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Taming the List of Methods in File

Visual Assist includes a List Methods in File (Alt-M) feature, inaptly named because the list has grown to include more than just methods, that is a convenient way to navigate a large file. But, even if you use filtering to target specific entries, the list is sometimes unruly. You can tame the list by limiting the type of entries included in it; for example, by excluding properties and events.

You determine types of entries to include in the list via a context menu, but the trick is to open the context menu from within the list, not from within the field from which it emanates.

Open the list of methods (Alt-M), then Right-Click in the list. (You can’t use Shift-F10 because focus is still in the Context Field, and its context menu is the one with¬†cut, copy, and paste.) Repeat the process¬†for each type of entry you want to exclude.

Context menu of List of Methods

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