Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2073 is available

Visual Assist build 2073 introduces several new commands and features to make you more productive. But, now that the list of features in Visual Assist has grown to nearly a hundred, you will be pleased to know one new feature in build 2073 gives you easier access to the other 99.

Open the new context menu of Visual Assist any time you find yourself unsure what features are available. The VA Context Menu shows all the possibilities for the current file, symbol, or position in the editor.


If you are a keyboard-only user, open the menu via a shortcut for VAssistX.OpenContextMenu. If you use a mouse, assign a modified button in the options dialog for Visual Assist.


Build 2073 also introduces Add Missing Case Statements, a feature to which Tamás alluded in the last blog entry. As the name suggests, the feature will flush out the cases for a switch on enum. Access the command from the Quick Refactoring Menu (Shift+Alt+Q) or new VA Context Menu.


Next, if you are responsible for debugging a crash dump with a call stack that is corrupt or has been optimized for release, you will surely want to check out VA Memory View. The new tool window displays addresses pointed to by the ESP in the form of a call stack.


Build 2073 also includes improvements to Smart Select and VA Snippets, better responsiveness when editing large solutions, and official support for Visual Studio 2015 RTM. Check out the complete list of what’s new in build 2073 or download the installer.


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