Archive and release notes for builds released in 2015

Visual Assist Build 2086

requires software maintenance through 2015.12.16 (General release.)

  • New Goto, Goto Related and VA Context Menu commands can be assigned to Shift+Right-click action. (case=91514)
  • New Reorganized the options dialog. (case=92431)
  • New Added independent controls for each character that can invoke surround selection to options dialog. (case=92431, case=93628)
  • New Smart Suggestion to variable of type std::shared_ptr/unique_ptr suggests std::make_shared/make_unique initialization. (case=92897) 12452
  • New Added context menu command to disable tooltips in VA Outline. (case=9892) 6854, 7989
  • Reduced memory held after rebuild of symbol database when very large solutions are loaded. (case=92495)
  • Improved default selection in suggestion list when typing a symbol that has both a case-sensitive match and a separate case-insensitive match. (case=93633) 12495
  • Fix for Create Implementation and Move Implementation placing generated code in incorrect position when target file ends with a comment in certain scenarios. (case=92965, case=93336) 12477
  • Fix for Implement Virtual Methods offering to implement a method declared final in a base implementation. (case=93821) 12505
  • Fixed parse issue that caused Introduce Variable and Add Missing Case Statements to fail in some scenarios. (case=90750)
  • Fixed Smart Select failure to shrink selection in files with Unix line endings. (case=93674)
  • Add/Remove Braces now available for execution from within string literals. (case=93411)
  • Fixed truncation of very long constructor during Create Implementation and Move Implementation. (case=93482)
  • Fixed Definition Window in VA Nav Bar failure to display definition of simple macro in source file. (case=93422)
  • Fixed hang of background parsing thread in certain solution unload/reload scenarios. (case=93487)
  • Uncomment no longer deletes space character after comment delimiter if option to insert space when creating comment is not set (also added registry entry to restore old behavior in case that is preferred). (case=93481) 12490
  • [VS2010+] Fixed various issues in VA Snippet Editor. (case=92719, case=93235, case=93242)
  • [VS2010+] Added registry setting to support text files serviced by custom language services. (case=65881, case=93718) 10664, 12491
  • [VS2015] Fix for listbox drawing artifacts when vertical scrollbar is removed due to contents being filtered out via the filtering toolbar. (case=93635)

Visual Assist Build 2083

requires software maintenance through 2015.11.18 (General release.)

  • New Encapsulate Field updates references via introduction of new dialog (C++/C#). (case=91192)
  • New Option in Encapsulate Field dialog to make generated accessors public (if the field is private/protected). (case=91882) 9925
  • New Option in Encapsulate Field dialog to change visibility of the field to private/protected (if it is public). (case=91882)
  • New Option to map the Go button on VA Navigation Bar to the Goto Related command (via nav bar context menu). (case=82578)
  • New [VS2010+] Snippet Editor updated with input for SurroundWith character. (case=91460) 12469
  • New Option to reduce namespace and class scopes displayed in the Context window of the VA Navigation Bar (via nav bar context menu). (case=91507)
  • New [VS2015] Listbox features available in C#. (case=85074)
  • New Added registry setting to control overwrite behavior of completion listbox. (case=90899) 12428
  • Continued improvements to memory consumption during parse of very large solutions. (case=92495)
  • Fixed parsing of 'using' directive nested inside of a class or namespace. (case=87178) 11729, 11941, 12062, 12158, 12301
  • Fixed template instantiation of 'using' directives. (case=93229)
  • Fixed input of characters to text editor when using Sogou Pinyin IME. (case=77554, case=92198) 11512
  • Improved Implement Interface of template interfaces. (case=55701)
  • Fixed qualification of local enum classes during Add Missing Case Statements. (case=92024)
  • Fix for Implement Virtual Methods failure to execute on class derived from struct when invoked on the class name (as opposed to invoked on the base struct in the class definition). (case=91532) 12385
  • Fix for Goto Related failing on macros defined in source files. (case=88906)
  • Fixed Smart Select parsing issue. (case=91517)
  • Parser performance improvements. (case=92007, case=92495)
  • Fix for cropping of bold text in Find References Results window on Windows 8+. (case=92807)
  • Various parser fixes. (case=92732, case=92734, case=93231)
  • [VS2015] Fixed the directory-based parsing behavior controlled by the "if solution is not empty" setting. (case=92706)
  • [VS2010+] Fixed positioning of menus when invoked via keyboard shortcut in undocked editors. (case=93164)
  • [VS2010+] Fixed display of menu scroll arrows. (case=82277)
  • [VS2010] Fix for incorrect colors used in Smart Select peek tooltip. (case=91518)
  • [VS2010] Fix for incorrect selection color in OFIS/FSIS dialogs. (case=92589)
  • [VS2002-2008] Fix for failure to observe solution load during startup in certain scenarios. (case=92444)
  • Improvements to setup error notifications. (case=92280)
  • Added trailing newline to three of the default 'surround with' VA Snippets. (case=91657)

