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Visual Assist 2023.4 now released

VA 2023.4 is now published and is now available to download

This release marks a major milestone in Visual Assist’s history as it starts its official support for Unity engine development. Also in this release: start of support for CUDA development for C/C++ and numerous parser improvements. Read on further to get the complete details of the changes and improvements in this release.

Start of official support for Unity

It’s been a long time coming but Whole Tomato is glad to announce that the upcoming 2023.4 build will feature the first of many Unity-specific features. Nope, not the hivemind—we are of course talking about the very versatile game engine and game development platform.

For those unaware, the Unity engine is the backbone of both 2D and 3D games ranging from wildly popular and suspicious games, all the way to full blown highly-acclaimed triple A titles.

Visual Assist has been popular for helping game developers deal with complex C++ code. Starting from the upcoming release, Visual Assist will expand its focus to C# game development. Users can expect VA staples such as refined navigation, intelligent autocomplete, code refactoring, and the like to work as well for C# work.

Furthermore, users can also submit feature requests specific for Unity development. We are starting with shaders—more on this below—but if you have any suggestions as to what features are missing in your Unity development, do let us know by emailing support.

Shaders for Unity

The start of official support for Unity development is headlined by shader file support. Similar to our previous addition of supporting HLSL, we are kicking off Unity updates by adding its shader files to our list of supported languages.

CUDA C/C++ Development

If you are a data scientist, software engineer, or a plain hobbyist looking to harness the power of your GPU for general purpose programming tasks, then you would most likely know about Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA). This programming model developed by Nvidia allows programmers to utilize the multi-core performance of graphics cards for other non-graphic applications (although it’s perfectly fine to use for 2D/3D too!)

If you are interested in CUDA, then rejoice! VA 2023.4 also marks the start of official support for CUDA development. Visual Assist’s can now parse and analyze CUDA related syntax, libraries, and APIs so you can have IntelliSense-like features, navigation, and highlighting for CUDA (.cu) files.

A CUDA file with proper syntax highlighting and code analysis features.

Parser Improvements: template functions with auto / trailing return type and std::tuple autocompletes 

With VA 2023.4 will now properly highlight and parse trailing return type features that bypasses a C++ limitation where the return type of a function template cannot be generalized if the return type depends on the types of the function arguments. This release specifically deals with some of the edge cases reported by our users.

Trailing return type features can be used by declaring a generic return type with the auto keyword before the function identifier, and specifying the exact return type after the function identifier. Learn more about it here.

The parser is aware of sum and proper syntax highlighting and navigation features are applied.

Also fixed in this release are initializations of std::tuple autocompletes. This improves how the VA parser handles certain templated types. In the end, users will find better completion suggestions when you are typing in your codebase, such as when typing std::tuple.

Better Add Include logic

Visual Assist can add include directives for headers that resolve unknown symbols in the current C++ source file. The underlying logic for add include has been improved for better context-awareness resulting in better predictions on where to place the new include.

Add include now inserts new lines in most logical place.

Add include can be accessed by hovering over unknown symbols and opening the quick actions and refactoring menu ( Shift + Alt + Q ).

Some other spring cleaning-type improvements

We’ve also made some changes to a few minor things to the UI and the options in the app that you should know about. Firstly, our shader support has been available for a few rounds of releases already and we’re excited to announce that it has finally finished its beta phase and will now be enabled by default. 

Secondly,  we’ve streamlined our game Development tab of our options dialog. This is to make room for upcoming additions (stay tuned!)

Thirdly, we’ve tweaked some tomatoes and icons along the way to better respond to your actions and better display what options are available to you. Relevant options and menus will be emphasized when they are needed; secondary options will subtly fade into the background otherwise. This is in line with our commitment to distraction free coding.

Lastly, if you’ve missed or haven’t installed the latest version yet, you may have noticed that the Visual Studio marketplace listings for the 32 and 64-bit versions of Visual Assist have now been combined. Versions 2010 – 2022 will now be accessible from one listing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for ‘VaMenuPackage’ package error affecting VS2022 17.7.0 3.0 load
  • Fixed issue where some types with leading macros before template definitions were not parsed correctly.
  • Fixed issue where autocomplete of some types, such as std::tuple, would produce partial results.  
  • Fixed rendering of suggestion list tomato icons in Visual Studio 2022. 
  • Fixed issue where the VA Navigation Bar could become smaller than intended.
  • Fixed Code Inspections error that could happen in some cases in Visual Studio 2022 17.6+. 

Thanks to those who submitted their feedback and bug reports. Keep ‘em coming. Send us a message or start a thread on the user forums for bug reports or suggestions.

Contrary to the preview blog statement, VA 2023.4 is a bit different as it will be released simultaneously—no rolling release mechanism as it includes some crucial updates we want to share to everyone as fast as possible. You can also check our download page to manually update to the latest release too. Happy coding!


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