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Visual Assist build 2052 is available

It’s not often one gets to write “introduce” twice in a sentence, but here goes: Visual Assist introduces Introduce Variable.

Introduce Variable, a powerful refactoring for C/C++ and C#, replaces an expression with a meaningfully named variable. In classic Visual Assist style, the UI to Introduce Variable is simple and understated:

  1. Select an expression to replace
  2. Invoke Introduce Variable, e.g. from the Quick Refactoring Menu (Shift+Alt+Q)
  3. Decide to replace just the selection, or also the occurrences that follow
  4. Specify a signature in the dialog that opens

Introduce Variable makes an educated guess at the intended scope of the new variable, adding braces to your code if necessary. Default type and name are reckoned from your selection.


Other improvements in Visual Assist build 2052 focus on navigation: new filters make searching for symbols faster, Goto Member jumps from more places, and Goto Related makes it easier to jump within a class and to constructors.

Visual Assist build 2052 requires software maintenance through 2014.11.05.

Learn more about Introduce Variable, check out the complete list of what’s new, or download the installer.

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