What's New in Visual Assist

General Release Build 2024.4 (2522)

Requires active software maintenance through general release date: 2024.05.31

NEW Support for devices using ARM CPUs!
NEW Support for using '/' as a path delimiter.
Visual Assist 2024.4


VA 2024.4 is here and is available to download!

It’s our pleasure to announce a major addition to Visual Assist—supporting ARM!

The highlight of Visual Assist 2024.4 is our new support for Windows ARM devices. This means that Visual Assist is now fully compatible for those of you running Windows on ARM, including in VMs on Apple Silicon, on Surface or Snapdragon devices, and more.

This is a completely new front for us, and we would like to know more about how we can improve the experience for Windows ARM users. If you’re part of the group that would benefit from this update, please let us know more by answering this short survey.

We first asked our community about ARM support some time ago. Since then, we’ve seen growing interest and customer requests – and we’re happy to deliver! We believe that wherever Visual Studio is, Visual Assist should be also, and we’re delivering that with Windows ARM support.

Also in this release: We’ve added support for using a front slash as a path delimiter in our search windows. This is to minimize confusion and add a bit of flexibility depending on your preference.

For a more complete explanation of the release and more information about bug fixes, head on over to our announcement blog.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issue where std::tuple would not be recognized in some cases.
  • Fixed Move Class to New File jumping to a new file before showing the dialog.
  • Fixed broken Discord invite link.

General Release Build 2024.3 (2520)

Requires active software maintenance through general release date: 2024.05.02

NEW Greatly improved find references results speed.
NEW Features that locate references also improved as a result of the change above.
NEW Enabled support for CUDA source files (Beta finished)
NEW Move entire class to new files with "Move Class" (Beta finished)
NEW Create File now allows you to specify a directory.
NEW Move Implementation will now run Create File immediately if no suitable target is found.
UPDATE Syntax coloring and feature performance for C# are now more responsive.
Visual Assist 2024.3


VA 2024.3 is here and is available to download!

More performance coming your way! Visual Assist 2024.3 brings dramatic improvements to the performance of Find References. Our tests show that a query that usually takes 38 minutes using default Find References, now only takes about 5 minutes in Visual Assist 2024.3. Consequently, this also improves the performance of features that rely on locating references.

Also in this release: key features exit their beta phases. CUDA core development support and the Move Class feature are now classified as stable and enter general availability. Try them out now!

Last of our highlights: great news for C# users. Syntax coloring and basic features have been reoptimized and should be working much more responsive now.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed issue where Move Implementation would not move the implementation if a new file needed to be created.
  • Improved editor performance when editing C#.
  • Fixed Add Include issue where C headers would sometimes be added instead of their C++ counterparts.
  • Fixed issue where Move Class to New File would sometimes not be offered near macros.

General Release Build 2024.2 (2515)

Requires active software maintenance through general release date: 2024.03.14

NEW Initial parse time speed further improved.
UPDATE Startup time* greatly improved, especially in large solutions.
NEW Better add include formatting and directory path naming for Unreal Engine.
Fixed syntax coloring in C# for Visual Studio 2022.
Fixed compatibility issues with Copilot, AI assistant.
Visual Assist v2515


VA 2024.2 is here and is available to download!

It’s been only a short time since a performance-focused release – only weeks! – but Visual Assist 2024.2 is here, squeezing even more performance to set it apart from the rest! Read on for a summary of changes or jump straight to the complete announcement blog.

We have two big performance items: both the initial parse time and startup have been made faster. The startup time refers to how fast VA’s features load on solution load; the latter refers to the parser change made in VA 2024.1—which is further improved by anywhere between 20-50% in this release.

Rounding up the release highlights are improvements to how Add Includes are written, especially in Unreal projects, and three major fixes: a fix for a C# coloring bug, a fix for the 'dot' filtering for Open File in Solution, and a fix for Copilot compatibility issue.

We highly recommend reading through the complete announcement blog post to get a more comprehensive explanation of the release.

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed UI conflict with GitHub Copilot.
  • Fixed issue where Add Include would sometimes not add the new include.
  • Fixed long Add Include paths for some symbols in Unreal Engine 5.3.x.
  • Fixed issue where Open File in Solution would sometimes not display results when the filter starts with a dot.
  • Fixed issue where C# syntax coloring would not be applied in Visual Studio 2022 17.9.0.
  • Fixed issue where readability-magic-numbers Code Inspection would not properly underline hex numbers.
  • Fixed issue where GoTo would not navigate to classes without a constructor.
  • Fixed issue where suggestions could show suggestions for non-existent types.
  • Updated Create Account link to point to the correct page.
  • Added Alt+O to Recommended Keyboard Shortcuts as Visual Studio 2022 now uses that binding.