Visual Assist loses her X

After ten years of dealing with her ex, Visual Assist X has regained her simpler name, Visual Assist.

Now for a bit of history.

The X in Visual Assist X became part of the product name in 2004, when developers at the Tomato decided it was important that customers get new features and support for IDEs as soon as the improvements were ready, not when customer wallets would tolerate the next paid upgrade. Our developers felt strongly that as a productivity tool, Visual Assist shouldn’t hold back productivity.

With the change in policy, the X took the place of all prior version numbers of Visual Assist, including 4.1, 6.0, and .NET. Customers could convert old copies of Visual Assist to the X version, get the latest version plus a year of upgrades, and thereafter optionally renew maintenance to continue the steady stream of upgrades.

Today’s change is in name only. New features, support for IDEs, and bug fixes continue to be released as soon as they are ready.

Customers will see a gradual disappearance of the X from the product, website, and corporate communications. When the change is complete, the only visible remnant of the X will likely be in the menubar of Microsoft Visual Studio, where X is the established mnemonic or access key for VAssistX.

Visual Assist Mnemonic

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