Studio 2008-style transparent listboxes are available in all IDEs. Hold down Ctrl when listbox is displayed to activate. (case=10072) 72096972
  • New Added option to include or exclude refactoring suggestions in listboxes; see Advanced | Refactoring | Include refactoring suggestions in listboxes. (case=10428) 57977254
  • "return" takes precedence over "RETCODE" in suggestion lists. (case=11277) 7036
  • Fixed incompatibility with XNA Game Studio 2.0. (case=10703) 7064
  • Restored "put n spaces between method name and ()" option under Advanced | Corrections. (case=10995) 7304
  • Fixed a problem typing "else" on a line by itself. (case=8415)
  • Debugger tooltips display without flickering. (case=8817) 6647
  • Fixed hang when opening web site project in Visual Studio 2008. (case=10401)
  • Fixed intermittent crash when typing a VB Imports statement in Visual Studio 2008 on Windows Vista. (case=15154)
  • Ctrl+Tab document switching is handled properly in Visual Studio 2008. (case=10303) 7010
  • Visual Studio 2008 C++ include directories that contain double backslashes due to environment variable expansion are located and parsed correctly. (case=11261)
  • Highlight current line works properly in .js and .asp/.aspx files in Visual Studio 2008. (case=15384)
  • Visual Basic enumerations are parsed correctly. (case=12161)
  • Removed C-style comment and semicolon from Encapsulate Field in Visual Basic files. (case=11160, case=4475) 7107
  • Object methods called on boxed string literals in C# are parsed correctly. (case=8012) 6513
  • Subsequent rename operations issued from VA Outline target the correct symbol. (case=10502) 7039
  • MFC dispatch map is shown in VA Outline. (case=10514)
  • Tooltips are positioned correctly when VA Outline is undocked in VC6. (case=9976) 6946
  • VA Outline shows correct hierarchy for C++ classes containing friend methods without friend class declaration. (case=10740) 7072
  • .Net symbols are excluded from suggestion lists in unmanaged C++ solutions. (case=11391) 7148
  • Fixed Extract Method with for each loop in managed C++. (case=14864) 7348
  • Typing a dot after a C++ constructor invocation [ e.g. std::string("some text"). ] displays member list properly. (case=9876)
  • C++ using declarations (using namespace::identifier) are parsed correctly. (case=9436)
  • STL list<> and vector<> member lists appear correctly following a "using namespace std::list" or "using namespace std::vector" directive. (case=12345) 7226
  • Empty C++ preprocessor directives are ignored (fixes problem parsing Boost library). (case=10353)
  • Typedefs declared inside template classes are parsed correctly. (case=12098)
  • Improved parsing of STL iterator patterns (case=11842) 713672027212
  • Improved stability when parsing deep templates. (case=15454)
  • Fixed dereferenced iterators missing from Find References / Rename. (case=1702) 64514978
  • Cloned Find References windows are not hidden behind the VC6 IDE. (case=10201) 70007026
  • IDE warning message about writing to a read-only file is brought to the foreground during a rename operation if applicable. (case=8958)
  • #include paths are preserved when typing a slash with Repair Case disabled. (case=12025) 7200
  • C# generic methods are colored properly. (case=9300) 6801
  • Comments in tooltips and views use IDE comment color. (case=9363) 69046808
  • Dialog edit controls are colored properly in Windows Vista. (case=9281)
  • Filenames displayed in lists and views are not syntax colored. (case=12556, case=12788)
  • Foreground text color is automatically changed if it matches the background color. (case=14268)
  • VA View Symbols in Solution list items are colored properly. (case=14899)
  • Quick Info and Parameter Tooltips invoked via the keyboard are colored properly. (case=3082) 5462
  • Goto (Alt+G) handles template class typedefs. (case=4249) 61685774
  • Goto handles duplicate files better (as with VSS shared directories). (case=5567, case=7457) 60276021
  • Listboxes are positioned such that they are not truncated at the right edge of the screen. (case=5178)
  • Listbox remains on the same side of a symbol (either above or below) when typing inside parentheses. (case=8998) 6672
  • Windows Vista visual styles are applied to listboxes. (case=9275)
  • Accepting a suggestion from a listbox properly replaces acronym text. (case=14290) 7316
  • Fixed disappearing listboxes in .js and .asax files. (case=1699, case=15295) 4843
  • Fixed bad icons appearing in suggestion lists. (case=14469)
  • #include directives listed in Find References results are displayed with question mark icons. (case=9592)6869
  • Esc key turns off Highlight All when Find References results window is undocked. (case=9364) 6803
  • Find References error messages may optionally be displayed in the status bar instead of a modal message box. (case=10226) 70386997
  • Spelling errors in comments with XML tags are underlined. (case=9649) 6893
  • XML comment suggestion list opened with < functions properly. (case=12324) 7229
  • Suggestions are suppressed in comments and string literals. (case=10480) 579770307055
  • Change Signature does not cause some known symbols to become unknown. (case=10432) 6762
  • "Enable automatic Quick Info Tooltips" option is forced on when enabling "Display comments from source files when available" option in Advanced | Display. (case=10967)
  • Macros in [VA X install directory]\Misc\stdafx.h are parsed each time a project is opened. (case=284)
  • Surround with { indents properly when selection is made from bottom to top. (case=1521) 67925961,57965249
  • Long words (>64 chars) in comments are not underlined as mistyped. (case=3485) 56345588
  • Improved Autosave performance. (case=9821) 69165613
  • Open File in Solution grid lines are drawn correctly in Windows XP. (case=9948)
  • Forward-declared stable symbols are shown in italic. (case=399) 226319341912
  • Repair Case changes only those symbols that differ by case alone (similarly named symbols are not changed). (case=8723)
  • Corrected spacing around spell check replacements. (case=7768) 6471
  • Eliminated spurious suggestions. (case=12061) 6900
  • Source files residing in directories named p4win or p4v (or their descendants) are included when parsing. (case=11506) 7150
  • Missing VC6 toolbar icons have been restored (case=10126) 6980
  • Filtering toolbar shows the rightmost button correctly. (case=10623) 7044

Visual Assist Build 1626

requires software maintenance through 2008.01.17. (General release.)

  • Fixed random crash that would occur under heavy load. (case=10946)
  • Fixed random hang on certain systems in which Windows complex script support is installed (regression introduced in build 1624). (case=10679)
  • Fixed listbox and HCB problems parsing certain namespaces (case=9784) 6920705571017136
  • Tweaked conditions under which 'selection committed with any character not valid in a symbol' affects listboxes. (case=9823) 6900

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