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Going Remote or Crazy?

If you’re like most, you’re reading this from the comfort (hopefully) of your home office. We hope whatever you’re doing, you’re being safe and smart about it. Our staff lucked out as most were already working from home when all this started. So the transition has been fairly easy, with the exception of having more distractions and noise. But, we know the transition for companies and teams can be difficult.

Over the last month we’ve been working on a way to make licensing for remote teams easier. Consider this our official launch of Concurrent Licensing for Standard License users!

Concurrent Licensing will allow companies to purchase a number of concurrent active user licenses and have teams or individuals access a license at any time. Licenses will be “checked out” upon startup and “returned” after closing Visual Assist, freeing up the license to be used by another employee. This is especially helpful when teams jump from one project to another that may or may not require Visual Assist.

We hope concurrent licensing will allow for easier management and greater flexibility for remote employees that may work different office hours or be traveling to hunker down with family.

For more information about making the switch or adding a concurrent pool to your existing licenses, contact your account manager today.


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