Changes to our renewal policy

Whole Tomato prides ourselves on our ability to support continued development of our product.  To that end, we revised our renewal policy for Standard licenses to ensure that customers are able to benefit from ongoing development of Visual Assist. Encouraging customers to leverage maintenance increases the productivity of developers by making new features at their disposal and increases resources that allow us to keep up with releases of Microsoft Visual Studio.  This change in policy does not impact Academic or Personal licenses.

Customers who have been off maintenance less than a year can request a quote to restart maintenance the date of purchase. Term will be for a full year. Cost to renew is $119 per user. This offer expires March 12th, 2019.

After March 12, 2019, customers who have been off maintenance less than a year can request a quote for maintenance. Term will be for a year beginning the date their prior maintenance expired.

Customers who have been off maintenance for more than one year should contact us for a customized quote.

Visual Assist evolves frequently and significantly.  If you’re after new features, ever-improving usability, increased performance and the latest innovations, staying current on maintenance allows you to get access to all updates to Visual Assist.

World Class Support

You’ll receive our world class support for the term of your maintenance period.  Our support team consists of experts at troubleshooting, problem diagnosis, and problem resolution.  A maintenance and support contract includes front-of-the-line technical assistance via email, website and discussion forums.

Peace of mind

Your team depends on Visual Assist for day-to-day activities and having a guaranteed direct line of contact to a committed support team offers that peace of mind. Renewing ensures that the privileges of software maintenance and your day is uninterrupted.

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