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Using Qt 4.4 with Visual Assist

If you are using Visual Studio with Qt, you can ensure a more productive experience by adding the Qt directories to your Visual Studio list of includes.

In Visual Studio, add the following directories to the Win32 Platform Include files list (Tools|Options|Projects and Solution|VC++ Directories):

  • $(QTDIR)\include
  • $(QTDIR)\include\Qt
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtCore
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtGui
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtHelp
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtNetwork
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtOpenGL
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtScript
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtSql
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtSvg
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtTest
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtUiTools
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtWebKit
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtXml
  • $(QTDIR)\include\QtXmlPatterns
  • $(QTDIR)\src

Make sure that the QTDIR environment variable has been defined (or else manually substitute the Qt directory for $(QTDIR) in the list items).

In the VA X Options dialog, Platform should be set to Win32 (VAssistX|Visual Assist X Options|Projects|C/C++ Directories).

VA X will parse included Qt header files the next time you open a solution that uses Qt.  If you have the Stable symbols in italic option enabled, Qt symbols will be displayed in italics.


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