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Open File in Solution tip

I was using the OFIS (Open File in Solution) dialog the other day and it occurred to me that I use some features in it that might not be so apparent to users that didn’t actually write the code for it.  As an aside, this feature was formerly known as Open File in Workspace (or OFIW) before Workspaces were replaced by Solutions in Visual Studio.NET.  It took us a few years after the release of Visual Studio.NET to get around to updating the name (I supposed we had to accumulate a few “What’s a workspace?” queries from new users before making the update).

At any rate, here’s a tip for the OFIS dialog:  you can use the Up and Down arrow keys as well as the Page Up and Page Down keys to navigate up and down through the file list while focus is still in the edit control.  No need to tab around or click in the list to change the selection after having typed in the edit control to filter the list.

This also applies to the Find Symbol in Solution (FSIS) dialog.

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