VA X in VS2010

VS2010: VAX and C++/CLI

VS2010: VA X and C++/CLI

Microsoft seems to have challenged themselves to see how much they can change for VS2010 — new WPF shell, snazzy text editor, MEF-based extensibility, VSIX installers, C++ build system, oh my. This is a major release both on the surface and under the hood, and the changes have impacted VA X on all sides.  But we’re happy to report we have VA X running in VS2010, and we are currently shaking out bugs.

We are excited by the possibilities of the new WPF text editor, as it will enable new VA X features that simply were not possible in earlier IDEs.  But for now, most of our time has been spent simply trying to achieve feature parity with what we already do in the older IDEs.  Once we’ve done that, we can begin the real brainstorming for what’s ahead.

We’ll be releasing a beta of our VS2010 support when Microsoft releases their next public beta.


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