On the recent video game industry layoffs

Like many others, we have been shocked and increasingly concerned to hear of the recent gaming studio closures and layoffs. Cumulatively, this has impacted far more in this industry than any of us would have expected.

Many of our most ardent Visual Assist champions are game developers, so for us, these cuts are not simply about numbers. This is about our user community – your careers, your livelihoods, and your families. And while the challenges and uncertainties that those affected now face might seem daunting, we know that carving out a career in the gaming industry requires talent, discipline, and grit. So if you are one of those personally affected by the cuts, even if your current situation feels overwhelming, we believe in your ability to rebound and forge a rewarding and successful career.

And as a company deeply rooted in this industry, we want to help. Maybe you can benefit from Visual Assist while you’re looking for a new position…maybe while making a demo. Maybe you’ll start a solo game and be the next indie hit. Maybe you simply want to keep your coding skills sharp while looking for your next opportunity.

To that end, we’re offering a 25% discount on our flagship product, Visual Assist, for any developer impacted by the recent layoffs. No questions asked, no proof of eligibility required – just an immediate 25% off on a personal license to help get you back on your feet.

You can grab the discount with coupon code SUPPORT25 at checkout or use this link to get it now. While we know it’s not much, it’s our way of supporting and standing with those who’ve been affected. Since so many of you rely on Visual Assist for your work, we’ll ensure you still have the tools you need no matter your employment or economic situation.

And, of course, beyond the discount, know that our team is here to provide any resources or guidance you might need during this transitional period. Whether it’s helping you get more out of Visual Assist or collaborating on what we can do to improve the product for you, please reach out to us any time. We’re here to help!

Ultimately, our encouragement for those affected is to stay strong and remain vigilant. This is a highly competitive yet highly rewarding industry. New opportunities will come, even if you can’t see them yet. Take a break to clear your head if you need. We’ll be here when you get back.

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