Build Announcements

Visual Assist build 2102 is available

Visual Assist build 2102 makes it three builds in four weeks, which is an unwanted record  for us. Microsoft prompted the last build because they issued Visual Studio “15” Preview 2 without notice, which deprecated our prior build. Build 2102 is our doing; it fixes two minor regressions in builds 2097 and 2098.

Visual Assist build 2102 reverts an attempt to fix some kerning in Windows 10. The attempt fixed kerning for some fonts but worsened it for others. If you encounter text that is difficult to read, e.g., in the VA Outline, install build 2102.

If you use Alt+M to navigate among methods in a file, you may notice the list excludes certain non-const template class methods. If this occurs for you, install build 2102.

Visual Assist build 2102 includes no other fixes and no improvements to functionality, and the build requires software maintenance through 2016.06.02.

Check out what’s new in recent builds, or download the installer for build 2102.

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