Visual Assist Build 2076

requires software maintenance through 2015.09.15 (General release.)

  • Restored performance of VA Find References in large solutions to that of build 2068 (case=92005) 12405
  • Addressed the "one or more errors occurred" message displayed on some systems when modifying VC++ projects (case=91658)
  • Added message at startup if user-defined alternate data directory is read-only (case=92000) 12404
  • Fixed crash identified via Windows Error Reporting (case=92003)

Visual Assist Build 2074

requires software maintenance through 2015.08.28 (General release.)

  • Fix for incompatibility with Windows Driver Kit 10 (case=91655)
  • Fix handling of header files without extensions (case=91605, case=91632)

Visual Assist Build 2073

requires software maintenance through 2015.08.20 (General release.)

  • New Introduced Add Missing Case Statements command that adds case statements for unhandled values to switches on enums. (case=19137) 8080, 8920, 9043, 10151, 10321, 10694, 11460, 11583
  • New [VS2010+] VA Snippets in many cases handle user input directly in editor rather than via modal dialog prompt. (case=24605) 8573, 9363, 11859
  • New [VS2005+] Smart Select Peek Tooltip displayed when selection created by Smart Select is not wholly visible on screen. (case=87378)
  • New VA Snippets of type Surround With (those that use $selected$) support optional, single-character shortcuts that are active when there is a selection with the snippets able to capture the selection before it is destroyed by typing the shortcut (define in editor shortcut field with SurroundWith=X). (case=90458)
  • New Goto, Goto Related and VA Context Menu commands can be assigned to Ctrl+Left-click, Alt+Left-click and/or Middle-click actions. (case=89430)
  • New [VS2010+] Introduced VA Memory View toolwindow available during debugging of dump files (of use when frames are missing from the Visual Studio callstack toolwindow for example due to optimizations in release builds). (case=85202)
  • New Improved responsiveness of VA Suggestions in very large solutions. (case=88457)
  • New [VS2015] Support for VS2015 RTM
  • [VS2013+] Fix for slow load of very large solutions that are passed to Visual Studio on the command line. (case=90540)
  • Encapsulate Field always generates public getter/setter in C++. (case=7857) 9925, 9957, 12202
  • Multiple fixes and enhancements to Add/Remove Braces. (case=90101, case=90126, case=90150, case=90808, case=91301, case=90586, case=90461, case=90928)
  • Fixed parsing of large unnamed structs and unions. (case=91391)
  • [VS2013+] Fix for reported crash that occurs during debugging. (case=90379)
  • Fixed slow population of Goto Related menu in large class hierarchies. (case=91486)
  • Fix for hashtags that begin with a non-ascii character. (case=90322)
  • Improvements made to parsing of templates. (case=90371)
  • When an item in a listbox is focused, but not selected, press of up/down selects the item rather than moves on to the next item. (case=90124)
  • VA Hashtags optionally support dash character in hashtags (registry value "HashtagsAllowHyphens"). (case=90329) 12310, 12317
  • Fixed crash reported during solution load. (case=91064)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for correct positioning of spellcheck menu when invoked via context menu key. (case=90995) 12357
  • Fix for parsing of variables in C# named thread. (case=90430)
  • Added more development words to the internal spell check dictionary. (case=90272) 12305
  • Fixed Snippet Editor placeholder highlighting errors. (case=88926)
  • Fixed Snippet Editor identification of identically named snippets. (case=90532)
  • Fixed icon transparency issues that occur in various unique scenarios. (case=90226)

Visual Assist Build 2068

requires software maintenance through 2015.06.09 (General release.)

