The Tomato introduces a new website

We are happy to introduce a revamped website for Visual Assist. We think the site is simple, well organized, responsive, and replete with content new and existing developers need to be productive with Visual Assist. You’ll find:

  • A “What’s New” page that introduces you to new features in successive builds of Visual Assist
  • A wiki for documentation that’s easy to read, searchable and indexed
  • A knowledge base for support articles previously scattered in web pages and forum categories

What you won’t find:

  • A stock image of smiling people

We’ve also shamelessly entered the 00’s with a suite of official channels to keep you informed of news, tips, and build announcements. (We’re not convinced we need to tweet.)

We invite you—as the cliche goes—to connect with us. And by all means, share your suggestions for making our site better—in a blog comment or privately in our feedback form.

Happy coding.

Whole Tomato Software, Inc.

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