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Visual Assist 2024.4 release post – ARM Support

It’s our pleasure to announce a new Visual Assist release, headed by a major addition—supporting ARM!

We hope you find this release useful. Visit our website to download the release.

ARM support

Big news for Visual Assist’s device support! Windows ARM is now supported starting this release, Visual Assist 2024.4. Visual Assist is now available as a fully ARM-native plugin, fully supported in Visual Studio’s ARM build. This means that Visual Assist is now fully compatible for those of you using Macs or Windows devices with an ARM processor. 

We first asked our community about ARM support some time ago. At the time, while it was clear ARM was growing for Macs, it was unclear how strongly it would grow for Windows and we planned support at a future time. Since then, we’ve seen growing interest and customer requests – and we’re happy to deliver! The appearance we see is that many people, including large companies, are increasingly interested in or using ARM for Windows.

There are many advantages to using Windows ARM devices, from battery usage to performance. One key one is that many developers target ARM devices and are used to debug remotely; while debugging on-device or on-simulator remains important, it can be slow and doing minute-to-minute development on a device that shares the same CPU architecture can be very useful.

ARM is a completely new front for us and we would like to know more about how we can improve the experience for ARM users. If you’re part of the group that would benefit from this update, please let us know more by answering this short survey.

Path “/” delimiter

This simple change adds an option for users who are used to using “/” as path delimiters for searching directories. This comes at the heel of users from different operating systems sharing how their default style of delimiter is not supported. 

With this change, you can now choose what the default delimiter will be used. This will apply to most of Visual Assist’s search windows such as Open file in solution and the like.

Bug fixes and improvements

Apart from the above major fixes, we have a couple of minor bug fixes and QoL changes. The highlights are a fix for recognizing one of the features in the standard library. 

The complete list is below: 

  • Fixed issue where std::tuple would not be recognized in some cases.
  • Move Class to New File will no longer jump to a new file before showing the dialog.
  • Fixed broken Discord invite link.

Send us a message or start a thread on the user forums for bug reports or suggestions. Don’t forget to join our Discord too!

Visit our download page to update to the latest release manually. Happy coding!

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