  • New Introduced Add Braces and Remove Braces quick fix commands.  See the quick refactor menu (alt+shift+q). (case=88783, case=88785)
  • New Added ability to permanently hide items in VA Hashtags window by tag, file, directory and project via context menu. (case=89097, case=89217) 12254
  • New Comma is interpreted as an 'or' operator in Open File in Solution, VA Hashtags, Methods in File and File in Solution dialogs and lists. (case=89099)
  • New Multiple improvements to reduce false positive hashtag hits. (case=89057, case=89145, case=89172, case=89445) 12253
  • New Added context menu option to disable tooltips in VA Hashtags window. (case=89459)
  • New Added Refresh command to VA Hashtags context menu. (case=89657)
  • New Items in VA Hashtags window display file text following the instance of a tag. (case=89679)
  • Reduced amount of memory used by VA in very large solutions. (case=89294)
  • [VS2015] Fix for failure to install to Community Edition of VS2015. (case=89605) 12278
  • [VS2010+] Fixed situation in which VA could cause slow solution load when a solution contains 50+ projects that are being delay-loaded by VS. (case=89231)
  • Fixed case in which Derived Classes on the Goto Related menu failed to display some classes. (case=89293) 12260
  • Fixed situation in which caret was left at unexpected position after running Introduce Variable. (case=88975)
  • Addressed resource leaks identified in OFIS/FSIS dialogs and VA Hashtags window. (case=89624, case=89604)
  • Prevent case in which text in the VA Hashtags window was inappropriately colored. (case=89321)
  • Fixed case in which an extern variable was not properly type deduced when assigned to an auto variable. (case=89121)
  • Fix for failure to properly default-select the expected item in the Find Symbol in Solution dialog. (regression in build 2052) (case=88985) 12248
  • [VS2010+] Fix for failure of VA Step Filter to read callstack properly in localized versions of Visual Studio. (case=89924)
  • [VS2010+] Fixed issue with VA Snippet Editor highlighting of tokens in some scenarios. (case=88926, case=89156)
  • [VS2010+] VA Navigation Bar uses VS Environment Font and displays properly with HDPI system settings. (case=74697) 12271, 11699
  • [VS2010+] Fixed various issues with rendering of images on HDPI systems. (case=88799, case=88871, case=88980, case=89840)
  • Added a registry setting to help workaround the dreaded "One or more errors occurred" message that appears in some game development environments when editing VC++ Project settings.  Contact support for details. (case=89177) 12240

Visual Assist Build 2062

requires software maintenance through 2015.04.07 (General release.)

  • New VA Hashtags is a new feature that supports tagged bookmarks defined in source code comments that are navigable via Goto (alt+g) / Goto Related (alt+shift+g) and can be searched via the default keybinding of alt+shift+h. (case=86085)
  • New New VA Snippet reserved words for inserting month and day name in English regardless of locale. (case=85291) 12040
  • New Introduce Variable can be executed without first making a text selection. (case=84978)
  • New Introduce Variable removes outer parentheses on expressions that have been extracted to initialize the introduced variable. (case=87598)
  • New Code Generation page added to VA Options dialog with settings to control placement of code generated by Create Implementation, Move Implementation and Create Declaration. (Some settings were also moved from the Refactoring page to the Code Generation page.) (case=88318) 12212
  • New Setting added to Code Generation page of VA Options dialog to control placement of open brace '{' when executing Introduce Variable. (case=84956)
  • Multiple fixes for HDPI displays including tooltip font size, rendering of list icons at odd display scalings and font size in tree controls, (case=64523, case=88530, case=88609, case=88610) 10565, 12196
  • Reduced amount of memory used by VA in very large solutions. (case=88040)
  • VA properly locates boost headers installed by NuGet. (case=87289) 11685
  • [VS2010+] Fix for incorrect font used in Find References, Rename and Change Signature tree controls. (case=88874)
  • Multiple enhancements and fixes to Introduce Variable. (case=85025, case=85028, case=85258, case=87897, case=88738, case=88762)
  • Fixed case in which replace all occurrences failed during Introduce Variable in files with spaces rather than tabs. (case=88118)
  • Fix for Change Signature failing to parse some declarations. (case=88554)
  • Methods in File list displays multiple items with same name in order of occurrence when the list is sorted alphabetically. (case=87549) 12164
  • Fixed cases in which Extract Method and Create Implementation placed implementations before declarations. (case=87859, case=88557)
  • Fixed case in which Create Declaration placed declaration after all blank lines at bottom of file rather with the other declarations. (case=88435)
  • [VS2010+] VA Step Filter no longer displays breakpoint events of unsupported languages. (case=87361)
  • Fixed situation in which Methods in File list was incomplete until a file edit occurred. (case=87527)
  • Fixed case in which Goto, unable to identify a symbol, would go to a symbol whose name was a prefix of the unidentified symbol. (case=88436)
  • Edits made during the search phase of Change Signature no longer leave the OK button disabled once search is complete. (case=88552)

