Summer CodeFest: C++ coding camp hosted by Whole Tomato

CodeFest happened on August 17th, 2023. Registration is not available now. Stay tuned and find out when next CodeFest begins!

Get ready to unwind with Whole Tomato at our first Summer C++ CodeFest! Join us for two weeks of laid-back learning, collaboration, and coding sessions. Expand your C++ coding skills and ignite your passion for coding in a join-when-you-can environment.

Why this virtual coding camp for?

C++ is one of the most established procedural and object-oriented programming languages but it has also undergone numerous revisions throughout its lifetime. What you may have learned from using prior versions as a wee developer in C++11 may have drastically changed in the most recent version of the C++ standard (C++20). 

But as C++ developers ourselves, we understand that keeping up with the ever changing standards may sometimes feel like an unnecessary chore—if what we’re using works, don’t fix it, right? 

And while it’s certainly cool to be using new stuff in itself, we feel that there are potential benefits from modern C++ that are extremely underutilized. Getting familiar with modern techniques and strategies such as lambdas, structured bindings, and the like can not only optimize performance, it can make our work much much faster and easier too!

This is why we are holding our first ever summer code fest! This is a two-week long event where in usual Tomato fashion, we present short, highly digestible sessions about specific practices you should know about and use in your everyday  C++ workflow. 

Who is this coding camp for?

Junior developers looking to expand their skill set with modern C++ practices and strategies, and intermediate C++ developers that are stuck in the old ways are all welcome to join. While we will be primarily using Visual Studio with some features provided by Visual Assist, anyone with a C++-capable IDE will be able to benefit.

What topics will be covered?

At the Summer CodeFest, we invite you to join our mini lectures on a variety of C++ topics, condensed into 30 to 45 minute sessions with additional time for audience Q&A. Some of our specialized topics will include concurrency structures, lambda functions, and C++ templates.  Here are other things you can expect to learn at our coding camp:

  • The most important developments from C++ 11 all the way to C++ 20.
  • Modern practices and strategies that you should be using regularly
  • Life hacks and expert advice from our professional C++ presenters

Event Schedule

The Summer CodeFest will have four sessions, each ranging from 30 to 45 minute presentations.

  • Session 1: Next-Level Concurrency: Enhancing Scalability with C++20

    with Chris Gardner
    Explore modern C++20 multithreading and powerful parallelism techniques. As programs get more complex, computers get equipped with even more CPU cores. Learn to optimize applications for peak performance with real-world examples and practical insights with C++20’s new concurrency features.
    August 8 – 10:00 AM CT

  • Session 2: What the Hex? Ports and Adapters Architecture with C++

    with Nuno Castro
    In this session, we’ll dive into Hexagonal architecture. Explore how to build scalable applications effectively and address challenges with logic changes when refactoring code and maintaining application integrity during logic changes.
    August 10 – 10:00 AM CT

  • Session 3: Modern C++ with Modern 3D

    with Yilmaz Yoru
    This is a journey to modern 3D with modern C++, we will walk you through to modern 3D in C++. Rotation matrix, vectors, Viewport3D, 3D objects, 3D engines, animation, and more.
    August 11 – 1:00 PM CT

  • Session 4: Lambdas go Baa!

    with David Millington
    Many C++ developers still use functor objects instead of lambdas. That might be because they’re “ol’ reliable”, or lambdas seem complex, or there just seems no need. But lambdas are exciting, simpler than you think, and really useful.
    August 15 – 10:00 AM CT

  • Session 5: Tips and Tricks using C++ Templates

    with Miguel Angel Moreno
    Discover the many ways you can take advantage of C++ templates in your day to day coding. Templates are a very useful feature of C++, yet many developers still think of them as “too complex” to use. In this presentation we will show you some tips and tricks that will encourage you to start using templates in your next coding project.
    August 16 – 11:00 AM CT

  • Session 6: Magnificent or Malevolent? Maps! Measured, Monitored, & Magnified

    with David Millington
    Good old std::map. We use it everywhere. But what about some of the others? Like std::unordered_map — why would you use that? And is it true that the STL collections have inbuilt performance issues by design? Are there are collection classes out there that we could use instead?
    August 17 – 10:00 AM CT


The Summer CodeFest will be made up of multiple sessions organized and presented by a number of C++ experts, with some of our friends in the industry guesting for some of the sessions. You can choose which of these sessions you want to watch. Replays will also be provided but we encourage everyone to attend live so we can answer your questions and demonstrate them live to you. All content will be in English unless otherwise indicated.

Joining is easy and free. Sign up using the individual registration links or click this all-in-one link to register and add all of the sessions to your calendar. 

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