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Visual Assist build 2047 is available

Visual Assist build 2047 introduces a powerful new navigation command, improves the VA Step Filter, and increases availability of Quick Info.

Since the inception of Visual Assist, the Goto (Alt+G) command has been a favorite among our users, even after the IDE introduced its variant. Then in build 2036, Visual Assist introduced a version of Goto with more functionality: Goto Related (Shift+Alt+G). If you follow what’s new in Visual Assist, you know Goto Related lets one jump to locations related to the current symbol, not just its definition or declaration.

In build 2047, we improve navigation yet again with Goto Member—a command that lets one browse members of the current symbol. Filtering common to Visual Assist lets one find a member quickly, then jump to its definition. Goto Member is available for class variables as well as other data structures with “members”, including enums, interfaces, structs, namespaces, and typedefs.


Access to Goto Member is available via the menu produced by Goto Related (Shift+Alt+G), via a shortcut assigned to VAssistX.GotoMember, or from VAssistX | Goto Member.


Build 2047 also updates the built-in filters of the VA Step Filter. The new filters provide broader coverage with fewer entries. You get the new filters automatically when you install the build.

If you are a mouse user who likes Quick Info, you will be pleased that Visual Assist makes Quick Info available more often. Hover over a closing brace or structural keyword, e.g. else, switch, or break, to see its context. (You must enable the additional Quick Info in the options dialog of Visual Assist.)


Visual Assist build 2047 is recommended for all users with maintenance through 2014.09.16. If your maintenance has expired, remember the Tomato does not impose a penalty for lapses in coverage. If you renew today, you get the latest build of Visual Assist plus updates for a full year.

Learn more about Goto Member, check out the complete list of what’s new, or download the installer.

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