Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2083 is available

Visual Assist build 2083 continues our steady stream of improvements. Two enhancements in build 2083 are worth calling out.

C# users of Visual Studio 2015 will be pleased to know Enhanced Listboxes are now available in their environment. This completes our support for C# in the new IDE; all features expected are available.


Encapsulate Field, a refactoring command available to C/C++ and C# users for a long time, is now able to update references. A dialog with accessor names and call sites opens before an encapsulation . Use the dialog also to protect or make private an encapsulated field. The command revamp makes Encapsulate Field much more useful.


Learn more about Encapsulate Field, check out the complete list of what’s new in build 2083, or download the installer.

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