Visual Assist Build 2059

requires software maintenance through 2015.02.11 (General release.)

  • New Smart Select commands introduced for fast selection of code blocks with extend and shrink command variants. (case=83354)
  • New Create Implementation, Move Implementation and Create Declaration attempt to maintain same order in source file as header file (or vice versa depending on the operation). (case=12454, case=75315) 7228, 7894, 8294, 8524, 9361, 9765, 9915, 9985, 10076, 10820, 11063, 11445, 11656, 11800, 12009, 12057, 12063, 12187
  • New Introduce Variable removes parentheses when the expression inside the parentheses has been replaced with the generated variable. (case=84951)
  • New Goto Member supports execution from anonymous enums. (case=86115)
  • New Performance improvement during subsequent load of solution that contains auto-generated files whose contents have not changed but have been regenerated since the solution was last closed. (case=85937)
  • New Introduce Variable now supports lambdas. (case=86774)
  • New Added option to execute Goto Related via ctrl+left-click. (case=85940) 12096
  • Multiple enhancements and fixes to Introduce Variable and Create From Usage. (case=84953, case=85433, case=86106, case=86415)
  • Fixed Goto Related in cases of multiply inherited classes that involve templates. (case=86720) 12130
  • Fix for failure of filtering in FSIS to properly reset when opened in some circumstances. (case=86713) 12129
  • Fixed parsing of structs embedded in classes whose name is duplicated in global namespace. (case=85237) 12020
  • Find References is able to identify the constructor of a class whose name is duplicated in two different namespaces. (case=58076) 10195
  • Prevent display of code completion listbox in the editor while typing in the intermediates window. (case=85535)
  • Fix for auto type deduction when method scope is dependent upon using namespace statements. (case=85849) 12061
  • MRU in VA View populates at solution load even if VA View is not open. (case=77373)
  • Multiple enhancements and fixes to auto type deduction. (case=86108, case=86143, case=86189)
  • Fixed handling of auto variables by Extract Method. (case=86109)
  • Fix VA Outline display of certain pragma directives. (case=86455)
  • Fix for parsing of namespace with colliding using statements in different preprocessor blocks.  (case=86670) 12125
  • Fixed parsing of lambdas in some nested blocks. (case=86677)
  • When Goto is executed in comments, it now honors explicit scoping if present. (case=87245)
  • Fix for Introduce Variable failing to replace some occurrences. (case=87363)
  • Enhanced display of values of enums in VA definition window. (case=87509)
  • Goto Member dialog displays the word operator for operator members. (case=85968)
  • Fixed intermittent failure of Next Scope to hit some closing braces. (case=87471)
  • Improved handling of line insertion between methods during Create Implementation and Move Implementation. (case=87039)
  • Improved handling of updates to solutions with a large number of projects. (case=86188)
  • [VS2010] Enabled support of native NuGet packages. (case=87088)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for double effective rate of key repeat not resetting properly when an alt key is held down. (case=86270)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for Visual Studio error message being displayed in some circumstances. (case=86287)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for startup crash identified via Windows Error Reporting. (case=86368)
  • [VS2010+] Fix for failure of Visual Assist to install in older versions of Visual Studio on some systems that have VS2015 CTP. (case=87853)
  • [VS2015 CTP] Fix for multiple copies of Visual Assist being copied to the extensions directory. (case=87810)

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