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VA Snippet Tip #1

VA Snippets support a number of reserved strings that enable text substitution when inserted into the text editor.  For example, any occurrence of $selected$ in a snippet is replaced with the actual text editor selection at the time the snippet was invoked.

As noted in a previous post, VA Snippets support shortcuts.  You wouldn’t want to use the $selected$ reserved string with a snippet that you want to invoke via a shortcut since typing the shortcut will overwrite your text selection (in this case, occurrences of $selected$ would simply be removed from the snippet when it is inserted into the text editor).

Instead of using the $selected$ reserved string, use $clipboard$.

Now you can use a shortcut to invoke the snippet with one small extra step:

  • Make your text selection
  • Copy (or Cut)
  • Type the shortcut and accept the snippet suggestion

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