Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2089 is available

Visual Assist build 2089 is primarily a bug-fix build. You can install the build without setting aside time to learn any new functionality in Visual Assist.

If you write C#, you will notice a subtle addition to the Encapsulate Field dialog—the ability to designate a field internal. Otherwise, the feature set of Visual Assist did not grow with this build.


While on the topic of bug fixes, we itemize them in two places: on our What’s New page and in the release notes of our archive. For the most part, the two lists are identical. The What’s New page expands on new functionality so one can quickly learn about improvements to Visual Assist. The release notes, on the other hand, link to discussions in our forums that offer circumstances behind bug reports. If you like assessing new features, stick with What’s New. If you reported a bug via our forums and it’s been fixed, jump to our release notes and find a link to your forum post.

Check out the complete list of bug fixes in build 2089 on our What’s New page or in our release notes, or simply download the installer.

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