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Visual Assist build 2036 is available

After living for two months with a beta version of Visual Assist on our website, we are happy to reach another general release. Visual Assist build 2036 has two significant improvements that make this a must-have, must-use, build.

First, build 2036 introduces a new command—Goto Related—that lets you jump to locations related to your current symbol. Goto Related is part class browser, part goto. Locations vary with symbol type, but include definition of a type, base classes, and derived classes. Use Goto Related to jump anywhere into a hierarchy.


Access Goto Related using its default shortcut (Shift+Alt+G), different shortcut assigned to VAssistX.GotoRelated, or via VAssistX in the menubar. Learn more in the documentation for Goto Related.

Second, build 2036 introduces a new editor for VA Snippets (upgraded if you were using our beta build.) The new editor organizes VA Snippets by type, and auto-sorts them, so you needn’t grapple with the “yard sale” of VA Snippets in our previous editor. The completely new interface includes the ability to search—by string and regular expression—across types for VA Snippets.


The new editor is available in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and newer, but because VA Snippets are shared across IDEs, simply edit your VA Snippets in a modern IDE if you still maintain projects in an old IDE.

Learn more in the documentation for the VA Snippet editor.

Build 2036 includes a number of other improvements, as well as fixes related to stability and performance. You must have software maintenance through 2014.05.22 to run build 2036. Check the About dialog of Visual Assist to find out if you qualify. If not, renew maintenance for another year of updates.

Learn more about what’s new in build 2036, or go directly to download the installer.

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